Longtown Primestock Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 27 cattle, 5,261 prime lambs and 4,191 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 8th December 2016.

The company held its weekly sale where an entry of 27 cattle, comprising of 21 cows and 6 clean cattle were forward.

Trade was sharp throughout the sale with the usual good company of buyers bidding freely for all types. A large percentage of the cows were not Farm Assured and though meeting a fair trade, there is a marked difference between Farm Assured cattle and non-Farm Assured cattle. Howard Graham topped the sale at £829.50 for a Simmental X cow. Galloways sold to 100p from Jim Robertson and James Latimer.

A small selection of prime cattle easily found new homes with a heifer from James and John Taylor selling to 216p, 214p with the trailer load averaging 213.8p.

Buyers are looking for beef on the weekly sales, 15th and 22nd December. If you have cattle, ring Craig 07901787636. Remember maximum commission is £30 on prime and cull cows. Sell, Live and Thrive.

Another outstanding show of 5,261 prime lambs were forward for sale to the usual busy ring of buyers. Trade very similar on the week and better than many earlier auctions this week. With the average being 1p better than last week at 168.5p (SQQ 174p). Best quality export lambs again demanded a premium as well as light weight lambs selling well. Another large show of heavy weight lambs was forwarded resulting in a mixed trade especially if over fat (44-48kg) 50kg+ lambs met recent rates. The sale topped at 249p for Beltex lambs from Messrs Nixon, Oakwood and to a top £100 for Texels from P Musgrave, Sowerby Wood.


Beltex 249p Oakwood, 242p, 222p Waltonwoodhead, 239p Pasture House, 237p, 200p Park Nook, 233p Sorbietrees, 214p Mossthorn, 206p Eastside, 205p Balliemore,

Texel 244p Sowerby Wood, 243p, 241p Burray, 231p, 229p High Greenhill, 230p Oakwood, 228p Kirk House, 228p Drumburn, 227p Newbiggin.

Suffolk 193p, 176p, 170p High Wreay, 178p Barnglies, 174p Hallburn, 172p Woodhouse, 171p Cumcrook, 171p Keppoch, 169p Archerbeck, 169p Fellend.

Cheviot 182p Sowerby Wood, 180p Rowanburnfoot, 175p Hermitage, 174p Granton, 174p Upper Hindhope, 173p Boldron, 172p Keppoch, 171p, 168p Low Tirfergus, 169p Blackhaugh.

Charolais 179p Burray, 179p Hallburn, 175p, 168p Minsca, 171p, 169p, 168p Craigens, 170p Brisco Meadows, 169p Archerbeck, 168p Knowe.

Blackface 178p, 176p Syart, 177p, 172p Craigens, 174p Rowanburnfoot, 173p Pasture House, 171p Bragleenmore.

Lleyn 173p, 168p Over Whitlaw, 170p Sheila Hill

North Country Cheviot 172p, 169p Sorbie Trees, 170p Earlside, 163p Whiteknowe, 163p, 160p Byers.

Half-Bred 166p, 156p Glendearg, 162p Earlside.

Cheviot Mule 166p Upper Huntley, 160p Solwaybank, 160p, 156p Byers, 150p Barnglies.

Cross 163p Mains of Collin, 163p Guardsmill, 162p High Parkfoot, 162p Cowburnrigg, 160p Cross House, 160p Keppoch, 158p Killeonan, 158p Nunscleugh, 158p Low Tirfergus, 158p Woodhouse.

Swaledale 162p, 156p Woodhall, 153p Peasemyres.

Continental 157p Blackhaugh.

Oxford 155p Barnglies, 152p Guards.


Texel £100 Sowerby Wood, £99, £97 Burray, £98, £93 Kirk House, £97 Oakwood, £95 Brisco Meadows, £94 High Greenhill, £93 Aldery Terrace, £93 Newbiggin.

Beltex £97, £76 Park Nook, £92, £91 Waltonwoodhead, £91 Sorbie, £84 Balliemore, £79 Pasture House, £77 Mossthorn,

Suffolk £85 Hallburn, £84 Cumcrook, £83 High Wreay, £82 Knowe, £81 Cowburnrigg, £81 Sykehead, £80.50 Slealands, £80 Burray, £80 Sceugh Dyke, £80 Nilston Rigg.

Charolais £83.50, £74 Knowe, £74.50 Archerbeck, £74 Sykehead, £73 Brisco Meadows, £73 Solwaybank, £70 Minsca, £70 Burray.

