Longtown Primestock Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 43 cattle, 4,869 prime lambs and 6,958 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 13th October 2016.

The weekly sale of primestock where an entry of 43 cattle comprising of 27 cows, 15 clean cattle and 1 bull.

OTM’s: Harry & Geoff’s load averaged 133.4p

Increased numbers were on offer to the usual large company of buyers, with a leading supporter making a welcome return to the ringside. The entry had something to suit everyone and all types were in demand. Pride of the sale goes to the Nunscleugh men with Blue x cows to 150p and Limousin x to 149p. Peter Lee sold a Limousin to 129p, others from Nigel sold to 115p. Native breeds topped at 130p from Will of the Whisp, for an Angus x who sold others to 116p. Highland cows topped at 100p from Master Nixon, with small hill Galloways 50.72p. Luing cows realised 115p. Dairy types sold to 103p for a tank of a Holstein, realising £813.70 from David Irving. The top price per head was £1,155.90 from Nunscleugh, with others to £1,044.90 from Morley Hill.

Prime cattle & bulls: An extremely mixed entry for flesh met spirited bidding topping at 202p from David Wilson, who also sold Limousin’s to 199p. The top price per head was £1,603.80 for a Charolais bull. As ever, more are needed to supply growing demand.

The largest show for some time of 4,869 lambs were forward to the usual ring of buyers. A tremendous show of lambs for quality, although more weight on offer also. Best quality lambs remain easily sold, although other export and heavyweight lambs slightly easier on the week in line with the national trend, owing to larger volumes of sheep forward throughout the country. Top price per kilo was 240p for Beltex from Wallend, and top price per head £98 for Suffolks from Burgh Head. Sale averaged 168.5p, and SQQ of 170p.


Beltex 240p Wallend, 232p Sowerby Wood, 231p Burgh Head, 229p, 222p, 220p Woodhead, 219p Lanerton, 206p Wallend, 203p Hobbiesburn.

Texel 230p Laigh Crewburn, 226p Kirk House, 219p Crawthat, 207p Woodhead, 206p, 205p Kirk House, 202p Pearsbyhall, 195p Braithwaite Hall, Crawthat & Sherra Craig.

Cheviot 182p Burray, 168p Fenwick, 163p Priesthaugh, 160p Raeburnfoot.

Suffolk 178p Burray, 175p Ryehills, 174p Priesthaugh & Burray, 173p Parcelstown, Burray & Cowburnrigg, 172p Low Hallburn.

Charollais 172p Wyseby Hill Cottage & Hallburn, 171p Moss Side, 167p The Chestnuts, 164p Shankbridge End.

North Country Cheviot 171p Breconside, 169p Auchentaggart, 161p Roughet Hill, 158p, 157p Auchentaggart.

Continental 171p Cleongart, 169p Horncastle.

Berrichon 171p Sceugh Dyke.

Greyface 169p Lawesknowe, 167p Upperburnmouth, 160p Dornal & Chapel, 159p Ballywilline, 158p Lawesknowe, 157p Dippen, Kirkton of Crawford & Lawesknowe.

Blackface 163p Baitlaws, 160p Chapelhope, 159p Riskenhope, 158p Gibblaston, 157p Roughet Hill, 155p, 154p Riskenhope.

Cheviot Mule 163p, 162p Barnglies, 158p Marwhirn.


Suffolk £98, £92 Burgh Head, £89 Sowerby Wood, £87 Sceugh Dyke & Howgillside, £85 Sceugh Dyke, £80 Morley Hill.

Beltex £97 Burgh Head, £96 Woodhead, £95 Sowerby Wood, £92 Lanerton, £91 Woodhead.

Texel £97 Kilncroft, £95 Cubbyhill, £94 Crawthat, £93 Sowerby Wood, £92 Marygate & Riggheads, £90 Sunnycroft & Sowerby Wood.

Berrichon £85 Sceugh Dyke.

Charollais £81 Hallburn, £80 The Chestnuts & Bushfield, £77 Moss Side, £74 Archerbeck & Wyseby Hill Cottage, £72 Moss Side, Shankbridge End & Archerbeck.

Greyface £80 Greensburn, £72.50 Lawesknowe, £71 Roachburn, £70 Hollinclose, Newtown, Park Fergus Farm & Hudspeth, £69 Dornal, D’Mainholm & Kirkton of Crawford.

Cheviot £80, £75 Priesthaugh, £69 Raeburnfoot.

