Longtown Primestock Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 9,689 sheep comprising of 4,063 prime lambs and 5,626 cast ewes & rams and 16 cast cows at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 5th September 2019.

Another good entry of cast cow’s continued to sell at recent rates with more required on a weekly basis. Sale topped at £1,018 (167p) for an Angus bullock from BM & Z Harrison, Clarghyll, Alston. Shorthorns sold to £864 and 132p from Waterhead of Dryfe, Lockerbie who also had Limousins at 139p or £806. Angus cows to £849 from TN Cavers & Co., Sorbie, Langholm with other Angus to 123p from DJ & M Moffat, Smiddy Rigg.

4,063 prime lambs

A good entry of lambs met a steadier trade. However, lambs with meat were a good trade but a lot were showing signs of the wet weather and losing their backs.

Average 162.9p (SQQ 163.3p).

Top price per kilo of 207p for Beltex lambs from G & W Halliday, Crawthat, Waterbeck.

Top price per head of £94 for Texel lambs from RJ & JM Tudhope, High Parson Bridge, Wigton.


Belt 207p Crawthat, 198p Drumburn.  

Tex 202p High Crubasdale, 195p Aton, 193p Carse of Clary.       

Char 198p Carse of Clary.       

Mill Bleu 196p Stanley House.

Chev 180p, 173p Ballywilline.

Suff 176p, 173p Guardsmill, 170p Keil & Tarrasfoot.    

Berr 172p Sceugh Dyke.      

Chev Mule 161p West Millhills & Grindon Hill, 160p Skelfhill.  

Mule 159p Synton Park Head, 156p Orchard Mains, 153p The Nook & Southdean.      

BF 150p Chapel & Edges Green.  


Tex £94 High Parson Bridge, £90 Cleughbraemill & Stanely House.

Belt £89 Crawthat, £87 Drumburn, £86 Middle Farm.

Suff £85 Tarrasfoot, £84.50, £82.50 Guardsmill.   

Char £81 Carse of Clary.

Berr £79 Sceugh Dyke.

Mill Bleu £76.50 Stanley House.

Mule £76.50 The Nook, £72 Peela Hill, £71.50 Synton Park Head.    

Chev Mule £76 West Millhills, £74.50 Roughet Hill, £70.50 Dormansteads.  

HB £75 Cronklea.      

NCC £73.50 Smiddyquoy.

BF £71 Allensgreen.

Chev £68 Fenwick, £64 North House, £63.50 Chapel.  

5,626 cast ewes and rams

Trade for good Texel ewes was just as strong whilst others were easier.

Sale topped at £158 and £155 for Texel ewes from Robert Lawson, Aton, with hill ewes selling to £61 for Blackface ewes from JH Story, Crindledykes, Bardon Mill. Rams to £130 for a Bluefaced Leicester from Playfair Farms, Morebattle Tofts, Kelso.


Tex £158, £155 Aton, £151 Chaseside.

Belt £117 Dotland Park, £114 Carse of Clary & Thornthwaite Close, £112 Croft House.

Cont £116 Eastside.    

Char £114 Aton, £106 Heatherglen, £105 Eastside.   

Suff £107 Morebattle Tofts, £106 Roxburgh Mains, £102 Viewley.

Zwart £91 Whitehead Brow, £90 Graceside.   

BFL £88 Crossdykes, £82 East Greenridge.   

Chev Mule £83 Newbigging.

NCC £80 Beckfoot & Achalone, £78 Sornfallow, £77 Viewley.    

Mule £75 Sornfallow, £74 Glenehervie & Staffler, £70 Greenend.


BF £61 Crindledykes, £56 Allensgreen, £54 Marygate.    

Shet £59 The Crook, £50 Sibmister.

Chev £55 Crossdykes, £54 Maidencots, £50 Tushielaw & Granton.  

Jacob £53 Archwood.

EC £53 Fallowfield.

Herd £49 Cardewlees.

Swale £43 Nunscleugh, £42 Whitfield, £41 Dumblar Rigg & Cleughbrae.       


BFL £130 Morebattle Tofts.

Tex £120 Beckfoot, £114 Brow Top, £110 Macrihanish.

Belt £100 Heatherglen.

Char £100 Beck.

Suff £100 Macrihanish.

Chev £86 Springwells, £80 Tushielaw.



Light to           180.0p (160.6p)
Standard to      202.0p (164.3p)
Medium to      207.0p (162.9p)
Heavy to         189.0p (163.1p)
Overweight to 174.0p (144.3p)

Light to  £61.00 (£39.37)
Heavy to £158.00 (£74.24)

Rams £130.00 (£76.02)

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