Longtown Primestock Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 17 cattle, 4,465 prime lambs and 5,054 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 29th November 2018.

A similar entry of cast cows was forward, consisting of mainly feeding types. Sale topped 148p for a Limousin shown by PT Dayson, Whamtown, Blackford with Angus to 120p from the same home. Top price per head of £801 for a Limousin from WN Douglas, Catslackburn, Yarrow.

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4,465 prime lambs were a larger show of good quality lambs, which attracted the usual ring of buyers who again were keen for supplies. Bidding was strong from start to finish with last week’s extreme rates easily maintained. The best lambs sold between 220-240p and to a top of 276p for Beltex lambs from DS & RC Taylor, Easter Ochtermuthill, Perth. Again, more required for the extreme demand.

Heavy lambs (45-52kg) sold to £156 for Texel lambs from AR Bell, Kirkton, Hawick and averaged a marvelous 167.3p. Suffolks to £94 from W Barbour, Carsegowan, Dumfries with Greyface lambs to £80 from Kirkton and Blackface to £77 from A&A Aitken, Uppercleuch, Lockerbie.

Standard Lambs (32-39kg) sold very well and were short of buyers requirements to average a whopping 188.7p.

Light lambs were dearer on the week and in short supply. Top of £63 for 26kg Cheviot lambs shown by D Dempster, Barguillean, Campbeltown.


Beltex 276p Easter Ochtermuthill, 272p Pasture House, 263p Hollands & Easter Ochtermuthill, 259p Nether Stenries, 258p Hollands, 253p Easter Ochtermuthill.

Texel 244p Kirkton, 235p, 229p Lower Killernie, 226p Greenburn, 225p Low Hallburn, 223p The Park, 219p Loaningfoot, 217p The Green, 215p Gallowberry.

Cheviot 242p, 212p Barguillean, 195p Catslackburn.

Suffolk 203p Millriggs, 189p Slickly, 186p Braehead, 185p West Bretton, 181p High Cattadale, 180p Clayock.

North Country Cheviot 202p Aton, 189p Nybster, 180p Hownam Grange.

Charollais 192p Braehead.

Cheviot Mule 189p Canina Gardens.

Blackface 185p Rawburn, 183p Barfil & Uppercleuch, 181p Linhope & Rawburn, 180p Gibblaston.

Mule 184p Rowanburnfoot, 181p Barfil & Gibblaston, 179p Dalbhraddan, 177p Pasture House, 176p Barfil, 175p Nether Albie.

Oxford 170p Guards.


Texel £156 Kirkton, £118 Uppercleuch, £114 Kirkton, £100.50 Aldermanseat, £100 Lower Killernie, Compstone End & Kirkton, £98.50 Aldermanseat, £97 Low Hallburn, £96.50 Carsegowan, £96 Hownam Grange & Greenburn.

Beltex £105, £101 Easter Ochtermuthill, £100 Fenton, £98 Pasture House, £97 Brisco Meadows, £96 Nether Stenries, £95.50 Crawthat, £95 Thornthwaite Close & Easter Ochtermuthill.

Suffolk £94 Carsegowan, £88.50 Guardsmill & Tone Hall, £87, £86 Tinnishall, £86 Broomhill, £84 Tone Hall, Tinnishall & Sceugh Dyke.

North Country Cheviot £89 Aton, £82 Aucharua.

Charollais £88 Fenton.

Mule £80 Kirkton, £77 Culdoach, £76.50 Nunscleugh, £75.50 Kirkhouse, Nether Albie & Whitchester, £75 Greenburn.

Bluefaced Leicester £80 Midtodhills.

Berrichon £79, £78.50 Sceugh Dyke.

Blackface £77 Uppercleuch, £70.50 Milnmark, £67.50 Newbiggin, £67 Gibblaston.

Half-bred £76.50 Dodgsonstown.

Cheviot £71 Little Galla, £69.50 Barguillean, £68.50 Fenwick.

5,054 cast ewes and rams were another good entry and with more buyers present. All classes were a lot sharper on the week, especially hill ewes and again pure Beltex and Texel ewes sold at a premium. Texel rams to £165 from AR Bell & Son, Kirkton, Hawick. Continental ewes to £155 from J Crichton, Loughrigg, Egremont and hill ewes to £68 for Cheviot ewes shown by Messrs Hepburn & Co., North House, Hawick.


Continental £155, £124 Loughrigg.

Texel £154 Torrax, £154, £152 Loughrigg, £151 Snow Top & Bensons Fell, £149 Nybster & Aspatria Hall, £148 Ashton, £147 Torrax, Nether Stenries & Loughrigg, £146 Bascodyke Foot & Roxburgh Mill, £145 Torrax, £144, £143 Newbigging, £143 Sharplaw, £142 Torrax, £141 Bascodyke Foot & Bensons Fell, £140 West Shaftoe.

Beltex £138, £112, £111, £103 Croft House.

Suffolk £124 Nether Stenries, £124, £117, £102 Torrax, £100 Low Garth.

Charollais £110 Nether Stenries, £108 Ashton.

North Country Cheviot £99 Hillside, £93 Beckfoot, £90 East Murkle, Nybster & Ballinloan.

Cheviot Mule £88 Townfoot, £84 Baillie, £82 Viewley.

Bluefaced Leicester £82 Gapshield, £80 Chapel.

Mule £80 Beckfoot, £75 Newbigging, £74 Rottington Hall, Townfoot & Wiza, £72 Aspatria Hall, £70 Whitchester.

Goat £74 Nether Stenries.


Cheviot £68 North House, £67 West Bretton, £66 High House, £65 Millantae & Brisco Meadows, £63 Glenacardoch, £60 Waterside.

Blackface £67 Tone Hall, £66 Pitland Hills, £60, £57, £55 Tone Hall, £55 Pitland Hills.

Lleyn £64 Sharplaw.

Easycare £50 Hillcrest.

Swaledale £42 Spital Shields.


Texel £165 Kirkton, £100 Priory Nook.

Beltex £116 High Greenhill.

Blue Faced Leicester £104 Gapshield, £102 Midtodhills.

Suffolk £98 North House.

Charollais £98 Braehead.

North Country Cheviot £84 Blackhaugh.

Easycare £85 Blackhaugh.

Cheviot £84 Whiteknowe, £80 North House & Bedshiel.

Light to 242.0p (184.8p)
Standard to 276.0p (188.7p)
Medium to 263.0p (176.9p)
Heavy to 206.0p (167.3p)
Overweight 244.0p (164.2p)

Light to £68.00 (£39.71)
Heavy to £155.00 (£72.04)

Rams to £165.00 (£72.32)

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