Longtown Primestock Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 7,225 sheep comprising of 4,489 prime lambs and 2,736 cast ewes & rams plus 15 cast cows at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 19th November 2020.

A similar show of cast cows was forward, with the majority being native bred hill cows. Trade remains competitive for all classes with more numbers required on a weekly basis. The sale topped at 127p for Angus cows shown by Bridgewater & Wood, Potholm, Langholm, who sold others at 124p. Galloways to 126p from H Smith, Wileysike, Gilsland. Top per head of £905 and £901 for Angus cows from Potholm.  

A similar show of 4,489 prime lambs were an improved show of quality and fed lambs sold very well, aasily maintaining last week’s high rates of return.

Topping the sale at 345p was a great pen of 5 Beltex lambs from DS & RC Taylor, Easter Ochtermuthill, Perth, who also went on to top the price per head at £139, firstly for a pen of 10 x 45kg Beltex lambs and also for 6 x 42kg Beltex. This fantastic run of 24 lambs went on to average 321p or £138.54 (43kg).

Light lambs sold to blistering rates and were well short of buyer’s requirements. All classes of light lambs are wanted for next week’s sale. 

Overall average of 210.5p (SQQ 216.3p)

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Beltex 345p, 331p, 311p, 308p Easter Ochtermuthill, 307p High Greenhill, 291p Crawthat, 290p Burn House, 285p Ryehills, 279p Crawthat, 277p Hermitage, 272p Brisco Meadows.   

Texel 271p Lingey Field, 264p Byreburnside, 256p Guardsmill, 252p Byreburnside, 251p Cumcrook, 250p Powheads, Braehead, Tangytavil, Sleetbeck Road & Somerton House.     

Blue Texel 253p Hermitage.

Charollais 250p Broadlea Cottage, 234p Brisco Meadows, 221p Hundalee Pastoral.

Herdwick 229p Thorleens, 226p Shawhill, 219p Orthwaite Hall, 215p Pasture House.   

Blackface 227p Whitchester, 222p Kirkton of Crawford, 219p Riskenhope, 218p Tone Hall, 214p Linton, 212p Little Tongue, 210p Brennanlea.   

Suffolk 226p Newton of Logierait, 223p High Floweryhirst, 222p Achamore & Becton Hall Bar, 215p Hallburn, 214p Flex & Ryehills, 213p Kimmeter Green, 212p Low Hallburn.  

Cheviot 225p Sibster Burn, 220p Balure, 215p Hadden Farm Cottage, 213p Cowburn & Rawburn, 212p Mill House.   

Romney 224p Towiemore, 218p, 209p Meikle Richorn.

Cheviot Mule 219p Kirkbride, 213p Rawburn, 212p Whitchester.         

Mule 210p Upper Hindhope, 208p Brennanlea & High Mossthorn, 207p Basco Dykehead, 206p Towiemore & Castletown, 205p Upper Senwick, Chirdon, Powheads & Kirkton of Crawford.  

Swaledale 197p Longlea, 196p Breckon Hill, 193p Longlea.  


Beltex £139, £138, £137 Easter Ochtermuthill, £126 High Greenhill, £125 Hermitage, £125, £120 Crawthat.

Texel £133, £128, £124 Kirk House, £119 Kilncroft, £117 Cumcrook, £114 Kilncroft & Lingey Field, £113 Burn House & Cumcrook, £112 Staffler.    

Suffolk £113 Riddings Hill, £111 Green View, £109 Archerbeck & Lords Lot, £106 Tarrasfoot,

£105.50 Kimmeter Green, £104 Tarrasfoot & Cowburnrigg, £103 Flex & Grindon Hill.

Charollais £110 Broadlea Cottage, £108 Brisco Meadows, £96 Rigghead.  

Mule £102 High Mossthorn, £97 Albierigg & Tone Hall, £95 High Mossthorn, £94.50 Kirkton of Crawford, £94 Towiemore.  

Bluefaced Leicester £100 Hotbank, £99 Kirkton of Crawford, £98 Woodhouse.  

Cheviot £97 Grindon Hill, £90 Green View, £88 Gilshaw View & Sibster Burn.   

Cheviot Mule £94.50 Kirkbride, £94 Kirk House, £90.50 Grindon Hill.

Herdwick £90, £89 Orthwaite Hall, £85 Longrow.  

Blackface £89 Byrecleugh, £88 Brennanlea.

Swaledale £89 Westernhopeburn.

A smaller entry of 2,736 cast ewes and rams.

As numbers tighten, all classes are showing signs of an improved trade especially heavy continental and mule ewes. 

Texel ewes sold to £179 from J & C Hastings, Kilncroft, Dumfries.  

Hill ewes sold to a top of £85 for Blackface ewes shown by DA & MA Teasdale, Grindon Hill, Haydon Bridge.  

Rams topped at £190 for a Texel from M Watson, Fingland, Kirkbride.  


Texel £179 Kilncroft, £176 Carran, £172 Bascodyke Foot, £169 The Hagg, £167, £166 Kirk House, £166 Bascodyke Foot, £164 Kirk House, £163 The Hagg, £160 Bascodyke Foot.

Charollais £126, £108 Hundalee Pastoral, £106 Bog House.

Suffolk £108, £107 Kinning Hall, £104 Bog House & Rottington Hall, £102 Brotherstone, £100 Newton of Logierait, £99, £98 Sykehead, £98 Marygate.   

Bluefaced Leicester £108 Morebattle Tofts, £98 Leithanhall, £93 Morebattle Tofts.  

Cheviot Mule £102 Barnglies, £93 Achamore, £92 Marygate.    

North Country Cheviot £94 Sibster Burn, £88 High Moat & Stitley, £86 Swinsty & Longoe.  

Mule £93, £89 High Glen Triplock, £88 Rottington Hall & Watch Currock, £86 Bog House, £85 Kilkeddan, Breckon Hill & Staffler.    


Blackface £85 Grindon Hill, £79 High Staward, £73 Lanehead, £72 Grindon Hill, £70 Riskenhope & Mains of Killiechangie.     

Cheviot £77 Mains of Killiechangie, £73 Tarrasfoot, £72 Courthill & Glendinning, £70 Barsalloch, £69 Terrona & Kirk House.  

Swaledale £64 West Foreshield, £63 Breckon Hill.


Texel £190 Fingland, £152 Lords Lot, £132 Kilkeddan & Tone Hall, £128 High Mossthorn.

Suffolk £130 Marygate, £112 Frankstown.      

Bluefaced Leicester £122 Gapshield, £108 Peasemyres, £16 Gapshield, £102 Kilkeddan.

Charollais £116 Stirches Mains.

Cheviot £94 Longoe.


Light to           243.0p (218.7p)
Standard to      264.0p (216.7p)
Medium to      345.0p (216.5p) 
Heavy to         256.0p (201.2p)
Overweight to   237.0p (189.8p) 

Light to           £85.00   (£50.39) 
Heavy to         £179.00 (£85.80)

Rams  to     £190.00 (£85.72)


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