Longtown Store & Breeding Cattle Sale Report

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart plc held their Special August Show & Sale of Store Cattle and sale of Breeding Cattle at Longtown on Saturday 16th August 2014.

A catalogued entry of 370 store cattle were presented to a packed ringside of buyers from all over the North of England, resulting in a flying trade for all classes of cattle, with quality sorts being very much sought after and achieving exceptional prices, very competitive with other local centres.

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The pre sale judging was carried out by Bob Richmond, Leeds, who awarded the Championship to a superb Limousin heifer from A. & J.N. Story, Newbiggin, which later sold for £1,235 to James Mather, Duns.

Other awards as follows:


1st W.H. & D.A. Gass, Nunscleugh, £1,205.

2nd A. & J.N. Story, Newbiggin, £1,125.

3rd W.H. & D.A. Gass, Nunscleugh, £1,125.


1st A. & J.N. Story, Newbiggin, £1,235.

2nd W.H. & D.A. Gass, Nunscleugh, £1,185.

3rd A. & J.N. Story, Newbiggin, £1,185.



Limousin £1,315 Pallyards, £1,205 Nunscleugh, £1,185 (x2), £1,165 Newbiggin, £1,135 (x5), £1,125 Nunscleugh, £1,115 Rigg Smiddy, £1,105 (x2) The Throp, £1,095 Shankfieldhead, Newby Farm, Newbiggin (x2), Nunscleugh (x2), £1,085 Nunscleugh (x2), Newbiggin (x2), £1,075 (x11) Nunscleugh, £1,055 Newby Farm, £1,025 Nunscleugh (x5), Spoutbank (x2), Edenbanks, £1,005 Newby Farm and Peela Hill, £995 Newby Farm, £985 Shankfieldhead and Peela Hill, £965 Hethermill, £955 Smallholms, £945 Edenbanks, Ryehills (x2), £925 Wanwood Hill, £915 (x3) New Farm, £885 Smallholms, Peela Hill, Ryehills (x2), £875 Newby Farm, Redgatehead (x2), Thomasdene (x2), £855 (x2) New Farm, £845 (x3) Shankfieldhead.

British Blue £1,185, £1,165 (x2), £1,125 Newbiggin.

Angus £1,155, £1,145 Roanstree, £1,135 (x4) Border Rigg, £945 West Craigs, £925 (x3) Stonehouse.

Charolais £1,105 (x2) High Dovecote, £1,085 (x3) Greystoke Castle, £975 High Dovecote.

Simmental £975 (x2) High Dovecote.

Galloway £885, £785 Hethermill.

Friesian £855, £775 Roanstree, £755 Hethermill.


Limousin £1,235, £1,185 Newbiggin, £1,185, £1,135 (x3), £1,105 £1,085 (x7) Nunscleugh, £1,085 Rigg Smiddy, £1,075 (x2) Newbiggin, £1,065 (x2) The Throp, £1,045 Dumbretton, Newbiggin (x2), Newby Farm (x2), £1,035 (x3) Nunscleugh, £1,025 (x2) Netherton, £995 (x3) Newbiggin, £995 Peela Hill, £985 (x7) Nunscleugh, £975 (x2) Newbiggin, £955 New Farm, £935 (x3) Newby Farm, £895 The Throp, £885 High Dovecote, Mossband Hall (x3), £875 (x2) Thomasdene, £865 Nunscleugh (x3) and Redgatehead (x2), £855 Smallholms and New Farm (x4), £845 New Farm (x6) and Thomasdene (x3), £835 Shankfieldhead and Peela Hill.

Charolais £1,035 (x2), £1,025 (x2) High Dovecote, £985 (x2) Greystoke Castle, £965 (x2) Mossband Hall, £895 Greystoke Castle, £855 High Dovecote, £845 (x2) Mossband Hall.

British Blue £945 (x2), £885 Netherton.

Angus £765 (x4) Border Rigg, £735 Stonehouse and Redgatehead.


Simmental £1,065, £945 (x2) Oakrigg.

Limousin £895 Pallyards, £885, £845 Dumbretton.


Breeding Cattle

A good show of breeding cattle met a brisk trade throughout.  The sale topped at £3,000 for a British Blue bull from the J.W. & E.W. Woodmass, Howard House dispersal and was up to £1,620 twice for Limousin and Piedmontese with calves.  Outwith the dispersal, the top price was £2,400 for a Limousin cow with Limousin calf from Messrs Gardner, Glebelands.  British Blue heifers with Limousin calves sold to £2,350 from A. & C.L. Bell & Son, Wood Hall Farm.


British Blue bull £3,000 Howard House.

Simmental bull £1,350 Kirtleton House.

British Blue heifer with bull calf £2,350 Woodhall.

Limousin cow with bull calf £2,400, £1,780 Glebelands, £1,620 Howard House, £1,350 Kirtleside, £1,320 Slealands.

Piedmontese Blue cow with bull calf £1,620, £1,320 Howard House.

British Blue cow with bull calf £1,550 Glebelands.

British Blue cow with heifer calf £1,450 Glebelands, £1,420 Howard House.

Limousin cow with heifer calf £1,320 Slealands.

Limousin heifer in calf £1,300 Slealands.

British Blue cow in calf £1,180 Glebelands (x2) and Howard House, £1,020 (x2) Howard House.

Piedmontese cow in calf £1,000 Howard House.

Limousin cow in calf £1,280 Howard House, £1,220 (x2) Glebelands, £1,180, £1,080 Howard House.

Angus bulling heifer £860, £850 Low Hallburn.