Longtown Primestock Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 48 cattle, 3,592 prime lambs and 5,827 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 17th November 2016.

The company held its weekly sale of primestock where an entry of 48 cattle was forward.

OTM’s: Philip Murray’s wagon averages 113.8p.

Another excellent entry of 40 cows and 1 stock bull were on offer to a full ring of buyers who wanted all types, in particular, good fleshed cows. Philip Murray sold a good load of hill cows, which topped the sale at 119p for a Limousin x, with Angus from the same home selling to 117p. Eskdalemuir cows from Andrew Reid sold to 110p, with a dairy bred British Blue selling at 117p from Messrs Telford. Galloways topped at 90p from Meikle Whitriggs. The top price per head was £808.60 from Branxholm Braes and £826.80 Glendearg.

A small entry of prime cattle met a steady trade topping at 172p for a heavyweight Galloway from Messrs Murray. Duncan Telford’s last animal, a Limousin heifer sold to 168p.

More numbers are needed to supply growing buyer demand.

Thursday 1st December – Christmas Show. Please advise all entries to Craig or the office.

A smaller show of 3,592 lambs were forward to the usual ring of buyers, with all classes better than anticipated following this week’s low averages. Best quality lambs very, very dear and short of buyer requirement, export lambs got dearer as the sale went on due to small shows in other centres. Heavyweight lambs dearer per head, with lightweight seeing the best rise of the week. Sale topped at 244p for Texels from Kirk House, and £108 for Texels from Hermitage. Sale averaged 165.8p (SQQ 170.1p).


Texel 244p Kirk House, 243p Craigens, 240p West Kirkcarsewell, 237p Sowerby Wood, 236p Burray, 225p Streethead & Hermitage, 224p, 222p Uppercleuch, 221p Burray.  

Beltex 233p Sorbie, 229p Walton Highrigg, 213p Burgh Head, 207p Walton Highrigg.     

Charollais 190p Moss Side, 176p Maryholm, 175p Moss Side, 172p, 171p Cleongart.   

North Country Cheviot 186p Fenwick, 161p Smiddyquoy.  

Suffolk 182p Littlegill, 176p Hilltop, 175p Burgh Head & Eastside, 174p Debog & Fenwick, 173p Viewley, 170p Langholm Farm, & West Kirkcarsewell.  

Cheviot 182p Fenwick, 176p Auchentaggart, 175p Damhead, 174p Hermitage, 173p Littlegill, Linhope & Stockwell Hall, 172p Sorbie, 171p Auchentaggart.   

Blackface 171p Brennanlea, 170p Riskenhope, 169p Brennanlea, 168p Littlegill, 167p Damhead & Linhope.

Cheviot Mule 169p Gibblaston, 166p Sorbieetrees. 

Greyface 166p Gibblaston, 161p Brennanlea, 157p High Parkfoot, 153p The Nook & Stockwell Hall, 150p D’Mainholm & Greensburn.  

Berrichon 163p Sceugh Dyke.

Swaledale 156p Deadwater, 145p Pole, 142p Westburnhope.


Texel £108 Hermitage, £102 Sowerby Wood, £100 Kirk House, £99 West Kirkcarsewell, £97 Kirk House & Burray, £96 West Kirkcarsewell, £95 Craigens & Burray, £94 Netherbrotherstone. 

Beltex £96 Burgh Head, £94 Walton Highrigg, £93 Sorbie, £89 Walton Highrigg.  

Suffolk £88 Ruthwell, £85 Hilltop, £84 Burgh Head, £83 Hallburn, £82 Tinnishall, £81 Solwaybank, £80 Fenton, £78 Tinnishall & Hermitage.

North Country Cheviot £84 Durran Mains, £79, £74 Smiddyquoy.

Charollais £80, £77 Moss Side, £77 Fenton, £76 Maryholm, £75.50 Cleongart, £75 Eastside, £74 Maryholm. 

Cheviot £76 Sorbie, £74 Solwaybank, £73 Hermitage, £72 Skelfhill & Damhead.     

Greyface £75 The Nook, £74 Nunscleugh, £67.50 High Parkfoot & Eastside, £67 Greensburn, £66 Brennanlea, £65 Bogues, D’Mainholm & Parkside. 

