Longtown Primestock Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 39 cattle, 4,978 prime lambs and 5,078 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 22nd December 2016.

The company held its weekly sale where an entry of 39 prime cattle, comprising of 24 cows and 15 prime cattle and OTMs were forward. A packed ring of 10 buyers looking for all types of cattle and willing to pay for them.

Campbeltown cows top the sale.

Cows were a good entry for quality but lacked the numbers of the previous week. The sale was topped by the first animal in the ring, a young red Limousin cow from Mr Clark making 169p, a Charolais from the same home to 140p. Blondes paid to 128p, High Arces and Limousin to 131p from Mr Harker. Native breeds made 122p from Mr Makepeace with Black and Whites to 99p from David Irving.

Prime Cattle

A superb show of quality cattle, a credit to the vendors, met a marvelous trade with James and John Taylor leading the way. A pair of superb Limousin heifers from the Taylors topped at 233p with others off the same to 214p. Blondes sold to 224p from T Faulder, with Messrs Fiddler making 218p for a Charolais heifer.

Steers a smaller show topped at 220p from Englishtown with a dairy x blue to 204p from Millantae Farm Ltd.

We need clean cattle & OTM for Thursday 29th December. Contact Craig 07901787636 with entries.

Maximum commission is £30 a head. Sell live & thrive.

Another outstanding show of 4,978 prime lambs was forward for sale to the usual busy ring of buyers. Averages were up on the week, although it was only export weight and light weight lambs that were dearer on the week. Heavy weight lambs were easier as more were forward and less demand. Many more handier weight lambs could be sold to advantage and that trend looks like it could continue onto next weeks trade.

The sale averaged 170p with an SQQ of 177p. The sale topped at 242p for Beltex lambs from G. Mitchinson & Sons, High Greenhill and to a top of £110 for Texels from J. Runciman & Sons, Allanshaws.


Beltex 242p High Greenhill, 240p Waltonwoodhead, 239p, 213p, 202p Bridgestone, 238p Sorbie, 225p, 203p Lanerton, 210p Gallowberry.

Charollais 236p Craigens, 191p Burray, 190p Hallburn, 185p Knowe & Dunjop, 183p Woodfoot, 172p, 170p Craigens

Texel 234p, 221p Allanshaws, 231p Conon Brae, 230p High Greenhill, 228p Glenrath, 226p, 225p Burray, 218p Kilnhill, 210p Bombie, 209p Conon Brae.

Cheviot 191p, 178p, 173p Catslackburn, 188p, 186p Pasture House, 184p, 175p Burray, 178p Burnside, 176p Balure, 173p Sorbie,

Suffolk 186p Hallburn, 185p Cloggers Cottage, 185p Howford, 183p Low Dunashery, 183p Woodhouse, 182p Howford, 180p Conon Brae, 179p Hollows Mill & Littlegill, 176p Burnhouse.

Cheviot Mule 186p Eastside, 185p, 171p, 170p Allanshaws, 176p, 171p Kirkbride.

Blackface 182p, 179p Peel, 181p Maidencots, 181p, 176p Merkland, 180p Craigens, 179p, 177p Clonrae, 179p Glencrosh.

Cross 180p, 168p Dalbhraddan, 178p, 176p Howford, 172p Merkland & Woodfoot.

Swaledale 173p Raise Lodge.

Easycare 171p, 170p, 168p Cleongart


Texel £ 110, £93 Allanshaws, £99.50, £90 Conon Brae, £92 High Greenhill, £90 Whitegates, £90, £88 Burray, £89 Glenrath, £88 Brisco Meadows.

Beltex £98, £88 Bridgestone, £95 Sorbie, £92 High Greenhill, £90 Lanerton, £90, £84 Waltonwoodhead, £85 Waterside, £84 Gallowberry.

Charollais £92 Craigens, £79.50 Knowe & Dunjop, £78.50 Burray, £74.50 Tinnishall, £74 Hallburn, £73 Woodfoot, £72 Bidlake.

Suffolk £84 Allanshaws, £80 Sowerby Wood, £80, £79 Dunjop, £80 Aikers, £79 Conon Brae, £78 Hallburn, £78 Sceugh Dyke.

