Longtown Primestock Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 16 cattle, 827 prime lambs, 610 prime hoggs and 3,258 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 28th June 2018.

A small show of cattle due to the warm silage weather. Cast cows sold to 132p for an Angus cow shown by Messrs McKerrow, Darlawhills. Young bulls to 180p for a Beef Shorthorn from JDM Thomson, Newlands. Clean cattle again short of requirements and selling very dear with an average of 241.6p and topping at 245p twice, both for Limousin heifers sold by A & WJ Taylor, Dashwell Green.



Angus 132p, 128p (x2), 122p Darlawhills.

Highland 120p, 112p Church View.


Limousin Heifers 245p (x2), 244p, 238p, 236p Dashwell Green.

Due to the excellent hay and silage weather and a downfall in trade all week, a smaller show of lambs than anticipated was forward. Trade again sharp but at less money. Overall average 219.2p and to a top of £128 for Texel lambs from RG & L Benson, Cowens Farm, Wigton and purchased by M J Wharton, Blackbrow, Carlisle and to 266p per kilo for Texel lambs from GT Beattie, Guardsmill, Gretna.


Texel 266p Guardsmill, 261p Cowens, 260p Upper Mains, 255p Hermitage, 253p Supplebank & Cowens, 251p Hermitage, 248p Stonehouse, 245p Swallows Barn, Westend, The Farm & Whins, 243p Stonehouse, Auchengool & Kilnford Croft, 242p, 241p Arkleby House, 240p Broomhills & Guardsmill, 239p Arkleby House, 235p Swallows Barn & Kilnford Croft, 234p Hermitage, 233p Cubbyhill, 231p Newtown.

Suffolk 248p Upper Mains, 244p Guardsmill & Swallows Barn, 236p Ormiston, 228p Palaceknowe, 223p, 220p Kilnford Croft, 220p Cambeckhill, 218p Palaceknowe, 217p Cambeckhill, 214p Hallburn, Drumburn & Fenton, 213p Low Hallburn, 212p Mid Upper Priestside, 211p Culquhasen & Guardsmill, 210p Grainhead & St John’s Kirk.

Beltex 230p Broomhills, 220p Whins.

Charolais 210p Stonehouse.


Texel £128 Cowens, £125 Guardsmill, £124 Cowens & Supplebank, £122 Upper Mains, £121 Hill House & Beck £120 Whins, Swallows Barn & Broomhills, £117 Stonehouse, £115 Westend, £112 Hermitage & Guardsmill, £110 The Green & Hermitage.

Suffolk £124 Upper Mains, £122 Guardsmill & Swallows Barn, £105 Palaceknowe, £108, £105 Kilnford Croft, £104 Ormiston, £103 Catslackburn, £100 The Land, £100, £96 Kilnford Croft, £97 Whins, £95 Guardsmill, Catslackburn & The Land.

An end of season show of 610 hoggs, again found good meat easy to sell. Top price per kilo of 202p for Texel hoggs from SE Crowe, Hawkhill, Wick and to £93 again for Texels from JT & EM Marrs & Son, Broomhills, Carlisle.


Texel 202p Hawkhill, 187p Upper Lybster, 182p Broomhills, 180p Whiteside.

Beltex 188p Corrielea.

North Country Cheviot 186p Lower Gills, 183p Langdale.

Cheviot 186p Plumpe, 181p Mallsgate Hall.

Suffolk 178p, 174p Kirkwood Mains, 167p Shalmstry.

Blackface 168p, 164p Whiteside, 163p Prestrie, 161p Linhope.

Mule 155p Plumpe, 147p Drumreach.


Texel £93, £91 Broomhills, £91 Hawkhill, £83 Broomhills.

North Country Cheviot £84 Langdale.

Beltex £77 Corrielea.

Blackface £71, £67 Prestrie, £65 High Staward, £63 Culquhasen.

Suffolk £71 Kirkwood Mains, £67 Whinney Brow.

Cheviot £67 Plumpe, £65 Mallsgate Hall, £61 Whiteside.

