Longtown Primestock Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 7,667 sheep comprising of 3,783 prime lambs and 3,884 cast ewes & rams and 17 cast cows at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 7th November 2019.

Another good entry of cast cows sold to a competitive ringside of buyers and a pleasing trade for all classes. The sale topped at £1,299 for a Charolais bull from RH Paton, Gateslack, Thornhill with Charolais cows to 130p from Messrs Baxter, Moss Side, Hethersgill. More required on a weekly basis.

Prime lambs (3,783) were a much larger entry, which attracted more customers who were keen to purchase. Trade was electric from start to finish with averages up 13p on the week. Overall average 182.9p (SQQ 186.5p)

Many more could have been sold to vendors advantage with export lambs in great demand and all selling above 220p and to a top of 253p for Beltex lambs from Hill End.

Commercial lambs sold between 185-195p with heavy lambs a big entry and many pens selling over £100. Top price per head of £114 for Beltex lambs from GT Beattie, Guardsmill, Gretna.

Light lambs again a strong demand.


Belt 253p, 241p Hill End, 240p Windyhill.

Tex 248p Walkerdyke, 234p Burn House, 225p Corneyside.   

Chev 202p Millhouse Bridge, 187p Low Tirfergus, 186p Raeburnfoot.       

Suff 197p Whins, 196p Outertown, 194p Swaites.   

BF 192p, 191p Ballywilline, 182p Chapelhope.  

Swale 192p Chirdon.

Char 190p Gibblaston, 189p Swaites.       

Mule 190p Dalbhraddan, 189p Tangytavil, 188p Greensburn.

Chev Mule 188p Marchbank, 183p Skelfhill, 180p Marchbank.      

Herd 182p Longrow.  


Belt £114 Guardsmill, £106.50 Hill End, £104 Granton Mill.  

Mule £105, £90 Guardsmill, £86.50 Longrow.

Tex £101 Burn House, £100 Guardsmill & High Mossthorn, £99 Walkerdyke.

Suff £92.50 Tinnishall, £90 Pentland View, Guardsmill & Sceugh Dyke, £89 Kirkland Hall.   

Chev Mule £89, £88 Marchbank, £86.50 Howard House.

Char £87 Walkerdyke, £78 Gibblaston.  

NCC £82.50 Whiteknowe.

Chev £80.50 Longrow, £77 Low Tirfergus, £76 Catslackburn.  

Oxf £80, £74.50 Barnglies, £73.50 Guards.

HB £80 Murrayfield.

BF £77 Hole Farm, £75.50 Sewing Shields, £74 Hole Farm.

Herd £76.50 Longrow.

A larger show of 3,884 cast ewes and rams and with more buyers operating, all classes were substantially dearer on the week. Hill ewes in particular being in very strong demand as were the best Beltex and Texel ewes.

360 ewes sold at £100 and over to average £128.04p.  

Heavy ewes sold to £175 for Texels from R & A Harrison, Hazel Head, Kirkland with hill ewes selling to £72 for Cheviots from JG & D Staveley, Davington, Eskdalemuir. Rams to £120 for Texels from A & H McColm, Crailloch, Port William, also for Charollais from Viewley and Rouge rams from Beck Farm.  


Tex £175 Hazel Head, £174 Carran, £169 Viewley.

Char £140, £110, £100 Beck.  

Belt £116 Croft House, £110 Baledmund, £105 Mains of Machermore.    

Suff £114 Longyester, £100, £98 Kirkton of Kingoldrum.    

NCC £98 Tofts of Tain, £94 Murrayfield.

BFL £90 Horlsey Hill.   

Mule £82 Third Farm, £79, £77 Maidencots.  

Chev Mule £79 Relief, £78 Midtown, £76 Falnash.   


Chev £72 Davington, £70 Satchells, £66 Springwells.        

BF £68 Dunns House, £66 Hutlerburn, £64 Haliburton & Longyester.   

EC £57 Cleongart, £54 Synton Mains.

Swale £56 Hightown, £55 Beacon Rigg, £54 Spital Shields.  

Herd £54 Hetheridge.


Tex £120 Crailloch, £104 Brayshaw, £100 Sorbie & Carran.

Rouge £120 Beck.

Char £120 Viewley.

NCC £91 Tofts of Tain.   

BFL £88 Longyester, £80 Hightown.

Chev £82 Raeburnfoot.



Light to           191.7p (166.3p)
Standard to      220.5p (183.0p)
Medium to      253.6p (189.7p)
Heavy to         219.2p (177.8p)
Overweight to 184.0p (162.2p)

Light to           £72.00 (£44.85)
Heavy to         £175.00 (£81.11)

Rams £120.00 (£66.84)

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