Longtown Primestock Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 26 cattle, 2,323 prime lambs and 4,257 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 15th September 2016.

OTM’s: 1st Salers, 2nd Limousin.

The company held its weekly sale of prime cattle and barren cows where a reduced entry of 26, with several lots unable to attend due to standstills. Increased buyers at ringside saw demand strong throughout for a mixed show of cows. Tom Wilson and family topped the sale with a Saler x cow at 121p, Robert Moscrop sold dairy bred Limousin’s to 120p. Angus x sold to 113p, with Blonde x to 109p. Dairy cows sold to 112p from David & Alan Coulthard, with others to 109p from Fraser Beard and family. An aged Angus bull sold to 109p. Farmers, as autumn arrives, with weather changeable we have the buyers for all classes of cows. If you have cows for sale, contact Craig.

A smaller show of 2,323 lambs were forward due to steadier demand following the rush for Mondays Muslim festival. Although scarce of numbers, quality was outstanding and a credit to vendors, with all classes remaining on a par with last week’s fast selling trade, with many lambs realising between £85-95, which is a fantastic return in September. Lambs sold to a top of 250p for Texels from Waltonwoodhead and £104.50 for Texels from Slealands. Many more best quality lambs could be sold to advantage. Overall sale average was 187p, which is an excellent result in mid September


Texel 250p Waltonwoodhead, 249p Crawthat, 248p, 242p Woodhead, 238p Windyhill, 233p Braehead & Crawthat, 228p Waltonwoodhead, 226p High Wreay & Pearsby Hall.

Charollais 210p Braithwaite Hall, 200p Hallburn, 186p Shieldgreen, 185p Shawhill, 183p Beckfoot & Nirvana.

Beltex 207p Bridgestone.

Suffolk 193p Barnglies & Shawhill, 189p Sceugh Dyke, 187p Sowerby Wood, 186p Shawhill, 185p Hallburn & Outertown, 184p Tone Hall, 182p Outertown, 181p The Nook.

Hampshire 189p Barnglies.

Lleyn 189p Whitcastles.

Cheviot 185p Terrona, 183p Burnside, 174p Potholm, 173p Eilean Donan, 171p Potholm.

North Country Cheviot 185p Breconside.

Cheviot Mule 183p Potholm, 182p Terrona, 178p Dormansteads.

Greyface 182p Colinston Mains, 181p Woodhouse, 179p Lawesknowe, 178p Greensburn & Bullshill, 177p Lawesknowe, 176p The Flatt.

Blackface 162p Waterloo & Penpeugh.


Texel £104.50 Slealands, £102 Crawthat, £100 Waltonwoodhead & Windyhill, £99 Slealands & Woodhead, £98 Crawthat, £97 Sowerby Wood.

Suffolk £97 Hallburn, £91 Sceugh Dyke, £90 Cowburnrigg, £89 Hallburn, £87 Sceugh Dyke & Newbiggin, £86 Sowerby Wood, £85 Barnglies & Shield Green.

Charollais £92 Hallburn, £86 Braithwaite Hall, £84 Beckfoot, £80 Shield Green, £77.50 Shawhill, £77 Nirvana, £76 Kilncroft, £75 Low Tipalt.

Beltex £89 Bridgestone.

Hampshire £85 Barnglies.

Greyface £80 Colinton Mains, £79.50 Woodhouse, £78 The Nook, £76.50 Bullshill, £75.50 The Flatt, £75 Lawesknowe, Wynholm & Bullshill.

Cheviot Mule £80 Burnside, £77 Potholm, £74.50 Terrona, £73 Dormansteads.

Easycare £77 East Fortissat.

Cheviot £75 Burnside, £74 Terrona.

Oxford £75 Guards.

A normal show 4,257 cast ewes and rams were forward, although many more plainer, leaner types forward, with large, best selling ewes short of requirements, although trade remained similar to last week. More ewes required each week to fill the ring demand. Sale topped at £136 for Texel rams from Chaseside and Texel ewes to £130 from Windyhill.


Texel £130 Windyhill, £118 Beckfoot, £118, £114 Chaseside, £112, £108 The Sqaure, £100 Newbiggin, £99 Crumbhaughhill, £98 Beckfoot, £96 Chaseside.

Suffolk £100 Schoolfield, £96, £94 Chaseside, £94 Newbiggin, £92 Schoolfield, £92, £87, £86 Beckfoot.

Charollais £95 Chaseside, £94, £90 Beckfoot.

North Country Cheviot £87 Brockhouse, £78 Skaill, £74 Wynholm, £72 Achaguie.

Leicester £85 Penpeugh, £82 Coldshield, £80 New Hall.

Cheviot Mule £84 Quarryside.

Greyface £74 Staffler & Thirwell Castle, £73 Burnfoot, £72 Stonehall, £70 Staffler & Marygate, £69 Newbiggin & New Hall.


Cheviot £70 Potholm, £68 Wynholm, £60 Aikers, £57 Dunnabie, Hawthornside & Wynholm, £56 Dunnabie.

Blackface £63 Kellah & Haithwaite, £57 Upperburnmouth, £55 Marygate, £53 Winterhopeburn, £51 Laidlawsteel, Minsca & Drumblair, £50 Marygate, £49 New Hall.

Kendal Rough £58 Church View.

Easycare £55 East Fortissat, £52, £47 Mitchelston, £43 East Fortissat.

Lleyn £50 Thirwell Castle & Achanamoine, £47 Low Tipalt, £45 Shawhill, £42 Dykehead, £41 Mossfennan, £40 Whitcastles & Aikers.

Swaledale £48 Coldshield, Wynholm & Woodhouse, £42 Stonehall, £41 Wynholm.


Texel £136 Chaseside, £132 Wynholm, £126 The Throp, £115 Marygate, £112 Chaseside, £110 Beckfoot.

Charollais £120 Newbiggin, £118 Chaseside, £108 Beckfoot, £100 Chaseside.

Suffolk £108 Newbiggin.

Leicester £96 The Throp.

Blackface £86 Newbiggin, £84 Laidlawsteel, £74 Drumblair, £70 Penpeugh.

North Country Cheviot £84 Drumreach, £70 East Fortissat.


Light to 181.0p (186.8p)
Standard to 242.0p (182.4p)
Medium to 250.0p (190.1p)
Heavy to 211.0p (189.0p)
Overweight to 180.0p (169.9p)

Light to £70.00 (£47.70)
Heavy to £130.00 (£64.03)

Cast Rams £136.00 (£77.77)

corresponding week 2015 sale report