Longtown Primestock Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 7,776 sheep comprising of 4,821 prime hoggs, 175 prime lambs and 2,780 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 14th May 2020.

An improved entry for both quality and quantity saw cast cows again sell at recent high rates to an increased ring of buyers. The sale topped at £1,088 for an Angus cow shown by EAP Glendinning, Over Cassock, Eskdalemuir. British Blue cows to £894 from JF & SJ Macdonald, Ladyhousesteads, Canonbie.

Top price per kilo of 147p and 142p for Simmental cows from Ellary Farms Ltd, Lochgilphead, who also sold Shorthorns at 126p. Angus cows to 136p and 133p from Over Cassock. British Blue cows sold at 126p from Ladyhousesteads with Galloways selling to 125p from Ballywilline, Campbeltown.

A larger entry of prime hoggs forward sold to the same ring of competitive buyers. Well fleshed hoggs sold to a premium and were short of buyers demand. Under finished hoggs proved difficult to cash. More we’ll fed hoggs required for next week.

The sale topped at 288p for Beltex hoggs from G Rae, Main Street, New Luce with top price per head of £138 for Texel hoggs shown by M & W Fotheringham, Drumcairn, Perth.  

Overall average 212.7p (SQQ 217.5p).

All classes can be sold to vendor advantage here at Longtown.  “Sell live and thrive”.

For further advice on marketing your livestock in these difficult times please do not hesitate to contact our auctioneers:

John Walton 07880527066

Nick Woodmass 07584200489

Sam Hogg 07584207323


Beltex 288p Main Street, 286p Rockholme, 284p The Wreay, 279p Townfoot.   

Texel 283p Grassmainston, 281p West Farm, 273p Green View, 272p Grassmainston.

Cheviot 242p Brackley, 241p Aultgrishan, Beechcroft & Balmaglester, 240p Borlum Farmhouse.

Cheviot Mule 237p, 226p, 225p Marygate, 224p Whitfield.

Suffolk 234p Balmaglester, 232p Kirkton of Kingoldrum, 231p Creca Hall.  

Blackface 228p Beechcroft, 226p Ridsdale & Haresteads, 225p Heathery Hall & Plumpe.

Charollais 228p Gelston Castle.

Mule 224p Sykehead, 222p Torrika, 218p Ridsdale, 217p Borlum Farmhouse & Riggshield.  

Herdwick 218p Auchengray, 217p Chapel House.  

Swaledale 205p Green View, 204p, 200p West Scales.  

Lleyn 205p, 204p, 200p Dolphinston.   

North Country Cheviot 204p Trecorner.  


Texel £138, £136, £134 Drumcairn, £130 Smerral, £128 Drumcairn & Grassmainston.  

Beltex £131, £127 Drumcairn, £127 Gelston Castle & Chapelton of Menmuir, £125 The Wreay.

Cheviot Mule £120, £115 Marygate, £111 Smerral.  

Suffolk £117 Smerral, £113 High Glen Triplock, £112 Smerral, £110 West Scales, Gelston Castle & Balmaglester.

Cheviot £108, £107.50 Four O Boot, £107 Skelfhill, £106 Dolpinston, £105.50 West Scales.   

Mule £106 Burnfoot, £103 Brackley, £102 West Challoch, £101, £100 Gibblaston, £100 Riggshield.  

Blackface £105.50 Copperthorns, £104.50 Skelfhill, £103.50 Upper Kidston, £101 Blackleaze.

Charollais £105 Gelston Castle.  

North Country Cheviot £100 Trecorner.   

Swaledale £90 Garretshiels.  

A larger offering of 175 spring lambs were forward and sold to 288p for Texel lambs from R Johnston, Kimmeter Green, Annan with top price per head of £128 for Suffolks from H Martindale, The Land, Ecclefechan.

Export lambs and better bred lambs well finished lambs maintained last weeks high rates of return. For enquiries and entries please contact our auctioneers.

Overall average 244.7p (SQQ 249.7p)


Texel 288p Kimmeter Green, 286p Park Nook, 279p Guardsmill, 277p Isle of Dalton.   

Suffolk 282p, 278p The Land, 260p Burgh Head, 259p Park Nook, 257p Creca Hall.   


Suffolk £128, £127 The Land, £121 Creca Hall, £120 The Land.  

Texel £125 Isle of Dalton, £124, £123 Park Nook, £123 Guardsmill, £121 Kimmeter Green, £120 Gelston Castle.

A much larger show of 2,780 ewes were forward to the usual buyers. over fat ewes were difficult to sell whilst leaner continental ewes and light horned ewes were a flyer. More required on a weekly basis to fulfill increased purchaser demand.

Topping the sale at £196 for Texel ewes from A & H McColm, Crailloch, Port William with hill ewes selling at £88 for Cheviot ewes shown by G Jackson, Blackburn, Newcastleton and from Messrs Hepburn & Co., North House, Hawick.

Rams sold to £136 for Texels from H & E Mckay, Victoria Street, Kirriemuir.  

Many more are required on a weekly basis for an increased demand. Please do not hesitate to contact our auctioneers for further enquiries.


Texel £196 Crailloch, £182 Dormansteads, £178 Tercrosset, £176 Kirk House & Bowsden Moor.

Beltex £146 Maulscastle, £140 Tercrosset, £136 Bowsden Moor, £130 The Wreay.  

Suffolk £132 Archerbeck, £118 Kilnford Croft, Bowsden Moor & Beckfoot, £116 Arkleby House & The Land.    

Charollais £132 Abbey Cowper, £126 Heatherglen, £124 Beckfoot.  

Blue Faced Leicester £112 Spoutbank, £100 Batey Shield & Burgh Head.   

Bleu du Maine £106 Arkleby House.

North Country Cheviot £100 Beechcroft, £98 Guardsmill, £95 Dormansteads.    

Cheviot Mule £94, £89 Whitfield, £88 High Stenries, £86 Solwaybank.  

Mule £93 Westhills, £88 Cobble Hall Barn, £85 Culquhasen, £84 Low Tierfergus, Killocraw & Tone Hall.


Cheviot £88 Blackburn, £88, £85, £84 North House, £80 Bloch.    

Blackface £86 Kilburn, £82 Tangytavil, £80 Peela Hill, Skernish & Blackburn.  

Swaledale £77 Batey Shield, £70 Archerbeck, Burn House & Riggshield, £69 Risehead.

Jacob £76 The Green, £70 Mossband House  

Herdwick £70 Chapel House, £67 Farlam Hill, £64 Ashley Park.


Texel £136, £130 Victoria Street, £130 Gelston Castle, £126 Woodhouse, £124 Beckfoot.  

Suffolk £130 Gelston Castle.

Bluefaced Leicester £121 Peela Hill.   

Cheviot £101 Kilwhipnach, £96 Bloch.

Dorset £100 Westhills.  

North Country Cheviot £96 Lower Westerdale.

Blackface £94 Albierigg, £92 Kirkhouse.



Light to           257.1p (211.4p) 
Standard to      288.9p (215.9p) 
Medium to      286.0p (219.8p) 
Heavy to         272.0p (204.3p)

Shearlings to   220.8p (181.6p)

Light to           -------p (-------p)

Standard to      244.9p (243.7p)

Medium to      288.0p (251.6p) 

Heavy to         278.3p (239.1p)

Overweight to             217.0p (211.5p) 

Light to           £88.00   (£66.08) 
Heavy to         £196.00 (£96.46)

Rams   to            £136.00 (£89.44)


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