Longtown Primestock Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 6,891 sheep comprising of 3,208 prime lambs and 3,683 cast ewes & rams and 42 cast cows at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 31st October 2019.

A tremendous entry of 42 cast cows and bulls were forward to a busy ring of eight active buyers, ensuring all classes sold very well, with increased numbers required on a weekly basis.  The sale topped at 127p and £1,244 for a five year old Simmental bullock shown by S Pollock, Basco Dykehead, Armathwaite, who also sold an older Hereford heifer at 119p and £1,071.

Limousin cows to £810 (120p) Greenley Cleugh, Simmentals to £771 (105p) Grassfield, Friesians to £762 (125p) Jerriestown and Herefords at £714 (112p) Tarbert Farm.

Prime lambs (3,208) were a smaller show then anticipated and with all buyer’s keener for supplies, trade was much sharper by the extent of 10p per kilo. Overall average 169.6p (SQQ 174.0p)

Best export lambs were a real trade with a top price of 224p for Beltex lambs shown by Reed & Hill, Lingey Field, Hexham.

Ordinary lambs between 170-180p. Heavy lambs enjoyed a rise in price with most pens making mid-eighties and to a top of £98 for Beltex lambs from PD & L Ambler, High Mossthorn, Roadhead and for Texels from A Carruthers & Son, Peela Hill, Bewcastle and WH & M Sisson, Fenton, How Mill.

Light lambs also dearer selling around 180p. Many more prime lambs could easily be sold to vendors advantage.


Belt 224p Lingey Field, 220p Hensol, 218p Walton Highrigg.   

Tex 220p Windyhill, 200p Byreburnside, Caverswood & Fenton, 195p Gilside.  

Mule 188p Linton, 173p Hoscote Estate, 170p Roses Bower.  

Chev 183p Balmore, 181p Hoscote Estate, 180p Plocan.  

BF 182p Linton, 178p Chirdon, 167p Peela Hill.

Chev Mule 181p Cowford.

Suff 177p Kirkwood Mains & Hepplehill, 172p North House.  

Char 170p Campbelton, 167p Sceugh Dyke, 163p Pilmuir.  

Oxf 162p Barnglies.  

Swale 161p Minsca.


Belt £98, £96, £95 High Mossthorn, £96 High Stenries & Burnhouse, £95 Lingey Field.

Tex £98 Fenton & Peela Hill, £95 Cambwell, £94 Peela Hill.

Suff £90, £89.50 Sceugh Dyke, £85 Ashley Park, Fenton & Colmslie Hill.  

Char £90, £87 Sceugh Dyke.

Chev £83.50 Larkhall, £75.50 North House, £74 Roughet Hill & Westerloch.

HB £81 High Moat.    

BF £80 Peela Hill, £70.50 Cowford, £70 Roughet Hill, Peela Hill, Pitland Hills & Cowburnrigg.

Mule £80 Westerloch, £77 Cowburnrigg, £76 Pilmuir.

Oxf £80, £74.50 Barnglies, £73.50 Guards.

Chev Mule £77 Marwhirn, £75 Barnglies, £73 Westerloch.

Swale £71 Minsca.  

A smaller than expected show of 3,683 cast ewes and rams attracted the usual buyers. All classes sold extremely well and pure Texel and Beltex ewes continuing to sell at extreme rates, with many pens selling between £160 and £170.

A total of 244 ewes sold at £100 and over to average a first time high of £130.08.

Heavy ewes sold to £178 for Texels from Douganhill Farm, Orchardton Mains, Castle Douglas with hill ewes selling to £66 for Cheviots from A Campbell, Mill House, Thurso. Texel rams sold to £136 for Texels from Orchardton Mains.


Tex £178 Orchardton Mains, £176 Cloy, £172 East Kirk.

Belt £142 Ridsdale, £128 Upper Auchenlay.   

Char £111, £104 Chaseside, £103 Beck.

Suff £109 Smerral, £100 Ridsdale, £98 Marygate.   

NCC £92 Smerral, £84 High Moat, Beck & Chaseside.

Chev Mule £92 Watch Currock, £89 Orchardton Mains.  

Rouge £90 Lochwoodmains.

Mule £82 Hill House, £78 Burnhouse, £74 Midtown.

BFL £80 Banniskirk Mains.  


Chev £66 Mill House, £62 Douglas Hall, £60 Hindhope.   

BF £58 Toftingall, £57 Peela Hill, £56 Burnhouse.  

EC £49 Saughland, £47 Mossfennan.  

Swale £48 Craig Farm, £40 Nunscleugh, Woodhouse & Newington.

Herd £48 Balmore.

Lleyn £52 Gatehousecote.  


Tex £136, £124, £120 Orchardton Mains, £120 Crookholm & Heatherglen.  

Suff £116 Kirkton Hill.

BFL £81 Woodhouse, £80 Grindon Hill & Ridsdale.  

BF £74 Broomhope.



Light to 147.0p (127.3p)
Standard to 218.4p (176.7p)
Medium to 224.4p (173.8p)
Heavy to 208.7p (162.5p)
Overweight to 177.4p (147.1p)

Light to £66.00 (£39.15)
Heavy to £178.00 (£73.98)

Rams £136.00 (£68.88)

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