Longtown Primestock Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 4,612 sheep comprising of 450 prime hoggs, 1,460 prime lambs and 2,702 cast ewes & rams and 37 cast cows at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 18th June 2020.

A fantastic entry of 37 cast cows were forward to a busy ringside of eight active buyers, ensuring all classes of cows were a great trade and more required on a weekly basis to fulfil demand. The sale topped at 180p for British Blues from J & AJ Smith, Drumalea, Argyll with top per head of £1039 for Angus cows from RW Telfer, Spadeadam, Brampton.


British Blue 180p, 165p Drumalea.

Holstein 154p Drumalea.

Whitebred Shorthorn 144p, 143p Maidencots.

Hereford 137p Drumyeonmore.

Angus 135p, 134p Spadeadam, 133p, 130p Ifferdale, 130p Drumyeonmore.

Limousin 132p Bellfield.

Luing 128p Blarghour.

Simmental 124p Bellfield.

Shorthorn 120p Argyll & Lochaber Estate.

Charolais 119p Maidencots.

Galloway 119p East Deloraine.


Angus £1039, £857 Spadeadam, £845 Drumyeonmore.

British Blue £1006, £936 Drumalea.

Hereford £979 Drumyeonmore.

Charolais £969 Maidencots.

Simmental £905 Bellfield.

Limousin £871 Bellfield.

Another large show of 1,460 spring lambs were forward to the same ring of competitive buyers ensuring all classes were very well bid for, being dearer than other centres throughout the week.

Best export lambs and heavy lambs were well short of buyer’s requirements, with many more needed to satisfy purchaser demand.  

The sale topped at 290p for a fantastic pen of Texel lambs consigned by TD & JR Byers, Cubbyhill, Longtown with top price per head of £128 for Texel lambs from M Watson, Four O Boot, The Knells.

Overall average 231.7p (SQQ 231.1p)

For further advice on marketing your livestock in these difficult times please do not hesitate to contact our auctioneers:

John Walton 07880527066

Nick Woodmass 07584200489

Sam Hogg 07584207323

Norman Douglas 07786366833


Texel 290p Cubbyhill, 280p Corneyside, 271p Shawhill, 269p Cubbyhill.  

Beltex 275p, 259p, 256p, 253p Kilnford Croft.

Suffolk 265p, 255p The Land, 250p Whinney Brow, 244p Brisco Meadow, 240p Shawhill.      

Jacob 230p Zetland.    

Cheviot Mule 229p Guardsmill.

Cross 220p Riggshield.

Oxford 218p Midtodholes.        


Texel £128 Four O Boot, £124 Coach House & The Land, £121 Woodhouse, £120 Four O Boot.

Suffolk £122 Morley Hill, £121 Grindon Hill, £120 Brisco Meadows, £118 The Land, £116 Grindon Hill.   

Beltex £117 Kilnford Croft, £114 Stonehouse, £110 Kilnford Croft.   

Cheviot Mule £117 Guardsmill.  

Cross £108 Riggshield.

Oxford £107 Midtodholes.   

The sale topped at 205p for Cheviot hoggs from C Saunders, Barr Hill, Newton Stewart with a top price per head of £97 for Cheviot hoggs shown by R Vevers & Co., Cloggers Cottage, Waterbeck.


Cheviot 205p Barr Hill, 200p Mallsgate Hall.   

Texel 197p Mallsgate Hall & Solwaybank, 194p The Wreay.  

Blackface 191p Barr Hill.  

Beltex 190p Mallsgate Hall.  


Cheviot £97 Cloggers Cottage, £87 Mount Benger & Mallsgate Hall.  

Texel £93 Solwaybank & Sharplaw, £91 Lochhill, £90 Sharplaw.  

North Country Cheviot £88 Mount Benger.

Suffolk £88 Townfoot.

Mule £87 High Priorscales, £85 Unthank.

Charollais £80 Golden Lane.

Easycare £80 Godscroft.

A much larger show of 2,702 ewes were forward to an increased ring of potential purchasers, with a ring of 14 competitive buyers operating 33 sperate accounts ensuring all classes dearer again on the week.

Topping the sale at £184 were Texel ewes from IF Murray, Shepherds Cottage, Lowick with hill ewes selling to £75 for Swaledale ewes shown by Messrs Jenkinson, High Priorscales, Seascale. Rams sold to £130 for a Bleu du Maine from MA & A Barnes, Tarnside, Farlam.


Texel £184 Shepherds Cottage, £172 Harene, £168 Shepherds Cottage, £166 Wanton Walls, £164 Roxburgh Mains.  

Beltex £142 Kilnford Croft.

Suffolk £112 Morley Hill, £104 Drumreach & Sunnycroft, £102 Longyester & Swallows Barn, £100 Roxburgh Mains.

Charollais £112 Golden Lane, £106, £100 Hetherglen.    

Bleu du Maine £104 High Aketon.

Border Leicester £96 Upper Hindhope.

Bluefaced Leicester £94 Arnicle, £91 Morley Hill.  

Mule £85 Longyester, £83 Mossburnford,

Cheviot Mule £85 High Stenries, £83 Sunnycroft.

North Country Cheviot £83 Grindon Hill, £80 Upper Hindhope.          

Romney £82 Thompson Walls.  


Swaledale £75 High Priorscales.

Blackface £74 Tinnis, £72 Laggan View & Satchells, £71 Drumreach, Hott, Haliburton & Unthank.

Cheviot £73 Blackhaugh, £70 Cloggers Cottage & Littlegill.  

Easycare £72, £67 Blackhaugh.


Bleu du Maine £130 Tarnside.   

Suffolk £120 Catslackburn, £106 Grindon Hill, £100 The Land.

Bluefaced Leicester £117 Morley Hill, £111 Arnicle, £101 High Priorscales.

Texel £114 Unthank, £112 Swallows Barn.

North Country Cheviot £98 Wynholm & Grindon Hill, £92 High Priorscales.

Blackface £86 Edges Green.

Cheviot £86, £81 Blackhaugh.    


Light to           205.0p (172.2p) 
Standard to      194.4p (172.3p) 
Medium to      200.0p (182.4p) 
Heavy to         189.0p (162.0p)
Shearlings to   183.3p (164.7p)

Light to           247.0p (237.4p)
Standard to      290.0p (233.7p)
Medium to      280.0p (230.3p) 
Heavy to         258.0p (238.9p)
Overweight to    232.0p (208.9p) 

Light to           £75.00   (£54.86) 
Heavy to         £184.00 (£88.82)

Rams  to     £130.00 (£82.74)


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