Longtown Primestock Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 20 cattle, 2,153 prime lambs and 4,733 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 27th July 2017.

The company held its weekly sale of primestock where an entry of 20 cattle comprising of 6 prime and 20 cows were forward. All classes were offered to a full company of buyers with several unable to open their accounts due to the strength of trade.

OTM’s: Howard Graham of Walton sells cow to £1,091.90

A short entry met a marvelous trade and easily maintaining late rates, to average 127.8p per kilo. A tremendous wagon load of hill beef cows from Archbank Farming topped the sale at 154p for a black Limousin x, others from the same home sold to 145p, and the consignment averaged 139.5p. Heavyweight dairy Simmentals from Howard sold to £1,091.90. Welsh blacks sold to 129p from Satchells, who also sold Simmentals to 137p. Galloways from Chapel House realised 120p, with hill Angus to 130p from Dave Robison, Oakwoodhill.

Prime cattle and bulls were a short entry, topping at 206p for a Blonde bull from Oakwoodhill.

As ever more cattle could easily have been sold to vendors advantage and remember maximum commission £30 a head.

A similar show of 2,153 prime lambs were forward to the usual ring of buyers. All classes were keenly sought after and short of buyer requirements. Even though trade was very slow in the early part of the week, lesser numbers around the country resulted in a 15p rise during the week to show a respectable average of 197.2ppk (SQQ 197.4ppk)

Sale topped at 243p for outstanding Beltex lambs from Messrs Halliday, Crawthat, Lockerbie. Top price per head of £113 was achieved for yet another excellent batch of Texel lambs from A R Bell, Kirkton, Hawick.


Beltex 243p Crawthat, 200p Prospect House.

Texel 226p Thornthwaite Close & Kirkton, 225p Langdyke Cottage, 223p Midtown, 221p The Ash, 220p Kirkton, 217p Tarra, 214p Lanerton & Fenton, 213p Brisco Meadow & Fenton, 212p The Ash & Crawthat, 210p Middle Farm & High Parkfoot.

Suffolk 206p Blakelaw, 205p Fenwick, 203p Blakelaw, 199p Chapel (Hutchinson), 197p Sceugh Dyke & Shield Green, 196p Hallburn & Grainhead, 195p Archerbeck & Albierigg, 194p Grainhead & Westend, 193p Demense, 191p Staffler & Faugh Beeches.

Blackface 206p, 202p Sykehead, 199p Wanwood Hill, 197p Prospect House.

Charollais 204p Sowerby Wood, 202p, 198p Strawfrank, 196p Hallburn, 195p Old Police House & Shawhill.

Berrichon 201p, 199p Sceugh Dyke.

Cheviot 199p Priesthaugh.

Cross 197p Wanwood Hill, 194p Borthwick Brae, 193p Old Rectory, 190p Greensburn.

Cheviot Mule 196p Terrona.

Hampshire 190p Guards.


Texel £113 Kirkton, £110 Strawfrank, £109 Kirkton, £108 Sowerby Wood, £106 Kirkton, £104 Slealands, £103.50 Kirkton, £100 Hermitage.

Suffolk £100 Fenton, £90 Sceugh Dyke, £88 Faugh Beeches & Staffler, £87 Sceugh Dyke, £86.50 Shield Green, £86 Whins & Albierigg, £85.50 Chapel (Hutchison), £85 Demense.

Charollais £98 Sowerby Wood, £91 Newbiggin, £89 Strawfrank.

Beltex £97 Crawthat.

Cambridge £97 Midtodholes.

Oxford £87 Barnglies.

North Country Cheviot £85 Barnglies.

Cross £84 Albierigg, £81 Old Rectory, £80 Redburn View & Greensburn.

Berrichon £83.50, £82.50 Sceugh Dyke.

Cheviot Mule £80.50 Terrona.

Another large show of 4,733 cast ewes and rams was presented to a full compliment of buyer’s. Strong and heavy ewes were easily sold and short of requirements, being £4-6 up on the week, with mules maintaining last week’s high rates, however a far greater number of hill ewes are coming forward each week with trade easing especially for the plainer end. Rams remain dear and short of numbers.

