Longtown Primestock Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 6,827 sheep comprising of 3,071 prime lambs and 3,756 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 3rd October 2019.

Cast cows were short of buyer requirements and continue to sell at recent rates. The sale topped at 136p for Simmentals from A Taylor & Son, Hopestead, Eyemouth, with others to 120p from the same home.  

3,071 prime lambs were a similar entry and were in much stronger demand, with an overall sale average of 168.9p (SQQ 170.7p). Many more could have been sold to vendors advantage.

Best export all sold at 200p plus to a top of 226p for Beltex lambs shown by JL McMillan, Carse of Clary, Newton Stewart. Commercial lambs with meat all 180p plus.

Heavy lambs saw many pens over £80 and sold to a top of £92 for Beltex also from Carse of Clary and from A Williamson, Dykehead, Penton.  

Light lambs also met a flying trade with many selling between 170-180p.


Belt 226p, 224p Carse of Clary, 219p Dykehead.

Tex 200p Achalone Croft & Wyseby Hill Cottage, 197p Powheads, 195p Chapel House.

BF 183p, 178p, 175p Chapelhope.

Suff 179p Caverslea, 175p Hill House, 173p Powheads.

Chev 179p Ballywilline, 173p Baitlaws.  

Chev Mule 172p Kirkbride, 167p Craighead, 162p Kirk House.  

Char 172p, 170p Muirside.  

Herd 170p Powheads, 163p Stone Barn.   

Oxf 166p Guards.

Mule 156p Minsca, 153p The Nook & Comlongun Mains, 151p Woodhouse.          


Belt £92 Dykehead & Carse of Clary, £91.50 Wyseby Hill Cottage, £91 Crawthat.     

Tex £89 Hallburn Croft, £88 Wyseby Hill Cottage, £86.50 Staffler.  

Suff £85.50 Pentlands View, £83.50 Tarrasfoot & Fenton, £82.50 Staffler.   

Chev Mule £82 Craighead, £80.50 Barnglies.    

Char £80 Viewley, £78.50 Canina Gardens, £73.50 Muirside.

Mule £80 The Nook, £75 Comlongun Mains         

Oxf £75, £70 Guards.  

Chev £71.50, £69.50 Chapel, £68 Minsca.    

NCC £70 Achalone Croft.  

BF £67, £64 Chapelhope, £63 Uigle.  

The 3,756 cast ewes and rams were 1,000 less on the week, with the usual buyer’s present trade would be very similar to last weeks rates.

Sale topped at £168 for Texel ewes from Croft House with light ewes to £58 for Cheviots shown by E Randall, Drycleuchlea, Hawick and for Lleyn ewes from J H Strawhorn & Sons, Dalmakethar, Lockerbie. Texel rams to £136 from N Harvey, Blackadder Mains, Duns.


Tex £168 Croft House, £167 The Hagg, £161 Viewley & Achalone Croft.      

Belt £150 Unthank, £127 Croft House, £124 Unthank.     

Char £109 Heatherglen.       

Suff £93, £90 Viewley, £89 Becks.   

NCC £79 Dalmakethar, £70 Achalone Croft.  

Chev Mule £75 Achamore.

Mule £70 Hollows Mill & Hassendean, £69 Beechgrove, £68 Ashley Park.

Romney £62, £57 Holme Farm, £57 Pirntaton.   


Chev £58 Drycleuchlea & Becks, £56 Commonside, £52 Easterhouse & Becks.  

Lleyn £58 Dalmakethar.   

Swale £55 High Studdon, £50 Newbiggin.

EC £55, £47 Bairnkine.  

BF £54 Peel, £52 Unthank, £47 Brennanlea.   

KR £46 Church View.  


Tex £136 Blackadder Mains, £130 Beckfoot & Commonside, £120 Pilmuir.  

Suff £130 Low Tipalt.

Beltex £106 Upper Tinwald.

NCC £85 Bradley.

Chev £82 Catslackburn.



Light to           175.0p (154.2p) 
Standard to      226.3p (168.7p) 
Medium to      224.4p (174.6p) 
Heavy to         185.0p (164.0p)
Overweight to 160.2p (150.3p)

Light to           £58.00 (£38.78) 
Heavy to         £168.00 (£67.16)

Rams               £136.00 (£83.64)

corresponding week 2018 sale report