Cheviot Mule £77, £72 Longburgh Fauld, £76, £75, £74, £72 Allanshaws, £74, £73 Kirkbride, £72 Woodfoot.

Blackface £76 Mount Benger, £75, £68.50 Peel, £74 Cramalt, £70 Catslackburn, £69.50 Merkland, £69 Penchrise & Syart, £68 Arnicle, £67 Meggethead.

Cross £76 Woodfoot, £74 Nunscleugh, £73 Woodhouse, £72 Newtown & Dalbhraddan, £70 Middle Shipley & Broomhills & Aldery Terrace & Woodhouse.

Cheviot £76 Sorbie, £75, £69.50 Catslackburn, £75 Mount Benger, £72 Geiselittle, £71 Cowburn, £66.50 Skelfhill, £66 Burnside, £65 Balure.

Easycare £74, £73, £70 Cleongart.

North Country Cheviot £70 Achalone.

Border Leciester £65 Dalhraddan.

Jacob £66 Rhoin.

Swaledale £61 Craigens.

Another large show of 5,078 cast ewes and rams was presented to the usual ring of buyers, with heavy ewes similar and light weight ewes sharper on the week. Best selling lean ewes continue to attract recent high rates and short of requirement. Rams remained similar. Sale topped at £156 for a Texel ewes from Burray with rams selling to £138 for Texels from J. Baty, Broomhills.


Texel £156 Burray, £152 Allanshaws, £148, £139, £129 Bassenthwaite Hall, £144 Glenrath, £136, £134 Graceside, £136 Kimmeter Green, £135 Gilside.

Beltex £130, £112 Bassenthwaite Hall.

Charollais £114 Crossways.

North Country Cheviot £103 Carruthers, £91 Graceside.

Suffolk £102, £95, £94 Beckfoot, £100, £96, £94 Chaseside, £100, £94, £88 Graceside, £98 Allanshaws, £98, £90 West Knowe, £95, £93, £90 Marygate, £93 Bassenthwaite Hall, £92 Newbiggin.

Blue Leicester £97 Bryndansi, £91 Allanshaws, £88 Dreva.

Continental £92, £85, £76 Beckfoot.

Cheviot Mule £87 Graceside, £87 Waterside, £86 Dunjop, £84 Linkshead.

Zwartble £84 Achalone.

Cross £77 Kimmeter Green, £76 Kelly Barns & Netherurd Home & Knowe, £75 Castletown & Dunjop & Marygate & Tone Hall.

Oxford £68 Little Westscot.

Romney £66, £64 Ringliggate.


Goat £75 Primside Mill, £67 Sandbed.

Blackface £72 Barnakill, £69, £62 Quarry House, £67 Tone Hall, £61 Graceside.

Cheviot £71, £66 Farm.

Easy Care £54 Oatnell.

Swaledale £48 Hundith House, £45 Chapel House, £44 Tenter House, £43 Butterdales.

Lleyn £40 Cleongart.

Jacob £33 Marygate.

Herdwick £30 Wreay.


Texel £138 Broomhills, £117 Beckfoot, £110 Stonehall & Burray & West Watten.

Suffolk £120 Marygate, £104 Eastside, £95 Boldron.

Charollais £117 Chaseside.

Cheviot £93 Glendearg.

Blue Leicester £90 Eastside.

Blackface £80 Arnicle, £78 Marygate, £76 Eastside.

Kerry Hill £74 Beckfoot.

Swaledale £62 Raise Lodge.

Beltex £61 Glenrath.

Easycare £60 Graceside



Light to -------p (-------p)

Medium to 220.0p (204.5p)

Heavy to 152.0p (152.0p)


Light to -------p (-------p)

Medium to 233.0p (215.7p)

Heavy to 224.0p (219.0p)


Light to 191.0p (173.8p)

Standard to 240.0p (177.4p)

Medium to 239.0p (177.9p)

Heavy to 234.0p (156.8p)

Overweight to 164.0p (144.4p)


Light to £75.00 (£41.50)

Heavy to £156.00 (£73.80)

Cast Rams to £138.00 (£80.02)

corresponding week 2015 sale report