Longtown Primestock Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 6,650 sheep comprising of 3,237 prime hoggs and 3,413 cast ewes & rams plus 16 cast cows at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 27th February 2020.

Another increased entry of cast cows were forward; although a plainer show, but trade still remains buoyant for all classes with more required on a weekly basis. The sale topped at 131p and 130p for Black and Whites from D Armour, High Knockrioch, Campbeltown, with Limousin cows from RJ Anderson & Son, Penchrise, Hawick also selling to 130p. Galloways to 114p from WJ Henderson, Whitehill, Corrie and Angus cows to 113p also from Penchrise. Shorthorns to 107p from Solwaybank Farm Partners, Solwaybank, Chapelknowe. Top price per head of £949 from High Knockrioch.

A poorer quality show of 3,237 prime hoggs attracted a full ring of buyers, who were extra keen for supplies. Trade could only be described as the best of the season with numbers completely inadequate for the demand, with many more required. Overall average 241.1p (SQQ 243.9p)

The best export hoggs sold over 300p and to a top of 347p for Beltex hoggs from DS & RC Taylor, Easter Ochtermuthill, Creiff, who’s run of 25 Beltex hoggs averaged 332p per kilo and £141.00.

Commercial hoggs sold around the 250p per kilo mark. Heavy hoggs were a super trade with many pens £130-£140 and sold to £154 for Texel hoggs from R Simpson, Kirkhouse, Peebles.

A super show of both Hill Cheviot and Blackface hoggs sold at increased rates. Blackface hoggs to 259p from Killipol and Cheviots hoggs to 257p from Kirkton & Skelfhill.

Another great trade was seen for light hoggs with a top of 275p (£88) for 32kg Beltex hoggs from DG Cunningham, Walkerdyke, Lanark. Light hoggs ranged between 225-250p per kilo.

Beltex 347p, 341p, 329p Easter Ochtermuthill, 329p Millriggs, 324p Newton Cottage.
Texel 308p Byreburnside, 300p Dryfeholm, 295p Byreburnside, 283p Outertown.
Suffolk 269p Oswie, 268p Brisco Meadows, 251p Outertown, 250p Staffler.
Blackface 259p Killipol, 251p Arnicle, 250p Little Larg, 245p Corse Bank.
Cheviot 257p Kirkton & Skelfhill, 254p Glendearg, 253p Macharioch, 251p Burnhouse.
North Country Cheviot 253p Macharioch, 245p, 240p Dryfeholm, 240p Newton Cottage.
Herdwick 251p Low Tirfergus, 242p Auchengray.
Mule 248p Kilkeddan, 246p Tomaig, 240p Arnicle & Greenburn.
Cheviot Mule 236p, 235p Station Yard, 234p Oswie, 233p Marwhirn.
Charollais 231p Oswie, 229p Dunjop.
Swaledale 229p Netherdale.

Texel £154 Kirkhouse, £146 Hawthornside, £145 Skelfhill, £141 Newton Cottage.
Beltex £146, £145 Easter Ochtermuthill, £143 Finnieness, £140 Easter Ochtermuthill, £137 Bombie.
Bluefaced Leicester £138, £130 Harehead.
Charollais £138 Sceugh Dyke.
Suffolk £137 Auchengray, £134 Kirkhouse, £129, £126 Oswie, £125 Dunjop.
Mule £128, £125 Kirkhouse, £114 Dunns House, £111 Newton Cottage.
North Country Cheviot £124 Macharioch, £118 Toxside Cottage, £117.50 Buchtrig.
Cheviot £118 Station Yard, £117 Springwells, £116, £114, £113.50 Kirkton, £113 Woodhall.
Cheviot Mule £115.50, £113.50 Station Yard.
Blackface £109 Little Larg, £106 Barlaes & Kirkhouse, £104 Kirkton of Crawford, £103.50 Little Larg
Herdwick £108 Low Tirfergus, £92 Auchengray.

The 3,503 cast ewes and rams were a larger entry and with the usual buyers present, all classes met another exceptional trade, to average just short of £100 overall.

Top price per head of £200 for Texel ewes from A Atkinson Ltd, Croft House, Harrogate. Greyface ewes met a terrific trade with many pens £120 plus and to £124 from Sceugh Dyke & Dunns House.

Hill ewes sold to £107 for Blackface ewes from H & M Connell, Minsca, Waterbeck.

More than 220 rams sold well and to £150 for Beltex from S Stoddart, Hillside, Wigton.

Texel £200 Croft House, £193 Calf Park, £191 Croft House, £187 Beckfoot, £186 Croft House.
Suffolk £178, £172 Calf Park, £166 Croft House, £164 Nether Stenries & Golden Lane.
Beltex £160, £148 Walkerdyke, £148 The Wreay, £134 Croft House.
Charollais £156 Beck, £146 Chaseside.
Bluefaced Leicester £146 Merkland, £130 Gibbs Hill, £128 Kilkeddan & Laverockbank, £126 Gapshield.
North Country Cheviot £143 Wauchope.
Berrichon £138, £126 Sceugh Dyke.
Mule £124 Sceugh Dyke & Dunns House, £118 Kilkeddan & Fala Hill, £117 Ormiston, Dranigower & Burn House.
Half-Bred £120 Nether Stenries.
Cheviot Mule £114 Kirkbirde, £113 Cumcrook.
Romney £111, £97 Mindrum.

Blackface £107 Minsca, £106 Dunns House, £105 Fingland & Lawston, £103 Prospect House.
Lonk £106, £100, £96 Allfornaught.
Cheviot £104 Satchells, £101 Lawesknowe, £95 Carterton, £92 The Farm.
Lleyn £101, £90 Gatehousecote.
Swaledale £97 Minsca, £87 Gapshield, £85 Southdene.
Easycare £90 Marygate, £87 Golden Lane & Blackhaugh.

Beltex £150 Hillside.
Texel £146 Beck & Barrogill Mains, £139 Laverockbank & Nether Stenries, £136 Allfornaught & Blackpark.
Suffolk £136 Blackpark, £134 Tomaig, £120 Geltsdale & High Trewhitt.
Bluefaced Leicester £136 Arnicle & Spittal Shields.
Easycare £130 Synton Mains.
Charollais £129 Wauchope, £124 Beckfoot.
North Country Cheviot £120 Buchtrig, Blaebeck & Beckfoot, £108 Nether Stenries, £106 Courstein.
Cheviot £119, £117 Hindhope
Zwartble £118 Nether Stenries.
Berrichon £118 Blackpark.
Blackface £112 Fingland.
Swaledale £92 Spittal Shields.


Light to 275.0p (230.7p)
Standard to 329.7p (244.4p)
Medium to 347.6p (245.0p)
Heavy to 298.7p (233.6p)
Light to £107.00 (£71.66)
Heavy to £200.00 (£113.50)
Rams £150.00 (£105.52)

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