Longtown Primestock Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 7,018 sheep comprising of 4,536 prime lambs and 2,482 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Friday 27th December 2019.

Another super show of 4,536 prime lambs, for a holiday market attracted all the usual buyers, trade a lot sharper than expected with last weeks high rates nearly maintained. With an overall average of 209p (SQQ 212p).

Best export lambs were in great demand selling to a top of 300p per kilo for Beltex from Cuiltburn, with others to 297p from Easter Ochtermuthill, the majority making 250p plus.

Commercial lambs the majority sold between 190p and 240p per kilo.

Heavy weights, another fine trade with the majority selling in the excess if £100 plus. Top price per head was £132 for Texels from Cubbyhill, others to £125 & £124 Branteth.

Light lambs again a great trade with all pens selling to an excess of 200p per kilo to a top of 273p for Beltex from Main Street and to £82 a head for Beltex again from Main Street.


Beltex 300p Cuiltburn, 297p Easter Ochtermuthill, 293p Killocraw.

Texel 257p Broadlea Cottages, 246p Oaklands, 245p Newtown.

Cheviot 226p Brisco Meadows, 225p Holly Cottage, 222p Maidencots.

Charollais 224p Moss Side, 213p Middle, 212p Moss Side.

North Country Cheviot 221p Roughet Hill, 217p Balure.

Suffolk 219p Nether Stenries, 217p Woodhouse, 216p Tyrone House.

Dorset 218p High Street.

Mule 211p Brisco Meadows, 210p Tyrone House, 208p Maidencots.

Cheviot Mule 197p Oakshawhill.

Swaledale 190p Minsca.


Texel £132 Cubbyhill, £125 & £124 Branteth, £122 Catslackburn.

Beltex £123 Cuiltburn & Peartree Cottage & Aspatria Hall, £121 Cuiltburn.

Charollais £119 Aton, £115 & £108 Nether Locharwoods, £104.50 Tinnishall.

Suffolk £111 Beechgrove, £105 Guardsmill, £104.50 Haregills.

Dorset £111 Aton.

Zwartble £109 & £108 Glencairn.

North Country Cheviot £106 Whiteknowe & Catslackburn, £103 Kings Mount.

Mule £100 Kirkhouse, £98 Broadlea Cottages, £97 Tyrone House.

Cheviot £99.50 Brisco Meadows, £97.50 Glendearg, £96 Mid Harrietsfield.

Blackface £90 Catslackburn, £86 Heathery Hall, £85.50 West Scales.

A smaller show of 2,482 cast ewes and rams attracted all the usual buyers, trade easily maintained last weeks high rates, many more could have been sold to vendors advantage. 552 ewes sold at £100 and over, to an average of £120.33.

Sale topped at £181 for Texel ewes from Tercrosset, followed at £180 from Nelson Hill. Hill ewes sold to a top of £87 for Cheviots from Sorbie. Rams sold to £142 for Charollais from The Wreay.


Texel £181 Tercrosset, £180 Nelson Hill, £176 Tercrosset.

Charollais £160 & £154 & £150 Thackwood.

Beltex £156 Graceside, £146 & £136 Easter Ochtermuthill.

Blue Texel £142 Edendales.

Suffolk £130 Middle Ord, £122 Allfornaught & Easter Ochtermuthill.

Bluefaced Leicester £116 The Wreay & Horsley Hill.

North Country Cheviot £105 Glebelands, £100 Chapel, £99 Dormansteads & Aucharua.

Zwartble to £100 The Wreay.

Mule £97 & £95 Newton, £95 Thornington.

Cheviot Mule £88 Allfornaught.


Cheviot £87 Sorbie, £84 Bloch, £83 Allfornaught.

Jacob £80 Wilseydown.

Blackface £71 Garvilland, £66 Sorbie, £64 Burnhouse.

Beulah £64 Wilseydown.

Swaledale £64 Burnhouse & High Yarridge.

Herdwick £56 & £54 Tardoes.


Charollais £142 The Wreay.

Texel £135 Guardsmill, £136 High Yarridge.

Suffolk £132 Aton.

Beltex £122 Ridsdale.

Bluefaced Leicester £116 Horsley Hill.

North Country Cheviot £95 Glendearg

Blackface £90 Wanwood.



Light to           273.3p (201.5p) 
Standard to      297.0p (210.5p) 
Medium to      300.0p (212.9p) 
Heavy to         239.1p (206.3p)

Overweight to 228.3p (192.4p)

Light to           £87.00 (£57.09) 
Heavy to         £181.00 (£93.59)

Rams               £142.00 (£92.05)

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