Longtown Primestock Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 6,368 sheep comprising of 3,271 prime hoggs and 3,097 cast ewes & rams plus 12 cast cows at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 13th February 2020.

A much improved entry for both quantity and quality saw all classes of cast cows meeting a great trade, with more required on a weekly basis to fulfill demand. The sale topped at 152p for an Angus from A Reid & Co., Glendearg, Eskdalemuir. Herefords to 129p from Basco Dykehead, who also sold Limouins at 120p. Beef Shorthorn cows sold to 119p from J Anderson & Partners, Rowanburnfoot with Belted Galloways from Hoscote Estate, Hawick also selling at 119p. Luing cows from Glendearg to 118p. Top price per head of £1,070 and £1,032 from Basco Dykehead, for Herefords and Limousins respectively, with Beef Shorthorns selling to £952 from Rowanburnfoot.

Prime hoggs (3,271) were a similar show with quality hardly so good, nevertheless all classes of hoggs met a fantastic trade to average 240.2p (SQQ 244.4p), up 4p on the week. Many more could easily be sold to all vendors advantage.

Best export hoggs saw many pens over 300p per kilo and to a top of 337p for Beltex hoggs from R & J Lines, Killocraw, Campbeltown.

Commercial hoggs 240p-250p per kilo, with heavy hoggs again another big trade and many pens making £120 plus and to a top of £142 for Beltex hoggs from J Halliday & Sons (Granton), Springwells, Johnstonebridge.

Hill hoggs were a marvelous trade with Cheviot hoggs selling to £123 from D MacDonald, Taldale, Thurso and Blackface hoggs to £111 from J Jackson & Son, Pole Farm, Argyll.

Light hoggs also very dear with many pens selling at 250p plus selling to £98 for 30kg Beltex also from Killocraw.


Beltex 337p Killocraw, 330p Granton, 327p Killocraw, 320p Outertown.  

Cheviot 305p Blakehopeburnhaugh, 265p Cardewlees, 264p Raeburnhead, 263p Mid Dargavel.  

Texel 287p Catslackburn, 286p, 285p Ballochgair, 280p Cubbyhill, 278p Wester Middleton.

Charollais 260p Westernhopeburn, 259p Marygate.    

Suffolk 256p Moss Edge & High Cattadale, 252p Killocraw, 250p Plumpe.

Mule 247p Kilkeddan, 247p, 246p Auchaleek, 242p Roughet Hill & Arnicle.  

Swaledale 246p Pole, 230, 229p Breckon Hill.       

Blackface 245p Arnicle, 244p Kilkeddan, 243p Arnicle & Maidencots, 242p Roughet Hill.

Easycare 244p Muircleugh, 243p Marygate, 235p Muircleugh.

Dartmoor 235p Rammerscales, 230p, 229p Westernhopeburn.  

Cheviot Mule 231p Westernhopeburn, 229p Errington Farm, 228p Marwhirn.    

Herdwick 231p Fold Head.    

Oxford 228p Guards.

Border Leicester 222p, 200p Millknowe, 200p Kildalloig.

North Country Cheviot 221p, 216p Sinclair Square.

Lleyn 220p Coxhill.


Beltex £142 Granton, £137, £133 High Stenries, £129 Bridge End, £125 Killocraw & Outertown.

Texel £138 Catslackburn, £135 Greenrigg, £134 Wester Middleton, Muircleugh & Uppercleuch

Suffolk £130 Outertown, £121.50 Haregills, £119 Plumpe, £118.50 High Cattadale.

Charollais £129 Dunnabie House, £120 Westernhopeburn, £115 Macharioch.   

Oxford £125 Guards.   

Mule £124 Golden Lane, £120 Ballochgair, £110 Low Tirfergus & Cassington.

Cheviot £123 Taldale, £116.50 Macharioch, £116 Blakehopeburnhaugh, £115.50 Bishopcleugh.   

Lleyn £123, £120 Coxhill.

Border Leicester £120 Blakehopeburnhaugh, £119 Midtodhills, £118 Blakehopeburnhaugh.

