Longtown Primestock Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 11,314 sheep comprising of 5,518 prime lambs and 5,796 cast ewes & rams and 21 cast cows at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 8th August 2019.

A much improved entry for quality and quantity saw all classes of cattle in demand at ringside, with increased numbers being required on a weekly basis. Sale topped at 129p for a Galloway from G Bell & Co., Bloch, Langholm, followed at 128p for a Limousin cow shown by W & A Forster, The Nook, Penton. Top price per head of £1,050 for a Beef Shorthorn bull from Meikle Whitriggs, Corrie.


Galloway 129p Bloch.

Limousin 128p, 118p (x2) The Nook.

British Blue 127p, 123p Waterhead of Dryfe.

Angus 126p Tanlawhill, 116p Monk Farm.

Hereford 121p Pilmuir, 111p Ladyhousesteads.

Shorthorn 112p Laverhay.


Beef Shorthorn £1,050 Meikle Whitriggs.

Limousin £934, £896 The Nook.

Angus £926 Tanlawhill.

Hereford £895 Pilmuir.

British Blue £863, £836 Waterhead of Dryfe.

A massive show of 5,518 prime lambs attracted all the usual buyers, trade was buoyant throughout, although last week’s high rates barely maintained. Overall average of 185.0p (SQQ 185.4p) with many pens selling between £90-£100 and to a top of £105 for Texels from J Clark, Draperstown.

Top export lambs sold to 253p for Beltex lambs shown by TR & EA Milburn, Wallend, Greenhead, with the majority 200-220p with commercial lambs selling at 180-185p. Light lambs again in demand mainly selling between 175-200p per kilo.


Belt 253p Wallend, 229p Brisco Meadows, 225p Crawthat.

Tex 223p Kirk House, 220p Corneyside & The Ash, 216p Middle Farm & Gelston Castle.   

Mill Bleu 200p, 191p Stanley House.  

Suff 195p Ingleston & Fenton, 192p Bridge House, 191p Hermitage.   

Lleyn 194p, 193p Gatehousecote.

Char 192p Archerbeck.    

Chev 185p, 183p Lagalgarve, 182p Yield Shields Road & Thirstane Cottage.  

Chev Mule 185p Courstein.    

Mule 180p Shitlington Hall, 178p The Ash.  

Oxf 169p, 168p Guards.

BF 167p Cranberry Brow & Buteland, 162p Edges Green & Cowden Burn.  


Tex £105 Draperstown, £103 Bridge House, £102 Chapel House.  

Suff £100 Bridge House, £97 Gelston Castle, £94 Ingleston & Tarrasfoot.  

Char £100 Archerbeck.  

Belt £97 Crawthat, £96 Brisco Meadows, £94.50 Crawthat.    

Chev £85 Springwells.     

Mill Bleu £84 Lesserlinn, £82, £81 Stanley House.  

Chev Mule £84 Gelston Castle, £81 Draperstown.

Mule £82 The Ash, £79.50 Hole Farm, £79 Ballywilline.

Oxf £80 Barnglies.

BF £78.50 Buteland.

A similar show of 5,796 cast ewes and rams attracted 14 active buyers who all wanted supplies, as a result all classes met a similar trade to last weeks extreme rates with the overall average being £60.77, with 234 ewes selling at £100 and over to average £118.50.

Sale topped at £146 for Texel ewes shown by JM Allan, Durran Mains, Caithness with hill ewes to £73 for Blackface ewes from WJ & D Longlands, Rusheylaw, Hexham and for Kerry Hills from IHG Warden, Skelfhill, Hawick. Rams sold to £118 for Beltex from DA Harrison. Hill House, Wigton.


Tex £146 Durran Mains & Wester Raddery, £144 Beck, £142 Crookholm.  

Mill Bleu £132 Middle Farm.

Char £119 Beck, £110, £100 Chaseside.

Bel £114 Beck.   

Suff £104 Sunniside Farm, £100 Colmslie Hill, £97 Beck.     

BFL £101 Kirksteads, £94 Eastside.

NCC £93 Carruthers, £92 Durran Mains, £88 Carruthers.   

HB £92 Nether Stenries.

Chev Mule £88 Gilston.

Mule £81 Linkshead & Carnochan, £78 Maidencots & Marygate, £76 Outertown & Barker House.   


BF £73 Rusheylaw, £68 Crowhall, £65 Edges Green & Drumreach.  

Kerry £73 Skelfhill.  

Lleyn £69 Pirntaton.

Chev £68 Pirntaton, £67 Westerton Cottage & Satchells, £64 Dunrobin Glen.

EC £68 Synton Mains, £63 Whitegates, £61 Synton Mains.    

Swale £55 Marygate.


Belt £118 Hill House, £104 Viewley.

Tex £114, £102 Chaseside.

Suff £98 Plantation Cottage.  

Chev £88 Mainside, £84 Marchbank.     

BF £70 Edges Green.



Light to 186.0p (168.0p)
Standard to 253.0p (184.1p)
Medium to 229.0p (186.8p)
Heavy to 214.0p (182.0p)
Overweight to 189.0p (183.2p)

Light to   £73.00 (£42.32)
Heavy to £146.00 (£69.88)

Rams £118.00 (£64.40)

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