Longtown Primestock Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 10 cattle, 7,003 prime lambs and 5,068 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 13th December 2018.

A smaller entry of cast cows was forward and continue to sell at recent rates with more required on a weekly basis. Sale topped at 105p for an Angus shown by JG Murray & Son, Branxholm Braes, Hawick with Limousin’s to 104p from RJ Anderson, Penchrise, Hawick.

A massive show of 7,003 prime lambs were a very good quality entry. Extra buyers to the fore resulted in all classes meeting a shaper selling trade to average the same as last week’s very high rates.

Top price per kilo of 258p for Beltex lambs shown by G Mitchinson & Son, High Greenhill, Brampton and from HM Sutherland, Drummuie Farm, Caithness, with plenty of quality lambs 210p-250p per kilo. Top price per head was £114 for Beltex lambs from P Urwin, Hillhouse, Kirklinton and to £111 for Texels from J Marshall, Hermitage, Kirkpatrick Fleming.

Lightweight lambs also a strong trade at last week’s level, with the majority selling between 185p-195p per kilo, and to a top of 200p a kilo for 32kg Mule lambs from Messrs G & T Archibald, Craigens, Isle of Islay.


Beltex 258p High Greenhill & Drummuie Farm, 253p Crawthat, 252p Waterside, 249p High Greenhill, 248p Inch Cottage, 247p Ash Cottage, 244p Lingey Field Farm, 242p Uppercleuch, 241p Waterside.

Texel 252p Hermitage, 245p Kinninghall, 241p High Mossthorn, 237p Lingey Field Farm, 235p Ash Cottage, 232p High Stenries, 231p Rhoin, 230p Moor Side & Hermitage.

Cheviot 208p Carruthers, 194p, 193p Byrecleugh, 193p Skelfhill, 192p Catslackburn, 190p Craigens & Carruthers.

Mule 200p Craigens, 181p Inch Cottage, 179p Arnicle, 178p Garvilland, 177p Satchells & Albierigg, 176p Skernish & Rhoin, 175p Nunscleugh.

Suffolk 194p Ryehills, 189p, 187p Wiza, 187p Achamore, 185p Knowe, 184p High Cattadale, Craigens, Branxholm Braes, Staffler, Broomhill & Wallend.

Blackface 194p, 193p, 192p Byrecleugh, 194p Skelfhill, 189p Sorbie, 189p, 188p Byrecleugh.

Cheviot Mule 188p, 183p Marwhirn.

North Country Cheviot 187p, 183p Roughet Hill, 183p Garvilland.

Berrichon 185p, 181p Sceugh Dyke.

Charollais 177p Shawhill, 173p Plumpe.

Lonk 175p Bush of Ewes.

Oxford 172p Guards & Kirkdale.


Beltex £114, £110 Hillhouse, £109 Leven View, £108 Grassmainston, £107 Cowgate, £106 High Greenhill & Waterside, £104 Crawthat, £101, £100 Hillhouse, £100 Lingey Field Farm.

Texel £111 Hermitage, £110 Bardnaclaven, £108 Stonehouse, £107 Hermitage, £106 Waltonwoodhead, Kilnford Croft & Moor Side, £104 Kilnford Croft & High Mossthorn, £103 Kinnnghall, £102 Ashley Park, Hermitage & High Mossthorn, £100 Tara, Kilnford Croft, Townfoot, Lingey Field Farm, High Stenries, Breconiehill & Hillview Court.

Suffolk £107 Achamore, £104, £102, £100 Kilnford Croft, £96.50 Spoutbank, £95 Fairfield & Sceugh Dyke, £91 Foxglove, Sceugh Dyke & Achamore, £90 Broomhill, Harehead, Tathill, Peden & Haregills.

North Country Cheviot £96 Swinside Townfoot.

Cheviot £87.50 Carruthers, £83 Skelfhill, £81.50 Carruthers.

Charollais £86.50 Plumpe.

Mule £85.50 The Ash, £84.50 Spoutbank, £84 Waterside, £82 Compstone End, £80 Harelawhill Cottage & Garvilland.

Blackface £83.50 Skelfhill, £77 Wanwood Hill, £76 Harehead, £75 Harelawhill Cottage.

Berrichon £80 Sceugh Dyke.

Cheviot Mule £78 Solwaybank, £77.50 Blakehopeburnhaugh, £77 Marwhirn, £76 Justenlees, £75 Marwhirn.

Dorset £78, £75 Riggheads.

Lonk £75.50 Bush of Ewes.

The 5,068 cast ewes and rams were another large entry with the usual ring of buyers present, trade was very similar on the week. Heavy ewes were good to sell with pure Beltex and Texel ewes again at extreme rates. Top of £160 for Texel ewes from AW Beattie, Stone House, St Bees, who’s consignment averaged £152.60, closely followed at £159 for Texels from Harene, Foxglove and Wanton Walls. Hill ewes to £63 for Cheviots from A & A Hogg, Milnholm, Langholm. Rams to £112 for Texels from J Stephenson & Sons, West Millhills, Hexham.


Texel £160 Stone House, £159 Foxglove, Harene & Wanton Walls, £154 Bardnaclaven, £152 Wanton Walls, £151 Stone House, £150 Grassmainston, £147 Stone House, £146 Aton, £141 Harwood Shield, £140 Beckfoot & Old Wall, £136 Kirk House, £134 Bascodyke Foot, £130 Chaseside & Grassmainston.

Charollais £130 Upper Auchenlay, £106 Beckfoot.

Suffolk £109, £104 Chaseside, £99, £98 Beckfoot, £94 Flex, £90 Holmbrig.

Beltex £98 Upper Auchenlay.

Mule £91 Leaona Villa, £80 Banniskirk Mains, £74 Cockburn & Belzies, £73 Leaona Villa, Aton & Farnbury, £70 Sceugh.

Bluefaced Leicester £90 Harwood Shield.

North Country Cheviot £88 West Millhills, £81 Ballinloan.

Cheviot Mule £77 Borrowston Mains, £75, £74 Satchells, £70 Sharplaw & North House.

Romney £72, £70 Aton.

Goat £65 Nether Onsett.


Cheviot £63 Milnholm, £60 Carterton, £59 Ash Tree House, £56 Blakehopeburnhaugh & Milnholm, £55 Sorbie, £53 Cooms & Falnash.

Lleyn £62 Bush of Ewes.

Woodland £59 Riggshield.

Blackface £57, £56 Roxburghmill, £54 Wanwood Hill, £50 Craigens.

Easycare £57 Aton, £56 Peddar Hill.

Swaledale £56 Cassington, £48 Harwood Shield.


Texel £112 West Millhills, £107 Hornby Hall, £102 Beckfoot, £101 Hornby Hall, £100 East Mill Hills.

Blue Faced Leicester £111 Harehead, £100 Knarr.

Cheviot £80 Boreland.

Blackface £70 Harehead.

Light to 200.0p (175.4p)
Standard to 258.0p (185.9p)
Medium to 258.0p (188.4p)
Heavy to 234.0p (180.2p)
Overweight 211.0p (170.1p)

Light to £63.00 (£36.67)
Heavy to £160.00 (£68.40)

Rams to £112.00 (£66.15)

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