Longtown Primestock Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 23 cattle, 5,758 prime lambs and 5,618 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 31st August 2017.

The company held its weekly sale of primestock where an entry of 23 cattle was forward, comprising of 20 OTM’s and 3 prime cattle. Ringside saw buyers in all corners bidding freely for all types and numbers forward short of buyer’s needs.

OTM’s: A mixed show of variable quality on offer, which would be 2-6p dearer on the week with several lots of cattle showing the weather. Harry and Geoff Gass topped the sale with a 13 year old Limousin x cow at 150p. Michael Garthwaite sold a young British Blue x at 149p, with other Limousin’s to 145p from Waterhead of Dryfe. Hill Galloway’s sold to 109p from Jim Robertson. Top price per head was £1,020 for a Continental from Nunscleugh.

Clean cattle sold to £1071 for a Galloway from Mr Leach, Hallbank.

Farmers: Maximum commission £30 per head. Prompt payment and buyer competition for everything.

The largest show of the season of 5,758 prime lambs were forward to the usual ring of buyers, with best quality export lambs meeting exceptional rates whilst heavy lambs remained similar. Lightweight lambs easy to sell apart from horned lambs which still prove hard to cash. Trade eased slightly towards the end with orders filled, although resulting in a pleasing average of 191.7ppk (SQQ 192.7ppk). Top price per kilo of 268p for Beltex lambs from Messrs Hall, Lanerton, Brampton with top price per head of £114 for Texels from Highfield Farming, Duns.


Beltex 268p Lanerton, 262p Oakwood, 245p Flex, 238p Waterside, 237p High Greenhill, 233p Waterside, 228p Carse of Clary, 225p Dykehead, 224p Chapel House, 216p, 214p Waterside, 213p Lanerton & Oakwood, 211p Carse of Clary.

Texel 253p Kirk House, 241p Cubbyhill & Oakwood, 235p High Greenhill, 233p Crawthat, 229p Crumhaughhill, 223p Bombie, 221p Redgate Head, 218p Kirk House & Kirkbride, 216p Crawthat & Fenton, 213p Redgate Head, Kirk House & Springfield Farm Court.

Suffolk 203p Low Eals, 200p Braithwaite Hall, Sundhope, Hallburn & Vestra Fiold, 199p Ryehills, 198p Tarrasfoot, High Wreay & North House, 197p Braithwaite Hall, 196p Whins & Borthwickshiels, 195p Vestra Fiold, 194p Overtonbush & Tarrasfoot.

Cheviot 203p Broomlea, 199p Cossarhill, 188p Tarrasfoot.

Charollais 200p, 195p Springfield Farm Court, 200p Ryehills, 194p Borthwickshiels, 191p Newbiggin, 190p Knowe.

Cheviot Mule 200p Compstone End, 188p Barnglies, 187p Sundhope & Skelfhill, 185p Ryehills.

Blue du Maine 200p Lanerton.

Lleyn 197p The Height, 195p South Bowerhouses.

Dorset 197p Riggheads.

Cross 195p Wanwood Hill, 193p Low Closegill, 189p Littlegill & Edges Green, 187p Low Closegill, 186p Carse of Clary, Kirkton of Crawford & Miller Hill, 184p Buteland, 183p D’Mainholm & Low Closegill, 182p Woodhouse & Nunscleugh, 180p Moss Side & Low Carriteth.

Blackface 195p Wanwood Hill, 182p Prospect House, 180p Edges Green.

North Country Cheviot 191p Glendearg.

Berrichon 191p Sceugh Dyke.

Oxford 188p Guards.

Hampshire 188p, 185p Barnglies.


Texel £114 Knock, £107 Compstone End, £106 Oakwood, £105 Bombie, £100 Crawthat, Knock & Carsegowan, £99 Redgate Head, £98 Kirk House & Carsegowan, £97 Crumhaughhill, £96 Kirk House, Crumhaughhill, Kirkbride & Liscleugh.

Beltex £105 Oakwood, £102 Lanerton, £100 Maulscastle, £99 Carse of Clary, £98 Waterside & Flex, £97 High Greenhill, £96 Oakwood, £95 Waterside.

Suffolk £100 Cowburnrigg & Carsegowan, £98 Knock, £97, £96 Guardsmill, £96 Hallburn, £95 Guardsmill & Sceugh Dyke, £93 High Wreay, £92 Cowburnrigg, £91 East Polquirter & Tarrasfoot, £90 Hallburn, Fowrass & Camelford.

Cross £95, £92 Buteland, £84 Kellah, £83 Littlegill, £82 Nunscleugh & Carse of Clary, £81 Moss Side, £80 Kirkton of Crawford & Miller Hill.