Sale topped at £168 for a massive Texel ram from Messrs Ward, Whitstonehill, with ewes selling to a top of £166 for a pen of top quality Texel ewes from A R Bell, Kirkton, Hawick, closely followed at £160 again for a Texel from young Alistair Dodd, Tundergarth Mains. Hill ewes topped at £56 for Blackface ewes from IHG Warden, Skelfhill, Hawick.


Texel £166 Kirkton, £160 Tundergarth Mains, £154 Eastside, £152 Kirkton, £147 Beckfoot, £146 Chaseside, £142 New Grange & Aspatria Hall, £140 The Wreay & Hermitage, £135 Craigsford Mains, £134 Eastside, £133 Chaseside, £132 Beckfoot.

Charollais £125 Chaseside, £114, £108 Pates Hill.

Suffolk £122 Eastside, £121 Archerbeck, £119 New Grange, £118 Beckfoot, £115 Chaseside, £114 Gospel Hall, £113 Beckfoot, £112, £110 Eastside, £108 Coxhill, £107 Whins, £106 Chaseside & Gnatham Barton, £104 Firth & Beckfoot, £103 New Grange.

Blue Faced Leicester £109 Hamildean, £100 Marygate, £96 Synton Park Head, £94 The Harrow, £92 Whitton, £90 Hamildean.

Half-bred £107 Hoddomtown.

Cheviot Mule £100 Whins, £93 Philiphaugh Estate, £91 Balgray Hill.

North Country Cheviot £99 Gospel Hall, £96 Philiphaugh Estate, £95 Earlside.

Cross £93 Wallend, £89 Third, £88 Sykehead, £87 Littlegill, Gelston Castle & Sanderson House, £86 Balgray Hill, Craigsford Mains, Thirwall Castle & Nunscleugh, £85 Thorneyland, Eastside, Third & Hoddamtown, £84 Woodhouse.

Beltex £90 Hillcrest, £88 Aspatria Hall.

Dorset £75 Trevemper.


Kerry Hill £77 Coxhill.

Goat £74, £60 Trehendra.

Blackface £69 Skelfhill, £65 Wanwood Hill, £61 Clonrae, £59 Meggethead, £58 Syart & Archerbeck, £56 Sykehead, £55 Bush of Ewes & Edges Green, £52 Clonrae, £51 Sourhope & Tinnis, £50 Sykehead & Meggethead.

Easycare £67 Mossfennan.

Lleyn £60 Coxhill.

Woodland £57 Riggshield.

Swaledale £56 Woodhouse & Softley, £53 The Bog, £50 Porteath, £49 Baggarah & Old Rectory, £48 Sourhope & Knarr.

Cheviot £50 Kirkton, £46 Pasture House, £45 Parcelstown & Fenwick.


Texel £168 Whitstonehill, £130 The Ash, £116 Whitstonehill & Riggshield, £114 Balgray Hill & Littlegill.

Suffolk £136 Trevemper, £114 Golden Lane, £109 Kinninghall, £100 Gospel Hall.

Hampshire £135 Trevemper.

Charollais £134 Chaseside, £120 Beckfoot, £118 Trevemper.

Cheviot £118 Skelfhill.

Blue Faced Leicester £110 Whitton.

Zwartble £106 Oaktree.

North Country Cheviot £86 Sourhope.


Light to 172.0p (172.0p)
Medium to -------p (-------p)
Heavy to -------p (-------p)

Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to -------p (------p)
Heavy to -------p (------p)

Bulls to 206.0p (185.5p)

Light to 206.0p (200.5p)
Standard to 226.0p (196.5p)
Medium to 243.0p (197.7p)
Heavy to 226.0p (197.0p)
Overweight 206.0p (183.3p)

Light to £77.00 (£41.03)
Heavy to £166.00 (£81.90)

Rams £168.00 (£91.63)

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