Longtown Primestock Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 626 prime lambs, 2,474 prime hoggs and 3,189 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 23rd May 2019.

Cast cows yet again selling at recent high rates with all classes in demand. More required on a weekly basis to meet demand. Sale topped at £1,253 for a six year old Blue Grey bullock from JM Davidson, East Deloraine, Selkirk. Simmental cows sold to £901 and 127p from J Pattie, Butterdales, Eastriggs. British Blues to 124p from TL Hogg & Son, Ryehills, Canonbie and Beef Shorthorns to £826 from MH Anderson & Co., East Redfordgreen, Hawick.

The 626 spring lambs were a marvelous quality show with trade very similar to last week’s rates, overall average 228.7p (SQQ 238.9p).

Stuart Stark of M J Stark, Paisley, Glasgow ably judged the lambs and backed his judgement by buying both the 1st prize lots of lambs.

Top price per kilo of 366p for the 1st prize single Beltex lamb consigned by SD & A Allen, Ellerslea, Dalston and purchased by the judge Stuart Stark.  Top price per head of £136 for the 1st prize pair of Texel lambs shown by G Brough, Old Rectory, Kirkbampton also purchased by the judge.


Beltex 366p, 283p, 274p Ellerslea.  

Texel 316p, 268p Old Rectory, 268p Kilnford Croft, 267p Hermitage.

Suffolk 250p Hallburn, 246p Park Nook, 243p Hill House & Kilnford Croft.

Char 217p Sceugh Dyke & Hallburn.


Texel £136, £120 Old Rectory.

Beltex £132, £112.50, £110.50 Ellerslea, £110 Hill House.

Suffolk £106.50 Swallows Barn, £106 Burgh Head, £104.50 Kilnford Croft.  

Char £104 Beckfoot.

Dor £100 Beckfoot.

Pair of Lambs:

1st – Brough, Old Rectory – 43kg £136 to S Stark

2nd – Marshall, Hermitage – 43kg £111 to M J Wharton

3rd – Marshall, Hermitage – 50kg £111 to M J Wharton

Single Lambs:

1st – Allen, Ellerslea – 36kg £132 to S Stark

2nd – Brough, Old Rectory – 45kg £120 to M J Wharton

3rd – Brough, Old Rectory – 41kg £110 to A Shan

Another good show of 2,476 hoggs were of mixed quality but best meat hoggs met a real trade and were every bit as dear as last week. Top price per kilo of 247p for Beltex hoggs shown by Messrs Fettes Ltd, Braes of Enzie, Aberdeen. Export hoggs all sold between 200-220p per kilo. Heavy hoggs sold to £111 for Beltex and Texel hoggs from M & W Fotheringham, Drumcairn, Perth.

Light hoggs also in great demand selling to £63.50 (198p) for Blackface hoggs shown by A Taylor, Heathery Hall, Lanark.


Bel 247p Braes of Enzie, 228p Hill House, 220p Drumcairn & Brisco Meadows.

Texel 224, 223p Hayclose, 223p Heathery Hall, 222p Keepwick.  

Cheviot 214p West Scales, Tushielaw, 213p Barr Hill & Hayclose.   

BF 204p Heathery Hall, 200p Dollarbank, 198p Heathery Hall.  

Mule 198p Keepwick, 198p, 185p Hayclose.

Suffolk 198p, 192p Hayclose.

NCC 178p Heathery Hall.   

Char 177p Wilseydown, 176p Far Howe.

Easycare 176p, 173p Castle Farm.  


Texel £111 Drumcairn, £109 Willimoteswick, £106 Braes of Enzie.

Beltex £111 Drumcairn, £107 Willimoteswick, £104.50 North Greenhill & Hayclose.

Cont £103 Beckfoot.   

Cheviot £99 West Scales & Bogues, £97 Mount Benger, £90 Springwells & Moss Side Farm.   

Suffolk £96 Sark Tower, £93, £92 Sceugh Dyke, £92 Keepwick.  

BF £95 Mount Benger, £90 Tinnis.

Char £94 Moss Side.  

Mule £87 Keepwick & Kellah, £85 Patties Hill & Newton Cottage, £82 Keepwick.   

Dor £85 Knockdee.  

NCC £80 Wester Dunnet.

Easycare £80, £79.50 Castle Farm.  

A larger show of 3,189 cast ewes and rams were forward to the usual buyers. All classes again dear, with the exception of heavy overfat ewes which were still hard to sell. 427 ewes sold at £100 and over to average £116.63, with an overall average of £76.86.

Texel ewes sold to £156 from BA & AM Storrow & Son, Willimoteswick, Hexham with hill ewes selling to £76 for Cheviots from Archbank Farming Co., Moffat. Rams to £130 for Texels from PH McVittie, Burn House, Haltwhistle.


Texel £156 Willimoteswick, £154 Lower Reiss, £148 Chaseside.

Beltex £142 Cuiltburn, £138 Peartree Cottage & Aspatria Hall, £136 Peartree Cottage.  

Charollais £138, £128 Springfield.

Mill Bleu £130 The Wreay.  

Suffolk £112 Mid Upper Priestside, £107, £106 Beckfoot.   

Cheviot Mule £96 Seymour House.   

BFL £96 Kellah.  

NCC £89 Oliver Road, £87, £86 Wester Dunnet.

Zwartble £83 Brae Edge, £82 Viewfields.  

Mule £79 Whitton, Sykehead & Seymour House, £78 Golden Lane, Kellah & Aspatria Hall, £77 Golden Lane & Hassendeanburn.   

Lleyn £78 Hardwood House, £77 Sharplaw.


Cheviot £76 Archbank, £74 Drumreach, £73 Archbank & Westerhouses.   

BF £74 Kellah, £72 Buteland, £69 Albierigg.

Swaledale £74, £68, £64 Whitton.  

Goat £65 Chaseside.  

Easycare £63, £62, £60 Castle Farm.


Tex £130 Burn House, £128 Hassendeanburn, £124 Beckfoot.

Suff £110 Hassendeanburn, £100 Albierigg.   

Bel £94 Willimoteswick, £90 Tercrosset & Forss.

BFL £94 Kirk House, £92 Whitton.

Cheviot £90 192 Doll.   

BF £76 Barr Hill.



Light to           -------p (------p)
Standard to      366.7p (251.1p)
Medium to      316.0p (236.1p)
Heavy to         239.1p (213.5p)
Overweight to 196.0p (186.2p)

Light to           198.0p (174.7p)
Standard to      247.0p (188.5p)
Medium to      220.0p (178.0p)
Heavy to         210.0p (167.7p)

Shearlings to   219.0p (145.8p)

Light to           £76.00 (£57.41)
Heavy to         £156.00 (£83.81)

Rams               £130.00 (£76.98)

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