Longtown Primestock Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 33 cattle, 17 spring lambs, 2,241 prime hoggs and 2,318 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 5th April 2018.

A small selection of cows sold to a good trade selling to 165p and 155p for Angus’ sold by Tanlawhill Farming. A very good show of 23 quality prime cattle sold to a brisk trade with a growing demand every week. The sale topped at 245p for a smart Limousin heifers sold by J&J&D Taylor, Englishtown. Next best was 241p for a Limousin heifer shown by A & WJ Taylor & Son, Dashwell Green, with their load of heifers averaging 234p. Messrs Fiddler, Barrow Ling sold a run of heifers to level at 230p. Limousin bullocks sold to 230p from J&J&D Taylor, Englishtown. Top price per head was £1,575.50 for a Limousin bullock also from Englishtown, with the heifer section peaking at £1,532.25 and £1,530 from AE Fawkes & Sons, Welton Farm.



Limousin Heifers 245p Englishtown, 241p, 237p Dashwell Green, 236p Barrow Ling, 232p Dashwell Green, 227p Welton, 226p Dashwell Green, 225p Welton, 224p Barrow Ling.

Limousin Steers 230p, 229p, 228p, 223p, 222p (x2) Englishtown.


Simmental 124p, 118p Cavaghan Gardens.

Angus 165p, 155p, 134p Tanlawhill.



Limousin Steers £1,575, £1,527, £1,443 (x2) Englishtown.

Limousin Heifers £1,532, £1,530 Welton, £1,478 Barrow Ling, £1,423, £1,409 Dashwell Green, £1,396 Englishtown, £1,368 Barrow Ling, £1,350, £1,299 Dashwell Green.


Simmental £669 Cavaghan Gardens.

Angus £858, £728, £603 Tanlawhill.

Owing to the very bad weather the previous two days, 2,241 hoggs were forward in smaller numbers, but trade was absolutely fantastic for those who took the time to draw hoggs. An average of 272p overall, with all classes 39-45kg hoggs averaging over 290p and the SQQ a marvelous 277p. Many pens of heavy hoggs sold in excess of £150 and to a top of £170 for Beltex from DS & RC Taylor, Easter Ochtermuthill. Export hoggs saw many pens selling in excess of 300p per kilo with the best Beltex hoggs a real trade and short of requirements, selling to a top of 387p again from Messrs Taylor, who’s consignment of 25 averaged 341.4p or £145.60. Pens of Cheviots hoggs sold to 300p from Longburgh Fauld and Glenshanna. Lightweight hoggs also enjoyed the best trade of the season with many making over 250p per kilo and to a top of 269p and £86 from Glenshanna.

The first 17 spring lambs of the season were heavy Suffolk’s which sold at £159 and £149 for pens from H Martindale, The Land, Lockerbie, who also had the top price per kilo of 324.5 for 49kg, with the overall average of 305.7p for 51kg weight.

If you have hoggs to sell, don’t hesitate to contact the auctioneers as trade will be good for a while.


Beltex 387p, 357p Easter Ochtermuthill, 349p Comlongun Mains, 345p Hollands, 338p Easter Ochtermuthill, 318p, 315p Uppercleuch, 313p Comlongun Mains, 308p Easter Ochtermuthill, 306p Millriggs, 303p Uppercleuch.

Texel 322p Mirkbooths, 315p Kirtlebank, 312p Auchengray, 308p Millriggs, Hallburn & Cardewlees, 307p The Ash & Cardewlees, 306p Becton Hall, 304p Broadlea Cottage, Riggshield & Auchengray, 303p Unthank, 302p Cardewlees, 300p Auchengray & East Raffles, 298p Broadlea Cottage, Kirkhouse & Auchengray, 297p High House, 296p Longford & Auchengray, 295p Bush of Ewes, Kirtlebank, Riggshield & Broadlea Cottage.

North Country Cheviot 303p Micklethwaite, 298p Cleughbrae & West Scales, 294p Yett, 290p, 286p, 281p Whins, 273p Unthank, 272p Braes of Enzie.

Cheviot 300p Longburgh Fauld & Glendinning, 298p West Scales & Longburgh Fauld, 297p Becton Hall, 295p Longburgh Fauld & Faulding Cleugh, 292p Millriggs, 291p Longburgh Fauld, 290p Whitecroft Mains, 287p Unthank, 286p Mirkbooths, 285p Blackburn.

Blackface 298p, 289p Kirkland, 286p Kirkhouse, 285p West Scales, 274p Uppercleuch, 270p Kirkhouse, 269p, 268p Glendinning, 263p West Scales, Hallburn & Uppercleuch, 262p, 260p Kirkhouse.

Suffolk 284p Guardsmill, 283p Beckhall, 279p Hallburn, 276p Mirkbooths, 273p Becton Hall, 267p Low Hallburn, 262p Longford, 251p Hallburn, 245p Keith.

Mule 260p The Ash, 257p Broadlea Cottage, 248p Gate Ghyll, 237p Kirtlebank, 231p Golden Lane.

Swaledale 238p Prior Rigg, 224p Gate Ghyll.


Beltex £170, £157, £150 Easter Ochtermuthill, £149 Newton Cottage, £147 Easter Ochtermuthill, £145 Hollands, £144, £136 Comlongun Mains, £132 Easter Ochtermuthill, £130 Newton Cottage.

