Longtown Primestock Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 7,921 sheep comprising of 2,992 prime lambs and 4,929 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 26th September 2019.

Cast cows were a select entry with more required to fulfil demand. Sale topped at 113p for a Beef Shorthorn from J Butler, Kirndean, Newcastleton. Charolais to £1,021 from B Davidson, Bellfield, Longtown.

2,992 prime lambs were forward in smaller numbers due to the depressed prime trade. Best quality lambs still commanded a premium selling from 185-200p and to a top of 203p for Beltex lambs from TR & EA Milburn, Wallend, Brampton.

Commercial lambs sold between 150-170p with heavy lambs selling to £102 for Texels from G Wilkinson, Arkleby House, Aspatria, with the majority between £70 to over £80.

Light lambs met a strong trade with light Texel lambs making between 170-175p per kilo.

Overall average 156.9p (SQQ 159.3p)


Belt 203p Wallend, 196p Thornthwaite Close, 195p Burn House.

Tex 196p Chapel, 192p Glencartholm, 191p Waterloo.

Lleyn 174p, 173p, 172p Gatehousecote.

Char 173p Gatehousecote.

Suff 171p Auchengray, 158p High Cattadale, 156p Chapel.

BF 160p Gibblaston.  

Chev Mule 154p Fenwick, 152p Whitchester, 150p Roughet Hill.

Chev 154p Sorbietrees, 149p Balure, 147p Whitchester.

Mule 151p The Ash, 150p Roughet Hill.         


Tex £102 Arkleby House, £100 Four O Boot.

Belt £85 Crawthat, £84 Burn House, £82.50 Crawthat & Thornthwaite Close.    

Suff £85 Greenburn, £80 Guardsmill.   

Char £80 Greenburn.    

Berr £72.50 Sceugh Dyke.

NCC £71.50 Carruthers.

Mule £69.50 The Ash, £69 Low Chesterhope.       

Chev Mule £66 Roughet Hill, £65.50 Whitchester, £63 Fenwick.   

BF £63, £58 Allensgreen, £57.50 Gibblaston.

Chev £59.50 Balure, £58 Fenwick, £57 Blakehope.   

4,929 cast ewes and rams attracted the usual full ring of buyers. Trade for the best Beltex and Texel ewes very dear with plainer lean grazing ewes much dearer, everything else would be a similar trade. Overall average £54.85 with 172 ewes selling at £100 and more to average £127.05.

Sale topped at £172 for Texel ewes from M Watson, Four O Boot, Carlisle with hill ewes to £62 for Cheviots shown by J & M Walker, Raeburnfoot, Eskdalemuir. Texel rams to £130 from K W Coulthard & Partners, Low Hallburn, Longtown.


Tex £172 Four O Boot, £166 Roxburgh Mains, £157 Newbigging.     

Belt £102 Mosshill.    

Char £98 Wallend.      

Suff £94 Beck, £90 Clackmae, £88 Wallend & Roxburgh Mains.  

NCC £83 Forss, £80 Killocraw.

Mule £78 Greenlands & Whitton, £74 East Main, £73 Forss.

Chev Mule £75 Nether Stenries, Overtonbush & Low Hallburn, £74 Relief, £72 Clackmae.   


Chev £62 Raeburnfoot, £56 Glendinning, £55 Raeburnfoot.

Lonk £55 Glendiven Cottage.

BF £54 Brownleazes, £50 Chapel.   

Romney £52 Main Street.    

EC £47, £44 Cleongart.

Swale £43 Whitton, £42 Morley Hill, £41 Blackhalls.          


Tex £130 Low Hallburn, £112 Beech Grove, £110 Clackmae Farm Cottage.

BFL £114 Dale House.    

Suff £96 Claycrop.

BF £60 Cowden Burn.  



Light to           136.0p (132.1p) 
Standard to      203.8p (163.3p) 
Medium to      196.4p (158.4p) 
Heavy to         175.5p (151.6p)
Overweight to 156.9p (139.8p)

Light to           £62.00 (£34.94) 
Heavy to         £172.00 (£67.33)

Rams £130.00 (£58.62)

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