Longtown Primestock Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 9,890 sheep comprising of 5,616 prime hoggs and 4,274 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 27th January 2022.

A much larger show of 5,616 prime hoggs were forward.

Beltex hoggs topped the price per kilo at 410p from W Murray & Sons, Prior House, Kirklinton, who’s run of 40 outstanding Beltex hoggs went on to average £149.38.

Top price per head of £178 again for Beltex hoggs consigned Messrs Murray, Prior House, with others selling to £176 from R Vevers & Co., Burnfoot Hill, Eaglesfield.

An overall sale average of 269.6ppk (SQQ 273.5p) was achieved.


Beltex 410p, 395p Prior House, 374p Low House, 362p Comlongun Mains, 361p Easter Ochtermuthill, 351p Aspatria Hall, 350p Easter Ochtermuthill.

Texel 334p, 333p Waltonwoodhead, 331p Stonehouse, 317p Kirkbride, 306p Pasture House, 303p Low House, 302p Nether Locharwoods, 301p Blacket House, 300p Cheeseburn Grange Hall, Kirkbride & Nether Locharwoods.   

Charollais 316p Basco Dykehead

Blackface 291p, 288p Allanfauld, 285p Chapel, 281p Allanfauld, 279p Catslackburn.     

Hill Cheviot 290p Coulterallers & Catslackburn, 285p Snar & Roughet Hill, 284p Catslackburn, 283p Low Glendinning Rigg, 281p Home Farm, North House & Catslackburn, 280p Aucharua.  

North Country Cheviot 281p Home Farm, 278p Roughet Hill.  

Suffolk 280p Hallburn, Maidencots & Home Farm, 278p, 277p Kirkwood Mains, 275p Cheeseburn Grange Hall, Wood Farm & High Cattadale, 273p High House & Home Farm, 272p Newbiggin.       

Cheviot Mule 280p High Crubasdale, 279p Grange, 270p Grindon Hill.

Blue Texel 280p Home Farm.

Mule 275p Allanfauld, 273p High Crubasdale, 268p Hole Farm, 265p Craigton House Dairy & Kirkhouse.       

Herdwick 275p, 270p Orthwaite Hall.

Swaledale 255p, 250p Westernhopeburn.  


Beltex £178 Prior House, £176 Burnfoot Hill, £172, £170, £166, £165, £160 Prior House, £162, £160 Heathery Hall, £158 Aspatria Hall.

Texel £175 Knock, £164 Allanfauld, £160 Braehead, £158 Heathery Hall, £154 Newbiggin, £153 Heathery Hall & Nether Locharwoods, £152 Comlongun Mains & Tercrosset.

Charollais £158 Whitstonehill.   

Suffolk £150 North House, £140 White Knowe, £138 Oldfield, £137 Knowe, £136 Heatherglen.      

North Country Cheviot £138 Knock.

Hill Cheviot £135 Drycleuchlea, £127 West Millhills & Pirntaton Cottage, £124 Guardsmill.       

Blackface £131 Penchrise, £128 Catslackburn, £126 Cowburnrigg, £120 Penchrise & Albierigg.   

Mule £130 Kirkhouse, £128 High Parkfoot, £127 Camphill, £126.50 Thornton Tower, £126 Aspatria Hall, £125.50 Culdoach.    

Cheviot Mule £129 High Crubasdale, £125.50, £123.50 Grange, £123 White Knowe.  

A larger show of 4,174 ewes were forward.

Texel ewes topped at £215 consigned by JW Crozier, Raggetsyke, Waterbeck.  

Hill ewes topping at £118 for Cheviot ewes from RJ & JA Ireland, Dykeside, Chapelknowe.

Rams sold to £172 for Texels from A Nairey, Bankhey, Blackburn and R & A Stodart, Mill of Inverarity, Forfar with Suffolks also selling to £172 from Viewley.

All quantities of ewes are required for this week’s sale as the ewe trade is set to hold firm and more ewes can be sold on a weekly basis to vendor’s advantage. Please do not hesitate to contact our auctioneers for further entries or enquiries.

Two ewes were donated to The British Heart Foundation as a mark of respect for the tragic news of Ali Shan’s passing earlier this week. The first ewe from J Clark, Northern Ireland which sold at £270 to Romford Halal Meats, with another being donated from D MacDonald, Northern Ireland selling at £560 to Najib & Sons Ltd who then resold the ewe and bought it again, with it then going on to sell another 10 times at £540 to the following: West Scottish Lamb, Mr Jason Tucker, Mr Michael Lomax, Mr Daniel Kemp, Mr Nigel Kinsey, Kedzlie Farms, Mr G Bell, Haas Side and Mr James Gittins, Ystum Colwyn Farms Ltd, Mr Roy Eardley & Pak Mecca Meats, raising a grand total of £6,790 for the charity, C&D Auction Marts made a final donation to make the final figure an outstanding £7,000.  


Texel £215 Raggetsyke, £212 Allanfauld, £202 Bog House, £196 Southwoodhead, £192 Castlehill, Roughet Hill & Lairdlaugh, £190 Ridsdale, £188 Bridgehouse & Lairdlaugh.   

Charollais £192 Shaw Head, £182 Thackwood.

Beltex £175 Maidencots, £165 Baldovie, £155 Ridsdale.

Suffolk £168 Shaw Head, £147 Hen Moss & Viewley, £146 Whins & Heatherglen, £142 Ridsdale, £140 Longyester.

Bluefaced Leicester £158 Craigton Dairy House, £148 Bridgehouse, £140 Machrihanish, Swinside Townfoot & Low Leam.

North Country Cheviot £139 Oldfield, £138 Myrelandhorn, £134 Colcharton.   

Cheviot Mule £132 Shaw Head, £128 Relief, £124 Raggetsyke, £122 Shaw Head.

Mule £129 Midtown & Ridsdale, £126 Mill of Inverarity, £124 Drumburn, £120 Albierigg, £119 Breconiehill & Lairdlaugh, £118 Skinnet & Lingey Field.  


Hill Cheviot £118 Dykeside, £108 Longyester, £104 North House & Langdyke Cottage, £103 North House, £102 Rigfoot, £101 Ridsdale.  

Blackface £114 Raeshaw, £104 Peela Hill, £102 Albierigg, £100 West Deanraw, £99 Horseholme.  

Jacob £100 Maidencots, £99 Burnfoot Hill.

Swaledale £79 Maidencots & Gibblaston, £78 Low Leam & Horsley Hill.


Texel £172 Bankhey & Mill of Inverarity, £168 Stonehouse, £164 Whitfield, £158 Beckfoot.

Suffolk £172 Viewley.

Charollais £168 Viewley, £160 Beckfoot.

Bluefaced Leicester £162 Yatesfield, £158 Morley Hill, £156 High Parkfoot.  

Beltex £150 Stonehouse.   

Blackface £134 Yatesfield.  

Cheviot £130 Bloch, £123 Catslackburn, £120 Dryhope.  


Light to           333.0p (270.8p)
Standard to      374.0p (273.8p)
Medium to      410.0p (273.6p)
Heavy to         330.0p (259.5p)

Light to           £118.00 (£66.50) 
Heavy to         £215.00 (£111.56)

Rams to           £172.00 (£117.00)


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