Longtown Primestock Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 26 cattle, 266 spring lambs, 1,905 prime hoggs and 2,349 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 31st May 2018.

26 cattle forward comprising of 12 cast cows and 14 prime cattle. Cast cows sold to a similar trade, topping at 137p for a Charolais cow sold by PF & EJ Bloxham, Linnbridgeford. Beef Shorthorn cows sold to 132p twice, both from J J Butler, Kirndean.

Another good show of clean cattle with trade much the same on the week. Top price of 235p twice for Limousin heifers shown by A & WJ Taylor & Son, Dashwell Green, bought by MJ Wharton, Wholesale Butchers and Border Meats, Lockerbie respectively. Limousin bullocks to 230p from Dashwell Green. Top price per head was £1,451.25 for a Charolais heifer from JW Vevers, High Stenries.



Limousin Heifer 235p (x2), 232p, 230p, 226p (x2) Dashwell Green.

Limousin Steer 230p Dashwell Green.

Charolais Heifer 225p, 213p, 212p High Stenries.



Charolais 137p, 124p Linnbridgeford.

Beef Shorthorn 132p (x2) Kirndean.

Angus 128p, 126p Archerbeck.

British Blue 118p Nether Albie.

Galloway 103p Emblehope.



Charolais Heifer £1,451 High Stenries.

Limousin Heifer £1,445 (x2), £1,438, £1,358, £1,345 Dashwell Green.

Limousin Steer £1,437 Dashwell Green.



British Blue £973 Nether Albie.

Charolais £931 Linnbridgeford.

Beef Shorthorn £891, £778 Kirndean.

Angus £870, £806 Archerbeck.

266 spring lambs were a smaller entry than expected. Trade was very strong and numbers far short of buyer’s requirements. Sale topped at £143 for Texel lambs from D Watters, Millhouse, Wigton and to 296p for Texels from Sean Dunbar, Burnfoothill, Eaglesfield. Overall sale average 267.7p (SQQ 264.8p).


Texel 296p Burnfoothill, 293p Cleughbrae, 288p, 286p, 285p, 283p Old Rectory, 285p, 283p Millhouse, 282p Swallows Barn, 275p Millhouse, 274p, 272p Airds of Balcary, 271p Castletown & Millhouse, 269p Sowerby Wood, 266p Broomhill, 265p Sowerby Wood & Newtown, 262p Airds of Balcary, 261p Cleughbrae.

Suffolk 280p Hollytree, 278p Swallows Barn, 276p Westend, 267p Fairways, 265p Sowerby Wood, 258p Airds of Balcary, 249p Westend, 246p Sowerby Wood, 243p Kimmeter Green, 241p Sowerby Wood.

Jacob 254p Stone Barn.


Texel £143 Millhouse, £141 Swallows Barn, £138 Millhouse, £137 Old Rectory, £136 Burnfoothill, £135 Cleughbrae, £134 Millhouse, £133 Old Rectory, £132 Cleughbrae, £127 Sowerby Wood, £126, £121 Old Rectory, £119 Millhouse.

Suffolk £139 Swallows Barn, £138 Westend, £135, £133 Sowerby Wood, £129 Hollytree, £122 Burgh Head, £115 Fairways, £112 Westend.

1,905 hoggs were another a good entry for a mixed quality show. Once again, all hoggs of good meat met a very good demand, mostly 200p per kilo and to a top of 242p for Texel hoggs from Messrs Hewetson, Scales Hall, Penrith and to £130 again for Texels from KG & CS Wilson, Wood Farm, Carlisle. Light hoggs again sold well with the best quality selling at 200p and to a top of £63 for 30kg Texels from Messrs Gardner, Glebelands, Carlisle.

Overall sale average 187.0p (SQQ 187.6p).


Texel 242p Scales Hall, 238p Lairdlaugh, 228p High Yarridge, 227p, 222p Scales Hall, 222p Drumreach, 221p, 220p Broomhills, 219p Almagill, 217p Broomhills, 216p Scales Hall, 215p Sowerby Wood, 214p Glebelands, 213p Almagill, 211p Crossways, 210p Glebelands.

Suffolk 236p Almagill, 216p Crossways, 213p Almagill, 202p Newlands, 200p Drumreach, 197p The Wynd & Crossways, 196p Broomhills.

Cheviot 218p Thorns, 216p West Scales, 215p Sowerby Wood, 214p Mallsgate Hall, 212p Faulding Cleugh, 211p New Hummerbecks, 210p Drumreach & Faulding Cleugh, 200p Pennersaughs & Powisholm.

North Country Cheviot 211p Almagill, 210p Sowerby Wood, 203p Drumreach, 202p Cossarhill.

Beltex 210p Hillside, 200p Plumpe.

Oxford 202p Crossways.

Blackface 200p Thorns, Bush of Ewes & Glenshanna, 197p Almagill, 197p, 196p Bush of Ewes, 192p Newhouse.

Mule 198p, 194p Almagill, 192p Plumpe, 179p Almagill, 176p Skirling Mains & Chattlehope House, 170p Eastside.

Charollais 193p Eastside.


Texel £130 Wood Farm, £125 Broomhills & Scales Hall, £123 Sowerby Wood, £121 Fenton & Scales Hall, £120 Kirkhouse, Roxburgh Mains & Hillside, £119 Lairdlaugh, £116 Scales Hall, £115 Broomhills.