Texel £162 Riggshields, £161 Dormansteads. £160 Longford, £157 Auchengray, £157, £156 Lochwoodmains, £155 Broadlea Cottage, Dormansteads, Auchengray & Kirkhouse, £154 Beckfoot, £153 Hermitage, Auchengray & Longford, £151 Longford, £150 Hermitage, £149 Rottington Hall, £149, £147 Longford, £145 Auchengray.

Suffolk £160 Longford, £156 Easter Ochtermuthill, £139 Becton Hall, £131 Low Hallburn, £127 Mirkbooths, £125, £120 Guardsmill, £120 Keith, £119 Beckhall, £118 Eastside, £117, £113 Hallburn.

Mule £149 Broadlea Cottage, £132 Braes of Enzie, £122 The Ash, £117 Kirkhouse, £110 Mirkbooths.

North Country Cheviot £147 Braes of Enzie, £141 Yett, £138 Swinside Townfoot, £131 West Scales & Cleughbrae, £126 Whins, £121 Micklethwaite, £116 Whins, £115 Micklethwaite.

Blackface £145 Wanwood Hill, £143, £135 Craigdarroch, £130 Braes of Enzie & Kirkland, £126, £124, £123 Kirkhouse, £121 Blackburn, £120 Kirkhouse & Horseholme.

Cheviot £140 Blackburn, £132 Dormansteads, £131 Longburgh Fauld & West Street, £127.50 Yett, £125 West Scales, £125, £124, £123 Longburgh Fauld, £120 Mirkbooths, £117 Glendinning & Longburgh Fauld, £116 Clerk Hill, Whitecroft Mains & Becton Hall.

2,318 cast ewes and rams were also a smaller entry but met an unbelievable trade to average a staggering £102.29 overall. Many of the best heavy ewes sold between £150-£160 and to a top of £169 for Texels from Kilncroft and £167 from Heatherglen, who also sold Suffolks at £161. Hill ewes were also a strong trade with many selling over £80 and to a top of £93 for Swale ewes from Spital Shields. Cast rams were also dearer on the week and sold to a top of £174 for Texels from Eastside. Many more could have been sold to advantage.


Texel £169 Kilncroft, £167 Viewley, £159 Chaseside & Beckfoot, £157 Guardsmill, £151 Wellington, £149 Chaseside & Mirkbooths, £148 Heatherglen, £147 Comlongun Mains, Kilncroft, Lochwoodmains & Smyllum, £146 Howgillside, £145 Mirkbooths & Graceside, £144, £142 Viewley, £142 Old Wall, £141 Guardsmill, Broomlands, Wellington, Viewley & Chaseside, £140 Hillcrest, Arkleby House & Wreay.

Suffolk £161 Heatherglen, £158 Whinney Brow & Chaseside, £155 Viewley, £151 Chaseside, £149 Eastside, £148 Heatherglen, £147 Smyllum & Beckfoot, £145 Viewley, £141 Fowrass, Rottington Hall & Hollytree, £140 Beckfoot, £139 Wellington, Chaseside & Mirkbooths, £137 Chaseside, £136 Rhwng-y-Ddwyfordd, £135 Rottington Hall & Viewley.

Charollais £158, £149 Chaseside, £147 Heatherglen & Beckfoot, £145, £141 Viewley, £132, £130 Springfield, £126 Heatherglen, £125 Beckfoot, £120 Springfield.

Mule £131, £123 Comlongun Mains, £123 Westhills, £120 Slealands, £117 Wellington, £116 Minsca, Sykehead & Beckhall. £115 Broomlands, £113 Golden Lane & Redgate Head, £112 Spital Shields & Trevemper, £110 Marygate, £109 Rottington Hall, Sykehead, Hollytree & Haregills.

North Country Cheviot £128 Golden Lane, £109 Chaseside.

Half-bred £123 Heatherglen.

Beltex £122 Keith, £119 Viewley.

Blue Faced Leicester £121 Spital Shields.

Cheviot Mule £113 Sykehead.


Swaledale £93, £70 Spital Shields, £64 High House.

Blackface £89 Marygate, £85 Keith, £84 Burnfoot, £83 Minsca, £78 Marygate, £75 Keith, £71 Corsebank, £68 Marygate & Henderland, £65 Newbigging.

Cheviot £85 Arkleton, £83 Fir Tree, £75 Frankstown, £74 Riggshield, £67 Unthank, £60 Auchengray.

Lleyn £63 Kersheugh.

Easycare £58 Godscroft, £53 Marygate.


Texel £174 Eastside, £171 Lochwoodmains, £163 The Side, £157 Heatherglen & Lochwoodmains, £149 Beckfoot & Chaseside.

Charollais £153 Hallburn.

Suffolk £140 Viewley, £130 Yewtree, £129 Chaseside.

Beltex £107 Wreay, £102 Yewtree.

Blackface £103 Wanwood Hill.


Light to -------p (------p)
Medium to 229.0p (225.1p)
Heavy to 230.0p (226.5p)

Light to -------p (------p)
Medium to 245.0p (229.7p)
Heavy to 227.0p (225.5p)

Light to -------p (-------p)
Standard to -------p (-------p)
Medium to -------p (-------p)
Heavy to 324.0p (324.0p)
Overweight 266.0p (266.0p)

Light to 269.0p (234.4p)
Standard to 387.0p (270.9p)
Medium to 357.0p (290.6p)
Heavy to 313.0p (263.0p)

Light to £93.00 (£55.18)
Heavy to £169.00 (£113.97)

Rams to £174.00 (£101.18)

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