Longtown Primestock Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 49 prime lambs, 2,536 prime hoggs and 2,229 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 9th May 2019.

Cast cows met a flying trade with more active buyers at ringside, demand is strong and many more required on a weekly basis. Sale topped at 155p for a Limousin cow from Messrs Baxter, Moss Side, Hethersgill and to a top price per head of £1,166 for an Angus shown by Messrs TD & JR Byers, Cubbyhill, Longtown. Other Limousins to 142p from Moss Side with Angus cows selling at 144p and 137p from Cubbyhill and 127p from S Dalton, Greenside. Charolais to 131p from Messrs Baxter.

2,536 prime hoggs were a lot scarcer and the best trade of the season, many more could have easily been sold. Overall average 207.2p (SQQ 220.4p), a rise of 5p on the week.

Top price per kilo of 281p for Texel hoggs from TW Bulman, Burnhouse, Hexham. Heavy hoggs sold to £120 for Texels shown by Messrs Barrow, Greenwood, Wigton.

Light hoggs scarce and dear selling to a top of £74 for 32kg Mule hoggs from R Millar, Auchaleek, Campbeltown and to 257p for 26kg Cheviot hoggs from Ballywilline Farm Partnership, Campbeltown.


Texel 281p Burnhouse, 273p Sowerby Wood & Westhills, 273p, 263p Uppercleuch.

Beltex 268p, 256p Uppercleuch.

Cheviot 257p Ballywilline, 242p West Scales, 241p Crosslee & West Scales.

BF 248p, 247p, 244p Mount Pleasant.

Mule 231p Auchaleek, 217p Plumpe, 210p Townfoot.

Suffolk 229p Scales Hall, 225p Dalvuie, 223p Dunjop.

Dorset 224p Pennygowan.

Charollais 219p Holme House.

Swaledale 189p Westernhopeburn, 183p Keepershield, 180p Newbiggin.

Herdwick 182p The Heugh, 181p Rowhead.


Texel £120 Greenwood, £115 Sowerby Wood, £113 Hill House.

Beltex £116 Dundraw, £114 Kirtleton House, £112 Dundraw.

Suffolk £108 Roanstree, £103 Scales Hall, £102.50 Dunjop.

Cheviot £102.50 Yett & Thorns, £101.50 Westernhopeburn, £99.50 West Scales.

BF £100, £93.50 Thorns, £93 Westerloch, £92.50 Plumpe.

Mule £95 Dundraw, £92.50 Dunjop, £92 Mallsgate Hall.

Chaollais £90 Holme House.

Hampshire £90 Guards.

Swaledale £89 Westernhopeburn.

Herdwick £85 Rowhead.

An excellent show of 49 spring lambs met a much sharper enquiry to average 233.5p (SQQ 247.1p). Top price of £123 and 280p for Texels shown by R Johnston, Kimmeter Green, Annan.

The 2,229 cast ewes and rams were a smaller entry with the usual buyers present. Trade very similar with lean ewes of all breeds very dear, as was quality Beltex and Texels. Overall average of £82.43, with 461 ewes selling at £100 or more to average £117.30. Heavy ewes sold to £150 for Texels from K Fairlie, Kilburn, Kirriemuir with hill ewes to £78 for Cheviots from G Bell & Co., Bloch, Langholm. Texel rams sold to £128 from R & H Braid, Leithenhall, Wamphray.


Texel £150 Kilburn, £149 Tomaig, £146 Viewley.

Beltex £142 Burgh Head, £138 Tercrosset, £136 Newton Cottage.

Charollais £120 Chaseside & Viewley, £112 Beckfoot & Viewley, £110 Beckfoot.

Suffolk £119 Burgh Head, £116 Fairways, £112 Beckfoot.

Zwartble £98 Thorns.

NCC £92, £90 Beckfoot, £90 Chaseside, £88 Mid Banks.

Cheviot Mule £92 Chaseside.

Cont. £85 Golden Lane.

Mule £84 Warksfield, £81 Marygate & High Lovelady Shield, £80 Sowerby Wood.

BFL £81 Port o Spittal, £80 Warksfield.

Dorset £80 Headlands & Bradstone Cottage.

Lleyn £79 South Bowerhouses, £79, £77 Bradstone Cottage.


Cheviot £78 Bloch, £75 Millantae, £74 Archbank.

Kendal Rough £76 Lynnshield

BF £75 Wanwood Hill, £73, £72 Warksfield, £71 Kirkhill & Burnhouse.

Swaledale £69 Barn Owl Steading, £65 Shankfieldhead, £64 Morley Hill.

Easycare £67 Shawhill.

Herdwixk £66 Rowhead.

Jacob £63 Golden Lane.


Texel £128 Leithenhall, £122 Beckfoot.

Suffolk £98 Priesthaugh.

BFL £90 Balgerran.

BF £80 Wanwood Hill.

Cheviot £78 Bloch.


Light to 257.0p (198.9p)
Standard to 281.0p (227.0p)
Medium to 273.0p (217.7p)
Heavy to 237.0p (180.2p)

Shearlings to 213.0p (178.0p)

Light to £78.00 (£60.66)
Heavy to £150.00 (£90.51)

Rams to £128.00 (£76.78)

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