Longtown Primestock Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 17 cast cows, 2,621 prime lambs and 3,535 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 11th July 2019.

An improved entry for numbers and quality saw all classes of cows in demand and meeting a brisk selling trade. More required on a weekly basis to fulfill orders. Sale topped at £1407 for a great Limousin cow shown by Cowden Partners, Cowden Burn, Wark, which also topped the top price per kilo at 159p and sold others at 128p. Simmentals to £1102 and 129p from H Graham, Holme House, Walton. Herefords sold at 140p from A Taylor & Son, Hopestead, Eyemouth.

An increased entry of 2,621 spring lambs were another top quality entry with many pens of outstanding lambs forward. Trade was sharp throughout the sale with the usual buyers present. Overall average 193.1p (SQQ 193.3p), which was 6p up on last year.

Heavy lambs a great trade for the home market with many pens making £100 and over. Light lambs of good meat and quality saw many pens selling at 200p per kilo and over.

Top price per kilo of 247p for Texel lambs shown by WW Wise, Stone Barn, Wigton and top price per head of £120 for Bleu du Maine lambs from TA Jefferson, Aspatria Hall, Aspatria and Texels from AM & L Sutherland, Carran, Thurso


Texel 247p Stone Barn, 238p, 236p, 234p Kilnford Croft.

BDM 244p Aspatria Hall.

Beltex 241p Kilnford Croft, 237p Wallend, 231p Lingey Field.  

Suffolk 202p Moss Side, 201p The Land, 200p Hermitage & Brisco Meadows.

Char 194p Kilnford Croft, 192p Zetland.

Mule 186p Hermitage & Challoch Mun.  

Oxf 185p, 184p Barnglies, 183p Guards.


Texel £120 Carran, £112 Woodhead, £107 Carran.

BDM £120 Aspatria Hall.

Suffolk £98 Brisco Meadows, £95.50 Barnglies, £95 Guardsmill.

Beltex £94 Kilnford Croft, £91 Park Nook, £90 Wallend, Lingey Field & High Greenhill.

Oxf £89 Barnglies, £84 Guards, £83 Barnglies.

Mule £87.50 Challoch Mun, £82 Hermitage.  

Char £85.50 Kilnford Croft.    

The 3,535 cast ewes and rams met the best trade of the season with all buyers keen for supplies. A very good quality show was forward to average £83.06. Beltex and Texel ewes met a massive trade to a top of £172 for Texel ewes shown by J Wight & Sons, Midlock, Lanark. Hill ewes to £73 for Cheviots from RH & JR Little, Park Nook and for Blackface ewes from W Ramsey, Milnmark, Dalry. Rams sold to £138 for Texels from Messrs McDowall & Co., Culquhasen, Glenluce. 720 ewes sold at £100 and over to average £120.53.


Texel £172 Midlock, £166 The Land & Carran, £163 Beck.  

BDM £156 Middle Farm.

Beltex £155, £144 Hillside, Wigton £142 Heatherglen.  

Charollais £133 Heatherglen, £132 Braithwaite Hall.   

Suffolk £128, £121 The Land.  

Rouge £127 Heatherglen.

NCC £104 High Moat, £94 Linkshead, £93 High Moat.

Cheviot Mule £99, £94 Muircleugh, £93 Arnmannoch.   

BFL £99 Nunscleugh.   

Mule £91 Dinnans, £89 Newtown & Challoch Mun.


BF £73 Milnmark, £71 Lawston, £69 Milnmark, Satchells & East Durran.     

Cheviot £73 Park Nook, £70 Main Street, £68 Falnash & Torgornack.

Swaledale £68 Mossband House & Black House, £66 Nunscleugh.

K Rough £57 Golden Lane.  

Herdwick £56 Moorside Parks.   

Easycare £54 Lowmoor Head.


Tex £138 Culquhasen, £132 Lingey Field, £130 Wood Farm.

Suffolk £136, £122 The Land, £110 Culquhasen.

Char £123 Beckfoot.  

BFL £120 Knarr, £108 Hillend.  

NCC £102 Lingey Field, £100 Effgill.    

Belt £100 Lingey Field.

BF £80 Whiteside.  



Light to 247.0p (199.9p)
Standard to 241.0p (199.9p)
Medium to 238.0p (190.3p)
Heavy to 244.0p (192.2p)
Overweight to 196.0p (185.8p)

Light to  £73.00 (£52.71)
Heavy to £172.00 (£90.04)

Rams to £138.00 (£88.92)

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