3,258 cast ewes and rams were forward, an increase in numbers of 1,005 on the week and with extra buyers operating, all classes were in extreme demand. Prices were up £10 on the week, to average £92.37 overall. Sale topped at £178 for Texel ewes from D A Harrison, Hill House, Wigton with export ewes to £87 for Blackface from T MacKenzie, Drumreach, Inverness and rams to £143 for Texels from Beckfoot.


Texel £178 £167 Hill House, Wigton (120 Av. £121), £163 Moorfoot Cottage, £161 Wood Farm, £159 Aspatria Hall, Eastside & Cubbyhill, £156 Drumreach & Eastside, £153 Beckfoot, £151 Dearham Hall, £150 Arkleby House, £149 Chaseside, Hawkhill & Arkleby House, £147 Dearham Hall, Hill House, Moorfoot Cottage & Applecross, £146 Huntington, £145 Heatherglen, £143 Raggetsyke, £141 Viewley & The Green, £140 Arkleby House, £139 Laurels, Hill House & Gatehouse Cote, £137 Fine View, Aspatria Hall & Huntington, £136 Dearham Hall & Huntington, £133 Wood Farm, Chaseside & Eastside.

Suffolk £133 Marygate, £131 Longyester, £129 Huntington, £127 Kilnford Croft, £125 Marygate & Beckfoot, £123 Chaseside, Longyester & Hill House, £119 Hayclose & Huntington, £117 Viewley, £115 Low Hallburn & Copperthorns, £113 Chaseside, Beckfoot, Temon, Fala Hill & Viewley, £111 Chaseside, Beckfoot & Marygate, £110 Heatherglen.

Charollais £130 Abbey Cowper, £113 Beckfoot, £110 Viewley.

Berrichon £126 Abbey Cowper.

Millennium Blue £117 Heatherglen & Beckfoot, £115, £111 Chaseside.

Beltex £113 Barrogill Mains, £100 The Green.

North Country Cheviot £113 Huntington, £109 Cairnfield, £105 Langdale, £101 Chaseside & Heatherglen, £95 Wester Dunnet, £91 Nethertofts & Lower Gills.

Mule £100 Marygate, £99 Huntington & Wood Farm, £97 Longyester, £91 Prestrie, Longyester, Hoddamtown & Baryerrock, £90 Bidlake, £89 Fala Hill, Longyester, Hayclose, Westward Park & Laurels, £87 Aspatria Hall, Dearham Hall & Hollin Close, £86 Hayclose, £85 Bidlake, Eastside, Thornhope, Drumreach & Copperthorns.

Cheviot Mule £105 Copperthorns, £97 Beckhall, £91 Courstein.

Romney £83 Marygate.


Blackface £87 Drumreach, £81 Barron House & High Staward, £79 Longyester, £77 Fala Hill, £71 Eastside.

Cheviot £86 Blackburn, £71 Catslackburn & Stonehouse, £67 Copperthorns.

Swaledale £63 Hollin Close, £55 Thornhope & Pasture House, Wigton.


Texel £143 Beckfoot, £131 Arkleby House, £126 Eastside, £123 Marygate & St John’s Kirk, £121 Chaseside, £115 Beckfoot.

Millennium Blue £133 Chaseside.

Suffolk £127 Chaseside, £126 The Land.

Blue Faced Leicester £123 Raggetsyke.

Cheviot £99 Catslackburn.


Light to -------p (------p)
Medium to 245.0p (241.4p)
Heavy to -------p (------p)

Bulls to 180.0p (180.0p)

Light to 210.0p (209.6p)
Standard to 242.0p (208.9p)
Medium to 255.0p (215.9p)
Heavy to 266.0p (241.0p)
Overweight 182.0p (181.8p)

Light to 177.0p (139.8p)
Standard to 187.0p (168.3p)
Medium to 202.0p (161.4p)
Heavy to 182.0p (171.5p)

Shearlings to 188.0p (147.8p)

Light to £87.00 (£55.63)
Heavy to £178.00 (£95.55)

Rams to £143.00 (£89.45)

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