Longtown Primestock Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 17 cast cows, 5,073 prime hoggs and 3,265 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 24th January 2019.

A similar entry of cast cows was forward and again met a brisk selling trade. More numbers required on a weekly basis. The sale topped at £1,093 for a Limousin cow shown by JP Lee, Morley Hill, Hexham followed at £1,060 for a Blue Grey from JG Smith, Sark Tower. Simmentals to £1,049 also from Morley Hill. Top price per kilo of 156p and 148p for overage Blue Grey bullocks from Sark Tower, with Limousins to 141p and 135p, Simmentals to 122p and British Blues selling to 115p from Morley Hill.

A larger show of 5,073 quality hoggs attracted extra buyers as numbers tighten elsewhere and all were keen to buy. As a result, all classes in exceptional demand, especially the 38-42kg bracket. Overall average 202.1p (SQQ 207.8p).

Most Beltex and Texel hoggs sold between 220-250p to a top of 297p for Beltex hoggs from R & S Nixon & Co., Oakwood, Selkirk followed at 290p from G Mitchinson & Son, High Greenhill, Kirkcambeck.

Commercial hoggs all sold at 205-215p. Top price per head of £119 for Beltex hoggs shown by DS & RC Taylor, Easter Ochtermuthill, Perth with heavy hoggs much dearer and to a top of £116 for 68kg Texel hoggs from the Firm of John Elliot, Roxburgh Mains, Kelso.

Light hoggs also a good trade and selling between 200-220p, to a top of £72 and 225p for Texel hoggs from T Nixon & Sons, Longlea, Hexham. Light weight Hill lambs were an exceptional trade with many pens of Blackies and Cheviots selling for over 200ppk.

Beltex 297p Oakwood, 290p High Greenhill, 286p Hollands, 283p Easter Ochtermuthill, 282p Bowsden Moor, 281p Oakwood, 279p Dykehead & Oakwood, 274p High Greenhill, 273p Crawthat, 270p Easter Ochtermuthill & Hillside, 267p Gallowberry, 266p Dykehead, 263p High Greenhill, 262p Crawthat, 260p Brisco Meadows & Fenton.
Texel 285p Riggshield, 280p Craigow, 273p, 268p Balachallan, 266p Easter Ochtermuthill, 260p Dunjop, 253p Craigow, 250p Gate Ghyll, 247p Riggshield, 241p Dykehead, 240p Balachallan & Hollands, 238p, 233p Balachallan, 233p High Crubasdale, 231p Dunjop, 230p Dykehead.
Dutch Texel 256p Old Rectory.
Blackface 223p Chapel, 216p, 215p Craigens, 213p Byrecleugh, 210p Horseupcleugh Estate, 208p West Scales & Craigdhu, 207p Hollands, 206p Horseupcleugh Estate & Catslackburn
North Country Cheviot 223p Catslackburn, 209p Whitstonehill & Roughet Hill.
Suffolk 217p Craigow, 213p Achamore, 212p Craigens, 211p Archerbeck, 210p Fellend, 208p Millriggs, 207p High Bellochantuy, 205p Marygate, 204p High Cattadale & Sceugh Dyke, 203p Grunlinbeg & Wester Whitefield, 202p Albierigg, 201p Sceugh Dyke & High Crubasdale, 200p Canina Gardens.
Cheviot 215p High Crubasdale, 212p Glendiven Cottage, 210p Craigow & Rowanburnfoot,
Mule 211p Burn House, 210p High Crubasdale, 206p Rowanburnfoot, 200p Burn House, 199p Dalbhraddan,198p Culquhasen, 197p Dalbhraddan, High Cattadale, Burn House & Mains of Collin.
Charollais 211p Grunlinbeg.
Cheviot Mule 210p Craigow, 200p Gilshaw View & Chapel.
Herdwick 196p Rowanburnfoot.
Swaledale 187p Gate Ghyll, 185p Woodhall.
Berrichon 186p Sceugh Dyke.