Cross £75.50 Auchengrey, £75 Newtown & Beckfoot, £74, £72 Nilston Rigg, £71 Killeonan & Woodhouse & Nunscleugh.

North Country Cheviot £74 Burray, £73 Earlside, £73, £70 Whiteknowe, £72, £65 Byers.

Blackface £74, £67 Wanwoodhill, £73, £72 Sorbie, £72 Sykehead, £71 Bragleenmore, £70 Achnamara, £68 Minsca, £67 Pitland Hills, £66 Craigens.

Half-Bred £73 Earlside, £69 Glendearg, £68 Keil.

Oxford £73 Guards, £68 Barnglies.

Cheviot Mules £72 Byers & Solwaybank, £68.50 Bush, £68 Upperhuntley Wood, £65 Barnglies.

Cheviot £72 Sorbie, £70, £64 Low Tirfergus, £70 Hermitage, £69 Sowerby Wood, £68, £65 Skelfhill, £68 Granton, £66 Upper Hindhope, £65 Cowburn.

Lleyn £69 Over Whitlaw.

Swaledale £61, £53.50 Woodhall, £55 Peasemyres,

A similar show of 4,191 cast ewes and rams were presented to the usual ring of buyers with trade sharper on the week in all categories. Best selling ewes remain short of buyer requirements selling at a premium and many more could be sold to advantage. Sale topped at £155 for a Texel ewes from Mesrs Sutherland, Sibmister, Caithness, closely followed at £152 Texels from Beckfoot.


Texel £155 Sibmister, £152, £134 Beckfoot, £143 Upperhuntley, £142 Sibmister, £140, £128, £126 Old Wall, £126 Ballinloan, £126 Dormansteads.

Suffolk £118, £94, £92 Chaseside, £114 Sibmister, £106 Newbigging, £100 Burray, £100, £96 Drinkstone, £98 Eastside, £94 Beckfoot, £93 Upperhuntley.

Beltex £117 Burray, £96 Waterside.

Charollais £114 Upper Auchenlay, £110 Newbigging, £90, £85 Beckfoot, £88 Burray.

North Country Cheviot £88 Tain Olrig, £85 Marchbank, £84 Brockhouse, £82 Upperhuntley.

Cheviot Mule £84 Smyllum, £76 Netherbrotherstone, £75 Quarryside.

Zwartble £82 Broomhillbank.

Cross £76 Eastside, £75 Lochlyoch, £70 Netherbrotherstone, £69 Marchbank, £68 Newbigging, £68 Tone Hall, £68 Nilston Rigg, £67 Haithwaite, £67 Ryehills.

Blue Leicester £76 Brockhouse.

Continental £64, £60 Nether Stenries.


Lleyn £75 Raecleugh, £62 Todholes, £59 Sharplaw.

Easycare £63 Boldron.

Blackface £58 Wanwood, £55 Lochlyoch, £54 Laingshill, £53 Achnamara, £52 Tone Hall, £52 Eastside.

Cheviot £56 Boldron, £52 Brae Edge, £51 Graceside.

Woodland £54 Boldron.

Swaledale £41 The Wreay, £40 Stonehall, £38 Stotsfold.


Texel £128 Stonehall, £124 Sharplaw, £122 Mossthorn, £116 Beckfoot.

Blue Leicester £114 Upper Hindhope.

Suffolk £106 Eastside, £102 Graceside.

Blackface £88 Eastside, £79 Stotsfold.

North Country Cheviot £88 Birneyknowe, £86 Tone Hall, £82 Stonehall.

Lleyn £80 Drumreach.

Cheviot £78 Graceside.

Border Leicester £72 Keil.

Beltex £70 Graceside.

Zwartble £66 Quoyshakes.

Oxford £63 Guards.

Swaledale £62 The Wreay


Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to -------p (-------p)
Heavy to -------p (-------p)

Light to 214.0p (212.6p)
Medium to 216.0p (216.0p)
Heavy to -------p (-------p)

Light to 206.0p (163.2p)
Standard to 249.0p (175.5p)
Medium to 244.0p (175.1p)
Heavy to 207.0p (158.3p)
Overweight to 163.0p (149.4p)

Light to £75.00 (£34.97)
Heavy to £155.00 (£68.40)

Cast Rams £128.00 (£67.31)

corresponding week 2015 sale report