Suffolk £118 Almagill, £105 Newlands, £104 Broomhills, £100 Drumreach, £97 Crossways, £90 Pennersaughs & Drumreach.

Beltex £117, £101 Hillside.

North Country Cheviot £114 Drumreach, £112 Almagill, £111 Cossarhill, £109 Sowerby Wood, £101, £100 Clerk Hill.

Cheviot £106 Catslackburn, £99 Sowerby Wood, £96 Thorns, £93 West Scales, £90 Pennersaughs.

Charollais £104 Eastside.

Blackface £100 Bush of Ewes, £89 Newhouse, £86 Bush of Ewes, £85 Sowerby Wood, £84 Thorns, £81 Sowerby Wood, £80 Kirkhouse, Glenshanna & Drumreach.

Dorset £97 Crossways.

Mule £86 Chattlehope House, £83 Almagill & Craig Farm, £81 Skirling Mains.

2,349 cast ewes and rams were a similar entry with all buyer’s keen for supplies. All classes met exceptional demand with trade £10 up on the week, with numbers inadequate for the demand. 893 ewes sold over £100 to average £119.06 overall. Sale topped at £162 and £160 for Texel ewes from KG & CS Wilson Ltd, Wood Farm, Carlisle. Hill ewes to £90 for Blackface from R English & Sons, Brownleazes, Hexham, with cast rams to £128 for a Charollais from Eastside.


Texel £162, £160 Wood Farm, £158 Roxburgh Mains, £157 Wood Farm, £155 Chaseside, £153 Beckfoot, £152 Wood Farm, £150 Thorns, £149 Lairdlaugh & Glendue, £148, £146 Seymour House, £146 Golden Lane, £145 Beckfoot, Leithanhall & Wood Farm, £143 Chaseside & Glendue, £142 Roxburgh Mains, £137 Torgornack & Brisco Meadows, £134 Craig Farm & Becks, £132 Townfoot, £131 Millhouse, £130 Byreburnside.

Charollais £150 Golden Lane, £133 Chaseside, £131 Sowerby Wood, £120 Beckfoot.

Suffolk £135 Fenton & Faugh Beeches, £131 Burgh Head & Beckfoot, £129 Chaseside & Beckfoot, £126 Seymour House & High House, £125 Beckfoot, Sowerby Wood & Chaseside, £119, £117 Beckfoot & Chaseside, £116 High House, £115 Sowerby Wood, £114 Sykehead, Almagill & Catslackburn, £111 Chaseside, £110 Supplebank.

North Country Cheviot £123 Beckfoot, £113 Chaseside, £97 Westerhouses & Wester Dunnet, £91 Berry Croft.

Blue Faced Leicester £118 Brownleazes, £110 Upper Hindhope, £101 Leithanhall.

Rouge £109 Sowerby Wood.

Hampshire £90 Leithanhall.

Mule £100 Seymour House, £99 Leithanhall & Kirkhill, £96 Moss Side, £95 Leithanhall, £91 Broomhill, £89 Brownleazes, £88 Moss Side, £86 Muirfield, £85 Tinnishall, Eastside & Castletown, £83 Whitfield & Trecorner, £82 Gill Head, High Yarridge, Carwath & Hepplehill, £81 Bayldon, £80 Marchynys.

Cheviot Mule £104 High Stenries, £100 Whitfield, £96 Tremeer, £92 Falnash.


Blackface £90 Brownleazes, £84 Thorns, £83 Drumreach, £79 Brownleazes & Merkland, £77 Crindledykes, £75 Upper Hindhope, £73 Sykehead, Drumreach & Balgray Hill, £71 Leithanhall, £70 Brisco Meadows & Harelawhill Cottage.

Cheviot £89 Carlenrigg, £85 Almagill & Becks, £84 Upper Hindhope, £82 Almagill, £81 Catslackburn, £80 Low Old Shields, High House & Almagill.

Lonk £85 Bush of Ewes.

Swaledale £80 Hazelgill, £77 Bayldon.

Herdwick £70, £68 Almagill, £68 High Priorscales.

Lleyn £69 Burray, £66 Bradstone Cottages.

Easycare £66 Carwath, £61 Hillcrest.

Kendal Rough £62 Gill Head.


Charollais £128 Eastside.

Dorset £127 Beckfoot.

Blue Faced Leicester £127 Brownleazes.

Texel £124 Byreburnside, £118 High House, £114 Eastside.

Continental £118, £110 Chaseside & Beckfoot.

North Country Cheviot £111 Tister, £97 Drumreach.

Cheviot £98 Wotter, £95 Cossarhill.

Blackface £80 Wotter.


Light to -------p (------p)
Medium to 230.0p (230.0p)
Heavy to -------p (------p)

Light to -------p (------p)
Medium to 230.0p (223.7p)
Heavy to 235.0p (225.5p)

Light to 272.0p (262.3p)
Standard to 274.0p (248.6p)
Medium to 293.0p (267.4p)
Heavy to 296.0p (274.5p)
Overweight 246.0p (233.9p)

Light to 210.0p (168.0p)
Standard to 228.0p (191.7p)
Medium to 216.0p (187.9p)
Heavy to 242.0p (187.7p)

Shearlings 227.0p (175.6p)

Light to £90.00 (£58.81)
Heavy to £162.00 (£99.79)

Rams to £128.00 (£90.37)

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