Berrichon £75 Sceugh Dyke.

Cheviot Mule £73 Gibblaston & Solwaybank.    

Blackface £71 Durran Mains, £69.50 Damhead, £68.50 Maryholm, £68 Skelfhill, £67.50 Craigens, £66.50 Brennanlea, £63 Gibblaston & Balliemeanoch.

Swaledale £56 Deadwater, £48 Raise Lodge.

A larger show 5,827 cast ewes and rams were forward to the usual busy ring of buyers all keen for sheep. A much larger show of stronger ewes was forward meeting buyer demand, with best quality short of requirements and dear. Hill ewes were slightly easier on the week by £2-3, but the best end still sold well. Small plain ewes remain easily sold, with rams dear and short of numbers. Sale topped at £150 for Texel rams from Arkleby House, with Texel ewes to £148 from Bascodyke Foot.


Texel £148 Bascodyke Foot, £146 Elsdonburn, £142 Becks, £140 Sandilands, £135, £134 Bascodyke Foot, £134 Woodhead, £133 Sandilands, £132 Nybster, £130 Dotland Park.

Beltex £120 Albierigg, £114 Dotland Park, £100 Burgh Head, £98 The Wreay, £96 Uppercleuch. 

Charollais £114, £100 Maryholm, £90, £85 Chaseside, £76 Beckfoot, £75 Chaseside, £70 Viewley.

Suffolk £95, £94 Chaseside, £92 Albierigg, £90 Beckfoot, £88 Shield Green & Guards, £87 Beckfoot & Chaseside, £86 Graceside, £85 Lynegar, £84 Scotby Shields, £83 Hermiston, £80 Nybster & Riddell.

Leicester £80, £76 Nunscleugh.   

North Country Cheviot £79 Burray, £76 Brockhouse, £67 Scarmclate, £64 Dashwell Green, £63 Lynegar.   

Cheviot Mule £76 Woodhead, £75, £70 Ballie, £68 Haithwaite.

Greyface £70 Comlongon Mains & Albierigg, £69 Nunscleugh, £68 Haithwaite & Hermiston, £65 Cadgillhead & Lymiecleugh, £64 Haithwaite, Slealands & Wynholm.    

Romney £66, £54 Thompson Walls.   


Lleyn £68 Guards, £61, £57 Mallsgate.  

Blackface £58 Hudspeth, £54 Albierigg, £50 Horseholme, £47 Brisco Meadows, £46 Viewley, £45 Sorbie, Haithwaite & Albierigg.  

Cheviot £58 Becks, £53 Solwaybank, £52, £50 Sorbie, £50 Sorbietrees & Brisco Meadows, £49 Thompson Walls, £47 Fenwick & Borthwickshiels.      

Easycare £50 Eastside, £47 Muirfield, £32 Dowlaw.  

Swaledale £42 Brock Farm, £40 Haithwaite, £39 East Greenridge, £37 Wynholm.    


Texel £150 Arkleby House, £130 Woodhead, £126 Chaseside, £120 Eastside, £116 Paulsland, £114 Wynholm & Nybster, £108 Beckfoot.

Suffolk £122 Hassendeanburn, £106 Nybster, £90 Beckfoot, £88 Haven View.    

Charollais £108 Beckfoot, £100 Ballie, £94 Chaseside.

Bleu du Maine £106 Clatequoy.

Blackface £90 Toft House, £88 Roxburgh Mill, £75 Brennanlea.    

Cheviot £84 Damhead, £72 Twislehope.    

Zwartble £84 Beckfoot.

Lleyn £72 Burray.   


Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 172.0p (170.9p)
Heavy to -------p (-------p)

Light to 168.0p (151.7p)
Medium to 140.0p (140.0p)
Heavy to -------p (-------p)

Light to 178.0p (152.6p)
Standard to 243.0p (164.9p)
Medium to 244.0p (175.6p)
Heavy to 225.0p (159.3p)
Overweight to 163.0p (147.5p)

Light to £68.00 (£33.41)
Heavy to £148.00 (£66.85)

Cast Rams to £150.00 (£74.84)

corresponding week 2015 sale report