North Country Cheviot £113, £110 Sinclair Square.

Blackface £111 Pole, £108.50 Wanwood Hill, £105.50 Breckon Hill, £104.50 West Scales.   

Cheviot Mule £110.50, £97 Marwhirn.  

Bluefaced Leicester £105 Midtodhills.

Swaledale £98, £90 Breckon Hill, £88 Kirkhaugh, £86 Pole.   

The 3,097 cast ewes and rams forward were a larger entry and with all the usual buyers present, trade was very dear at the highest rates so far. 1,221 ewes sold at £100 and over to average £120.24.

The best Texel and Beltex ewes sold at a premium and to a top of £189 for Texel ewes from A Moffat, Stonehouse, Gretna. Greyface ewes saw many pens over £100 and to a top of £106 from Ross Farm Co Ltd, Wester Middleton, Midlothian.

Hill ewes much dearer with the best making £80 - £90 per head and sold to £101 for Cheviot ewes from J Hume & Son, Sundhope, Yarrow. Rams were a larger show and much dearer selling to £152 for Texels from Beck Farm.


Texel £189 Stonehouse, £175 Broadlea Cottage, £174 Mindrum, £173 Beckfoot, £172 Stonehouse.

Dutch Texel £162 Woodhead.  

Beltex £152, £150 Aspatria Hall, £150 Whitstonehill, £148 Hillside.  

Suffolk £138 Oswie, £133 Burgh Head, Whinney Brow, Broadlea Cottage & Hallees, £130 Wester Middleton, Muircleugh & Nether Stenries.  

Charollais £128 Chaseside, £127 Beck, £121 Nether Stenries, £120 Chaseside.  

North Country Cheviot £126 Nether Stenries, £119 Grindon Hill, £112 Sinclair Square, £110 Muircleugh.   

Cheviot Mule £118 Wester Middleton, £107 Nether Stenries & Wedderlie, £102 Muircleugh.  

Oxford £118 Guards.      

Bluefaced Leicester £113 Clonrae, £108 Burgh Head, £102 Cassington, £100 Low Leam.

Mule £106 Wester Middleton, £105 Greenend, £104 Grindon Hill, £103 Edgerston Tofts & Wedderlie.

Half Bred £105 Glendearg, £96 Marygate.  

Border Leicester £102 Justenlees.  

Zwartble £100 Marygate, £98 Allfornaught, £94 Achafores.  


Cheviot £101 Sundhope, £97 Plocan, £94 Taldale, £91 Achavarn & Taldale.

Blackface £94 Brownchesters, £92 Linton, £90 Grindon Hill, £86 Peela Hill.  

Welsh £86 Coxhill.  

Easycare £81 Morebattle Tofts, £80 Harwood on Teviot, £78 Muircleugh.  

Swaledale £78 Low Leam, £77 Hole House & High Crossgill, £76 Bayldon.  

Goat £78, £70 Northpark.


Texel £152 Beck, £147 Muircleugh, £140 Chaseside.

Charollais £142 Longrigg, £133 Chaseside.  

Bluefaced Leicester £140 Beacon Rigg & Grindon Hill, £138 Blakehopeburnhaugh.   

Beltex £129 Cloggers Cottage, £120 Hillside, £112 Barsalloch.

Suffolk £118 West End, £112 Wester Middleton, £108 Ingleston, £104 Brownchesters.   

Cheviot £108 Morebattle Tofts, £106 Taldale, £105 Potholm, £100 Mindrum.  

Zwartble £108 Dunnabie House, £100 Muircleugh.     

Romney £108 Rammerscales.  

Blackface £96 Unthank, £86 North Lodge & Wanwood Hill.   



Light to           327.0p (228.7p) 
Standard to      337.8p (243.7p) 
Medium to      330.2p (246.2p) 
Heavy to         287.5p (233.6p)

Light to   £101.00 (£64.05) 
Heavy to £189.00 (£107.55)

Rams £152.00 (£95.40)

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