Christmas Poultry Sale

C&D Auction Marts Ltd held their annual Christmas poultry sale of turkeys, geese, chickens and ducks on Friday 22nd December 2017.

A large show of 453 birds were forward to a busy ring of buyers which saw quality birds selling to a great demand, heavy birds 19lb plus were in short supply and sold to a top of £100 for a 22.5lb Oven Ready Turkey, with many other heavy birds selling from £70-90. Rough Plucked Geese topped at £52 and £50.

Principal prices:-

Oven ready turkey: £100, £88, £85, £82, £80, £75.

Rough plucked turkey: £72, £58.

Rough plucked goose: £52, £50.

Oven ready goose: £50.

Oven ready chicken: £24.