Cheviot Mule £72, £68 Barnglies, £68 Marwhirn.

Blackface £70 Kirkton of Crawford, £69 Roughet Hill, £68 Prospect House, £67 Peela Hill & Roughet Hill, £65 Gibblaston, £63 Peela Hill, £60 Gibblaston & Prospect House.

North Country Cheviot £66 Roughet Hill, £65 Breconside, £65, £62 High Frost Hall, £60 Auchentaggart.

Another massive show 6,958 cast ewes and rams were forward to the same ring of buyers, with classes similar on the week, all be it more stronger ewes forward, with less plain on offer. A centre record in the cull ring was achieved when a Texel ram consigned from Messrs Young, Flex Farm, Hawick realised £310.

The general sale topped at £138 for Texel rams from Eastside and with Texel ewes selling to £130 from Oldfield & Smyllum.


Texel £130 Oldfield & Smyllum, £128 Marygate, £126 Burray & The Wreay, £125 Graceside, £124 Africanda Road, £122 Unthank, £120 Beckfoot & Oldfield.

Beltex £116 The Wreay, £92 Mains of Machermore, £91 Finnieness, £88 Riggshield.

Charollais £112 Chaseside, £110 The Wreay, £106 Chaseside, £102 Outertown, £90 Unthank.

Suffolk £102 Smyllum, £100 Haithwaite & Chaseside, £93 Flex, £90 Burray & Chaseside, £88, £87 Beckfoot, £84 The Wreay & Drumreach, £81 Drumreach, £80 Flex.

Leicester £82 Roachburn, £78 Riggshield, £75 Finnieness, £70 Upper Hindhope & Drumreach.

Cheviot Mule £80 Oldfield, £77 Eastside, £72 Gillesbie, £71 Heatherglen, £70 Outertown & Eastside.

Bleu du Maine £80 Ormiston Lodge.

North Country Cheviot £77 Oldfield, £75 Upper Lybster, £73 North Synton, £71 Oldfield & Crawthat, £70 Mains of Machermore.

Zwartble £70 The Wreay.

Greyface £69 Haithwaite, £68 Newbiggin, £65 Langraw, Tinnis Hall, Faugh Beeches & Unthank, £64 Marygate, £63 Newton & Upper Lybster.


Lleyn £62 Eastside, £47 Roe Farm, £46 Over Whitlaw, £45 Sloda Hill, £42 Eastside.

Cheviot £60 Chesters Brae, £56 Roughet Hill, £54 Heatherglen, £53 Over Cassock & Eastside, £50 Glendinning.

Blackface £54 Haithwaite, £51 Catslackburn, £50 Glen House, £47 Eastside, £46 Westhills & Drumreach, £44 Eastside, £43 Cooms & Wyliehole.

Easycare £53, £51 Mitchelston, £50 Godscroft, £42, £40 Mossfennan.

Swaledale £47 Horncastle, £46 Beacon Rigg, £43 Roachburn, £42 Drumreach, £41 Softley & Morley Hill, £40 Spoutbank, Woodhouse & Beacon Rigg.


Texel £310 Flex, £138 Eastside, £132 Sunnycroft, £130 Powheads & Marygate, £125 Burgh Head, £120 Chaseside, £118 The Wreay & Chaseside.

Beltex £130 The Wreay.

Suffolk £118 Eastside, £114 Morley Hill, £102 Eastside, £100 Beckfoot, £98 Oldfield.

North Country Cheviot £116 North Synton, £102 Chaseside.

Zwartble £100 The Wreay.

Leicester £98 Marygate.

Dorset £92 Chaseside.

Charollais £88 Ballachrink.  

Roussin £88 Debog.

Blackface £85 Chapel, £80 Eastside.

Lleyn £78 Over Whitlaw.

Swaledale £74 Roachburn.

Cheviot £73 Raeburnfoot, £66 Carlenrigg, £65 Over Cassock.

Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 181.0p (181.0p)
Heavy to 183.0p (158.1p)

Light to 136.0p (136.0p)
Medium to 202.0p (181.0p)
Heavy to 170.0p (170.0p)

Young bulls to 198.0p (198.0p)

Light to 181.0p (161.4p)
Standard to 240.0p (169.8p)
Medium to 232.0p (170.4p)
Heavy to 183.0p (164.0p)
Overweight to 176.0p (157.7p)

Light to £62.00 (£33.92)
Heavy to £130.00 (£63.78)

Cast Rams to £310.00 (£77.52)

corresponding week 2015 sale report