Longtown Primestock Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 24 cattle, 3,887 prime lambs and 6,357 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 10th August 2017.

The company held its weekly sale of primestock where an entry of 24 prime cattle and OTM’s were forward. All types were sharper on the week by 3-5p and extra numbers could easily have been sold.

OTM’s: Dan the Man tops the sale at 163p.

Trade was white hot, with numbers short of buyer’s needs. A larger entry of dairy cows sold extremely well to a top of 141p for a black and white from Dick Wigham, Hethermill. Heavyweights sold to £1,135.05 from Heathermill., with others to £920.40 from Low Moat. Beef bred sucklers topped the sale at 163p for a Blue cow from Dan Charnock, others sold to 136p from Wanwood Hill. Hill Galloways sold to 127p from Unthank, heavyweights sold to £1,016.46 for a Simmental from Waterhead of Dryfe. Farmers: Maximum commission £30 per head.

3,887 prime lambs. A larger entry and a quality show on offer. Usual buyers all present and keen for lambs, trade was strong for all weights to average overall 197p per kilo. Heavy lambs 43kg upwards meeting the strongest demand. Top price per head of £118.20 from A Bell, Kirkton, Hawick.
Best Beltex and Texel lambs met an outstanding trade and to a top of 284p and 268p from Messrs Milburn, Wallend, Greenhead, others to 272p from Kellah, 266p Gelston Castle and 263p Crawthat.
Light lambs up to 35kg met a very strong enquiry, with several pens making over 200p per kilo. Top price of 223p from Ballywilline, Campbeltown.

Beltex 284p, 268p Wallend, 235p Walton Highrigg, 212p Wallend, 210p Walton Highrigg, 207p, 206p Wallend, 203p, 200p Shankcastle.
Texel 272p Kellah, 266p Gelston Castle, 263p Crawthat, 249p Killocraw, 248p Dinwoodie Green, 228p, 227p Crawthat, 225p Kirkton, 223p Ballywillne, 222p Gelston Castle.
Suffolk 214p, 211p Carsegowan, 210p Barnsallie, 208p Sceugh Dyke, 207p Tinnishall, 205p Wallend, North House & Tarrasfoot, 204p Bellymore on Tig & Barnsallie.
Charollais 205p Tinnishall, 204p West End, 202p Keil, 200p Dunnabie House, 199p Greenburn.
Cheviot 204p Whitchester.
Berrichon 200p Sceugh Dyke.
Blackface 199p Prospect House, 194p Gibblaston, 191p Whitchester, 190p Campbelton, 188p Penpeugh, 184p Peela Hill.
Cross 198p The Nook, 193p Brennanlea, 191p Nunscleugh, 189p Whiteside & Penpeugh, 188p Whitchester & Holylee House, 187p Whiteside, 186p Hole Farm.
Border Leicester 194p Dalbhraddan.
Cheviot Mule 192p Little Galla.
Oxford 188p Guards.

Texel £118.20, £114.20 Kirkton, £113.80 Braithwaite Hall, £112.80 Kirkton, £112.50 Upper Tinwald, £109.80, £108.80 Kellah, £108.20 Kirkton, £107.80 Crawthat, £106.80 Greensburn.
Suffolk £114 North House, £113.80 Carsegowan, £104.80 Sceugh Dyke, £98.80 Barnsallie, £98.50 Tarrasfoot, £97.20 Tinnishall, £96.80 Holylee, £96.20 Keith, £95.80 Whitegates & Sceugh Dyke.
Charollais £94.20 Tinnishall, £87.80 West End & Dunnabie House.
Cross £104.80 The Nook, £84.80 Hole Farm, £83.20 Whiteside & Nunscleugh.
Beltex £110.80, £101.80 Wallend, £93.80 Walton Highrigg, £8.20 Wallend, £87.20 Shankcastle, £86.20 Walton Highrigg.
Berrichon £85.80 Sceugh Dyke.

A large entry of cast ewes and rams sold to the usual buyers. Trade was very dear for heavy ewes and the top end of hill ewes, although plainer ewes were easier on the week. Top price of £164 for Texel rams from Messrs Wallace, High Glen Triplock, Newton Stewart. Texel ewes to £154 from Messrs Frame, Little Galla, Biggar.

Heavy Ewes

Texel £154 Little Galla, £150 Crumhaughhill, £148 Beckfoot, £145 Clea Hall, £143 Clyth Mains, Waltonwoodhead & Viewley, £139 Croft House & Kirkton, £138 Little Galla, New Hummerbecks & Clyth Mains, £136 Croft House & Whitchester, £135 Cubbyhill.
Suffolk £116 Chaseside, £114 New Grange, £113 Lawston, £112 Hassendean, £111 High Wreay, £108 Chaseside & New Grange, £107 Colmslie Hill, The Dykes & New Grange, £106 High Glen Triplock, Beckfoot & Lawston, £105 Drumreach, The Challenge, Viewley & Craigsford Mains, £104 Whitchester.
Beltex £141, £118 Croft House.
North Country Cheviot £97 Bardnaclaven, £92 Hownam Grange, £86 Gospel Hall, £84 Sorbie & Taldale.
Continental £111 Chaseside.
Blue Faced Leicester
£98 Castle Nook, £90 Dalbhraddan & Gapshield, £89 Kirkstead.
Cheviot Mule £97 Moorhills, £956 Gelston Castle, £90 Sunnycroft, £89 Colmslie Hill, £88 Clackmae, £86 Falnash, £85 Broom Park, £84 Skelfhill, £83 Kirkstead.
Half-bred £75 Earlside.
Cross £87 Clea Hall & Sceugh Dyke, £86 High Glen Triplock & Craig Farm, £84 Lawston, Carsegowan & High Glen Triplock, £83 Clea Hall, Beckhall, Faugh Beeches, Primrose Cottage & Annanhill, £82 Rigg House, Castletown & Laigh Crewburn.
Zwartble £86 Drumreach.
Dorset £88 Broom Park.
Oxford £92 High Aketon.

Light Ewes

Lleyn £76, £62 Bidlake, £64 Harwood House, £60 Horncastle.
Blackface £69 Peela Hill, £64 Sorbie, £63 Keil & Winterhopeburn, £60 High Wood.
Cheviot £69 Kirkhill, £67 Wynholm, £64 Falnash & Becks, £62 Skelfhill.
Kerry Hill £63 Howcleugh.
Swaledale £55 Hollybush, £54 Kilnstown, £52 Nunscleugh.


Texel £164 High Glen Triplock, £150 Roxburghmill, £132 Hownam Grange, £126 High Glen Triplock & High Wood, £122 Harwood House, £121 Beckfoot, £120 Broom Park, £119 Foulshiels, £116 West Glengyre, £111 Broom Park, £110 West Glengyre.
North Country Cheviot £139 Miller Place, £107 East Mey.
Berrichon £130 Broomhill.
Suffolk £127, £101 Broom Park.
Charollais £116 Broom Park, £103 Keith.
Beltex £100 Hobbiesburn.
Cheviot £93 Taldale.
Blackface £89 Winterhopeburn, £88 Beckfoot.


Light to -------p (------p) 
Medium to -------p (------p) 
Heavy to 180.0p (180.0p)

Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to -------p (-------p) 
Heavy to 141.0p (141.0p)

Light to 223.0p (177.2p) 
Standard to 284.0p (195.0p) 
Medium to 272.0p (200.1p) 
Heavy to 225.0p (204.4p)
Overweight 215.0p (199.0p)

Light to £69.00 (£38.39) 
Heavy to £154.00 (£77.07)
Rams  £164.00 (£86.06)

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