Cheviot Mule £94 Compstone End, £86 Shankcastle, £79 Fowrass & Barnglies.

Charollais £90 Newbiggin, £86 Tinnishall, £85.50 Borthwickshiels & Knowe, £85 The Chestnuts.

Berrichon £86 Sceugh Dyke.

Blue du Maine £86 Lanerton.

Hampshire £85, £81 Barnglies.

Lleyn £80, £78 South Bowerhouses.

Cheviot £77.50 Cossarhill, £77 Broomlea, £75 Tarrasfoot.

Blackface £76 Wanwood Hill, £73 Littlegill, £72 Edges Green.

North Country Cheviot £72.50 Glendearg, £72 Hownam Grange.

Another large show of 5,618 cast ewes and rams attracted the usual full ring of buyers, all very keen to buy, which saw big heavy ewes dearer to sell along with the best hill ewes. Plainer hill types prove harder to cash. Top of £156 for Texel ewes from EJC Dean, Kirk House, Brampton, with cast rams to £154 for Suffolks from Messrs Smith, Crumhaughhill, Hawick.


Texel £156 Kirk House, £142 Crumhaughhill, £139 Viewley, £132 Heatherglen, Kirk House & Beckfoot, £129 Barledziew Cottage, £128 Viewley, Roughet Hill & Crumhaughhill, £127 Chaseside, £126 Barledziew Cottage & Viewley, £123 Beckfoot, £122 Chaseside.

Suffolk £128 Maidencots, £119 Crumhaughill, £114 Chaseside, £113 Beckfoot, £111 Viewley, £110 Heatherglen, Marygate & Crumhaughhill, £108 Trailtrow & Beckfoot, £107 Broom Park & Rumbleton Rig, £106 Chaseside, Greenbank Close & Marygate, £103 Rumbleton Rig, £102, £100 Claycrop.

Beltex £127 Kirk House, £100 Chaseside.

Charolais £114 Viewley & Beckfoot, £112 Chaseside, £101 Beckfoot.

Blue Faced Leicester £102 Mains of Larg, £96 Chirdon, £95 Westend, £94 Viewley, £90 Sheepriggs.

North Country Cheviot £98 Broom Park, £95 Carruthers, £94 Sundhope & Wester Dunnet, £92 Broom Park, £91 Hownam Grange.

Half-bred £96 Broom Park.

Cross £92 Carse of Clary, £90 Staffler & Marygate, £89 Miller Hill & Westemd, £88 Thomasdene, Outertown & Rumbleton Rig, £86 Hornby Hall, Hayfield, Ormiston, Nunscleugh & Nilston Rigg, £85 Whitehouse & Tinnishall.

Cheviot Mule £89 Quarryside, £88 Kirkbride, £87 Newbank, £86 Outertown, £84 Rumbleton Rig.

Roussin £88 Morebattle Tofts.


Lleyn £79 The Height.

Blackface £77 Prospect House, £75 Westend & Broom Park, £74 Marygate & Nilston Rigg, £69 Eastside & The Nook.

Easycare £76 Croys Lodge, £72 Morebattle Tofts, £71 Croys Lodge.

Cheviot £70 Viewley, £69 Shadwick Cottage, £68 Sorbietrees, £64, £61 Mainside, £59 Carlenrigg.

Goat £62 Heatherglen.

Swaledale £44 Woodhouse & Sheepriggs, £42 Gapshield, £36 Border Rigg £32 Sheepriggs.


Suffolk £154 Crumhaughhill, £130 Rumbleton Rig, £116 Durran Mains & Crumhaughhill, £110 Orchard Mains, £102 Trevemper, £100 Cranshaws.

Texel £136 Cranshaws & Cocklicks, £124 Burnside, £120 Beckfoot, £118 Crumhaughhill, Chaseside & Beckfoot, £110 Viewley, £102 Barledziew Cottage.

North Country Cheviot £132 Rumbleton Rig.

Beltex £118 Townhead.

Charollais £110 Chaseside & Morebattle Tofts.

Cheviot £88 Commonside, £86 Chaseisde.

Blackface £88 Beckfoot.

Light to -------p (------p)
Medium to 180.0p (178.0p)
Heavy to -------p (------p)

Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to -------p (-------p)
Heavy to -------p (-------p)

Light to 187.0p (169.3p)
Standard to 268.0p (191.8p)
Medium to 262.0p (194.2p)
Heavy to 211.0p (187.8p)
Overweight 195.0p (174.1p)

Light to £79.00 (£38.14)
Heavy to £156.00 (£78.96)

Rams £154.00 (£81.07)

corresponding week 2016 sale report