Longtown Primestock Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 5,173 sheep comprising of 3,551 prime hoggs, 140 store hoggs and 1,482 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 9th April 2020.

A small entry of cast cows, with meat in short supply, were forward to the usual buyers and trade remains buoyant for all classes, therefore more still required on a weekly basis to fulfil demand. 

Cows to 112p from Williams Jones Farms Ltd, South Muasdale, Argyll. Bulls to 110p for Simmental from Waterhead of Dryfe Ltd and 105p for Limousin from JW Davidson & Co, Crosslee.

There is also a regular market for store cattle at these Thursday sales.

Another good entry of prime Hoggs sold to an increased ring of buyers ensuring export hoggs maintained last weeks high rates of return. Heavy hoggs proved harder to cash. 

Topping the sale at 320ppk were a pen of Beltex hoggs from B. Ryder, Newton Cottage. Top price per head was £135 for Beltex hoggs from R. & M. Paterson, Upper Auchenlay.

Best Beltex hoggs selling to great returns with many pens breaching 300ppk

Light hoggs were again dearer on the week topping at 291p for Texels from D.G. Cunningham, Walkerdyke.

Hill hoggs sold to £97.50 for Cheviots from T. Norman & Son, High House, with Blackfaces to £96 from Riskinhope Trust, Cramalt. 

Overall average 209.5p (SQQ 218.6p) 

All classes can be sold to vendor advantage here at Longtown. “Sell live and thrive”.

For further advice on marketing your livestock in these difficult times please do not hesitate to contact our auctioneers:

John Walton 07880527066
Nick Woodmass 07584200489
Sam Hogg 07584207323

Beltex 320p Newton Cottage, 316p Upper Auchenlay.
Texel 291p & 272p & 268p Walkerdyke, 262p & 259p Heathery Hall.
Charollais 265p Kirtlebank.
Herdwick 256p Orthwaite Hall, 220p Longrow.
Cheviot 244p Unthank, 239p Sykehead, 235p West Scales.
Suffolk 237p Heathery Hall, 229p High Cattadale, 225p Millriggs.
Blackface 235p Sykehead, 228p Heathery Hall & Horseupcleugh, 227p Sykehead.
Mule 230p Heathery Hall, 224p Chapel, 220p Westernhopeburn.
North Country Cheviot 220p Little Galla, 213p Townhead, 209p Lawesknowe & Macharioch.

Beltex £135 Upper Auchenlay, £128 & £125 & £124 Newton Cottage.
Texel £120 Walkerdyke, £118 Yett, £117 Little Galla.
Charollais £109 & £100 Kirtlebank.
Suffolk £105.50 High Machriemore, £100 Guardsmill & Westernhopeburn.
Mule £101 Westernhopeburn, £100 Roughet Hill, £99 Westernhopeburn.
Cheviot Mule £100 Roughet Hill.
Cheviot £97.50 High House, £96 Kirkton, £95.50 West Scales.
Blackface £96 Cramalt, £96 Kirkhouse & Pole, £92.50 Yett & Glenshanna.
North Country Cheviot £94.50 & £91.50 Little Galla, £90 Macharioch.
Swaledale £91 Westernhopeburn.
Herdwick £88 Longrow.

An increased entry of cast ewes sold were very good to sell and short of purchaser requirements, especially plain ewes. 

Topping the sale at £180 for Texel ewes consigned by Messrs J Robertson & Son, Becks Farm.

Hill Ewes topped at £104 for Cheviot Ewes consigned by T. Magnay, Brisco Meadows, with Blackface ewes to £100 consigned by W. Tod, Glenshanna.

Many more are required on a weekly basis for an increased demand. Please do not hesitate to contact our auctioneers for further enquiries.

Texel £180 Becks, £170 West Farm & Nether Stenries.
Beltex £164 Thackwood, £142 Newton Cottage, £138 High Airyolland.
Charollais £150 Thackwood & Nether Stenries, £142 Hillside, £140 Thackwood.
Suffolk £149 Clackmae, £144 Nether Stenries, £142 Thirlestane.
Blue Faced Leicester £126 Barlaes, £125 Nether Stenries, £116 The Faulds.
Bleu Du Maine £125 Newton Cottage.
North Country Cheviot £122 Newton Cottage, £119 Nether Stenries, £118 South Corrielaw.
Zwartble £121 Brae Edge.
Cheviot Mule £120 Colmslie Hill, £110 Clackmae, £108 Clynemilton.
Mule £114 Hornby Hall, £113 Shawhill, £112 Golden Lane.

Cheviot £104 Brisco Meadows & Colmslie Hill.
Blackface £100 Glenshanna, £98 Highcroach & Nether Stenries.
Kerry Hill £94 Coxhill.
Swaledale £91 Horsley Hill, £88 Spoutbank.
Easycare £90 Coxhill.
Herdwick £82 The Faulds.

Texel £144 Bidlake, £142 West Farm, £136 Clackmae.
Suffolk £140 Powheads.
North Country Cheviot £122 East Buccleugh.
Hampshire £100 Golden Lane.
Cheviot £94 Auchengray, £92 Rhigolter.


Light to 291.0p (214.6p) 
Standard to 320.5p (227.7p) 
Medium to 286.0p (214.0p) 
Heavy to 270.0p (186.0p)
Light to £104.00 (£74.35) 
Heavy to £180.00 (£106.91)
Rams to £144.00 (£78.32)

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