Beltex £119, £116 Easter Ochtermuthill, £116 Bowsden Moor, Craigow & High Greenhill, £115 Crawthat, £113 Oakwood & Dunjop, £112.50 High Greenhill, £112 Whitstonehill, £110 Crawthat & Hillside, £109 Craigow, Oakwood, Dykehead & Brisco Meadows.
Texel £116 Roxburgh Mains, £114 Riggshield, £112 Bowsden Moor & Hill House, Dunjop & Easter Ochtermuthill, £110 Branteth & Aton, £109 Balachallan, High Mossthorn, Branteth & Dunjop, £108 Hollands, £106 Dykehead & Hill House, £104.50 Cadgillhead & Kirkhouse, £104 Greenbeck.
Dutch Texel £113 Old Rectory.
Suffolk £108 Lyonpark, £100.50 Sceugh Dyke, £97 Bowsden Moor, £96 Mid Farm, £94 Dunjop & Sceugh Dyke, £93.50 Broughton Mains, £92.50 Ashley Park & Fellend, £91 Eastside, Fenton, High Bellochantuy & Grulinbeg, £90.50 Fellend,
North Country Cheviot £105 Nisbet Mill, £95 Gospel Hall, £91.50 Kennels Cottage, £90
Charollais £103.50 Lyonpark.
Berrichon £100.50, £95 Sceugh Dyke.
Zwartble £100 Townfoot.
Cheviot Mule £98.50 Mid Farm, £97 Aton, £93 Rawburn.
Mule £96.50 Aton, £94 Albierigg & Craigow, £90 Brisco Meadows & High Glen Triplock, £87
Culquhasen, £85 Albierigg.
Blackface £95.50 Whiteside, £90 Craig Douglas & Mount Benger, £89.50 Byrecleugh, £88 Balliemeanoch, £87 Silloans, £86 Albierigg, £85 Lanehead.
Lleyn £93.50 South Bowerhouse.
Cheviot £88, £86.50 Glendiven Cottage, £85 Killeonan, £84.50 Catslackburn, £84 Mount Benger, £81 Catslackburn, Glendiven Cottage, Craigens & Main Street, £80 Linhope & Chapel.

The 3,265 cast sheep attracted the usual clients which saw trade much improved on the week, with prices up £5 on the week. Numbers short of requirements. Best Beltex and Texel ewes again very dear with most making between £120-£150 and to a top of £157 and £156 from Upper Huntley Wood Farm, Earlston, with others to £156 from Harehead Farms, Duns.

Suffolks to £110 from J McKay & Sons, Broughton Mains, Whithorn with Greyface ewes to £82 from F Hardie, Bogues, Ecclefechan.

Hill ewes sold to a top of £69 for Cheviots from WD & RJ Thorburn, Parks, Beattock. Rams to £110 for Beltex from Broughton Mains and for Suffolks from Roxburgh Mains, Kelso.

Heavy Ewes
Texel £157, £156 Upper Huntley Wood, £156 Harehead, £152 Four o Boot, £150, £148 Upper Huntley Wood, £148 Aton, Nether Stenries & Roxburgh Mains, £146 Silloans & Bowsden Moor, £145 Viewley, £141 Bowsden Moor, £140 Gilside & Broomhills.
Beltex £123 Bowsden Moor, £116 Broughton Mains, £112 Easter Ochtermuthill.
Charollais £118, £102 Viewley.
Suffolk £110 Broughton Mains, £105 Nether Stenries, £101 Broughton Mains, £100 Viewley & Foxglove, £99, £98 Lyonpark, £97 Bowsden Moor, £97, £96 Upper Huntley Wood, £95 Eastside & Stockholm.
North Country Cheviot £88, £80 Gospel Hall, £80 Ballinloan, £79 Westhills, £78 Marchbank & Nether Stenries.
Cheviot Mule £85 Marygate.
Mule £82 Bogues, £73 High House, £72 Firth & Newbigging, £70 Marygate & Hassendeanburn, £69 Newbigging, Lyonpark, Harehead, Broughton Mains, Wauchope, Eastside & Firth, £68 High House, Kirkhill, Lightbirks, Thirwell Caste & Chapel.

Light Ewes
Cheviot £69 Parks, £67 Sourhope, £66 Linkshead & Whitchester, £60 Druchtag & Yetholm Mains.
Blackface £68 Aton, £62 Stonehouse, £60 Harehead & Aton, £59 Newbigging, £58 Albierigg, £57 Westhills
Kerry Hill £64 Coxhill.
Easycare £54 Coxhill, £52 Chapel.
Swaledale £53 Thirlwell Castle.
Herdwick £51 Home Farm.

Beltex £110 Broughton Mains, £100 Thirlwell Castle.
Suffolk £110 Roxburgh Mains, £100 Falnash.
Texel £106 Four o Boot, £104 Rawburn & Marygate, £102 Mid Farm & Leithanhall, £101 Kirkhill, £100 Home Farm.
Zwartble £106 Newbigging.
Bluefaced Leicester £98 Harehead & Batey Shield.
Blackface £91 Broughton Mains.
Cheviot £78 Falnash, £73 Emblehope.


Light to 225.0p (188.6p) 
Standard to 297.0p (209.2p) 
Medium to 290.0p (209.0p) 
Heavy to 240.0p (184.4p)

Light to £69.00 (£44.48) 
Heavy to £157.00 (£75.47)
Rams  £110.00 (£68.68)

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