Longtown Primestock Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 8,233 sheep comprising of 4,745 prime lambs and 3,488 cast ewes & rams plus 18 cast cows at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 12th November 2020.

A similar show of cast cows was forward, with a mixed entry forward although trade remaining on par with other centres. The sale topped at £932 for Angus cows from JG Murray & Son, Branxholm Brae, Hawick with Limousin cows selling to £850 from A & A Ewing, Dumbretton, Annan. Top per kilo of 127p also from Dumbretton with Angus cows at 118p and 113p from Branxholm Brae.  

A larger show of 4,745 prime lambs were forward to a very animated full ringside of buyers, ensuring all classes were considerably dearer than other centres during the week, easily maintaining last weeks high rates of return.

Topping the sale at 300p was a great pair of Beltex lambs from D & D Aitken, Uppercleuch Farm, Lockerbie.  

Topping the price per head at £122 was for a pen of fifteen Beltex lambs shown by regular consignor G & W Halliday, Crawthat, Waterbeck.

Light lambs saw another good trade topping at 300p for a pair of smart Beltex lambs consigned by M/s D&D Aitken, Uppercleuch, Lockerbie. Continental lambs trading at 220p – 240p. Blackies topped at 206p consigned by  D McGregor, Longrigg, Roweltown, and regularly trading at 200ppk-205ppk. Light lambs will again be in big demand and numbers wanted every week to satisfy an ever-increasing demand here at Longtown.

Overall average of 207.1p (SQQ 211.7p)

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Beltex 300p Uppercleuch, 293p, 289p Lees Hall, 286p Crawthat, 282p Fearn, 278p Thornthwaite Close, 277p Crawthat, 275p Lees Hall & Thornthwaite Close.  

Texel 261p Windyhill, 260p Gilknockie Cottage & Oaklands, 254p, 252p Kilwhipnach, 250p Maidencots & Outertown, 249p Cobble Hall Barn, 248p Dalbhraddan & Mid Banks.    

Charollais 247p Ryehills, 212p Glenrath, 209p Stewartshield, 203p, 200p Tinnishall, 200p Weeds.

Suffolk 233p Achamore, 220p North House, 216p Achamore, 215p, 214p North House, 213p Towiemore, 212p Achamore, 211p Thirstane Cottage, Whins & Ryehills.

North Country Cheviot 216p, 215p Craigens, 215p, 210p Fold Head, 205p Balure.      

Cheviot 213p The Shaws, 211p Potholm & Mid Harriestfield, 209p Solwaybank, 207p Mid Harrietsfield, 206p, 205p The Shaws, 205p Skelfhill.  

Mule 211p Langholm, 207p Minsca, 206p, 204p Dalbhraddan, 203p Tinnis, 202p Maidencots, 200p Sourhope, Minsca & Burnfoot.

Gritstone 210p, 209p, 200p Corrielea.  

Blackface 207p Longrigg, 206p Burnfoot, 205p Chapelhope & Chirdon, 203p Craigens, 201p Chapelhope, Tinnis & Roughet Hill, 200p Mid Harrietsfield & Paddockhole.  

Cheviot Mule 204p Dunnabie, 200p Chapel, 197p Granton, 192p Roughet Hill.        

Oxford 201p Guards.


Beltex £122, £120 Crawthat, £120 Maidencots, £115 Burn House, £114 High Stenries, £112 Sorbie, £110 High Stenries, Cloggers Cottage & Thornthwaite Close.  

Texel £120 Aldermanseat, £119, £116 Peela Hill, £116 Langdyke Cottage & Frankstown, £113 Oaklands, £112 Cobble Hall Barn, £111, £110 Aldermanseat, £110 Achamore.   

Charollais £114 Ryehills, £97.50, £94, £93.50 Tinnishall.

Suffolk £107 Frankstown, £105 Achamore & Cowburnrigg, £104 Guardsmill, £103 Outertown &

Achamore, £100 Guardsmill.

Mule £100 Maidencots, £95 Dalbhraddan, £93 Maidencots, £92 Chirdon & Peela Hill, £91.50 The Nook.

Blackface £100 Tinnis, £88.50 Roughet Hill, £87 Catslackburn, £85 Tinnis.

North Country Cheviot £92.50 Craigens.    

Cheviot Mule £91 Commonside.

Cheviot £89 Potholm, £86 Skelfhill, £85 The Shaws & Catslackburn.  

A smaller entry of 3,488 cast ewes and rams. Heavy mules would be slightly easier on the week with two outlets being shut down due to COVID-19 outbreaks. All other classes sold very well indeed, easily maintaining last weeks high rates of return. More ewes are required for next weeks sale as normal service resumes.

Texel ewes sold to £166 from A & D Bell, Mossband Hall, Longtown.

Hill ewes sold to a top of £80 for Cheviots shown by WJ Douglas & Son, Upper Hindhope, Jedburgh.

Rams again, sold to blistering rates being short of purchaser’s requirements. Topping £168 for Texels from C Jackson, Langdyke Cottage, Ecclefechan.


Texel £166 Mossband Hall, £160 Drumreach & Balgerran, £152 Langdyke Cottage, £148 Granton Mill, £148, £146 Ridsdale, £144 Easter Ochtermuthill, £138 Corneyside & Balgerran.  

Beltex £157, £144, £140 Easter Ochtermuthill, £130 Woodhead, £128 Hobbiesburn.

Suffolk £115 Shankbridge End, £101 Low House, £100 Sykehead, £99 Shankbridge End, £98 Guardsmill, £97 Crossbankhead.  

Bluefaced Leicester £114 Balgerran.   

Charollais £100 Uppercleuch, £96 Bidlake & Golden Lane.

Half-bred £100 Guardsmill.  

Cheviot Mule £96 Woodhead, £90 Philiphaugh.   

North Country Cheviot £94 Ballinloan, £93 West Newlands, £92 Whitchester.

Mule £87 Errington, £84 Marygate, £84, £79 Gillenbie, £78 Ochreland, The Ha’ & Paradise, £77 Eastside, West Newlands & Moorside.   


Cheviot £80 Upper Hindhope, £78 Potholm, £75 Low House, £74 Marygate & Milnholm, £70 Marygate.    

Lonk £77, £75 Glendiven Cottage.

Blackface £70 Whitchester, £69 Greenburn, £68 Kilwhipnach, £67 Sorbie, £65 Collin Bank, £63 Ballywilline & Whitchester.    

Swaledale £65 Golden Lane, £56 Bayldon, £54 West Newlands & Spital Shields.  

Kendal Rough £65 Low House.  

Easycare £60 Stewartfield.   

Lleyn £60, £59 Golden Lane.


Texel £168, £160 Langdyke Cottage, £160 Fiddleton Bank End, £148 Wynholm, £142 Catslackburn, £136 Kilwhipnach, £135 Wynholm.

Beltex £129 Wallend, £120 Crawfordhall.

Suffolk £122 Catslackburn, £120 Hallees.     

Charollais £118 Golden Lane.

Cheviot £100, £96, £95 Catslackburn, £94 Drycleuchlea, £92 Catslackburn.


Light to           293.0p (198.2p)

Standard to      300.0p (208.1p)

Medium to      286.0p (214.3p) 

Heavy to         247.0p (197.2p)

Overweight to             200.0p (187.5p) 

Light to           £80.00   (£45.87) 
Heavy to         £166.00 (£78.80)

Rams   to      £168.00 (£89.79)


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