Longtown Store & Breeding Cattle Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Ltd held their fortnightly sale of 115 store cattle and suckler calves on Tuesday 14th February 2017.

Once again, a busy ringside of buyers at Longtown which ensured cattle easily maintained recent high rates, with bigger cattle short of requirements and very dear. The sale topped at £1,160 (x3) and £1,125 (x2) for Angus bullocks from Fiona Gibson, Southwoodhead. Saler bullocks topped at £1,160 from Messrs Brass, Espland. Heifers topped at £1,110 for a Limousin x Galloway from James Latimer, Chapel House.

Don’t forget, catalogue sale of 500 store cattle on Tuesday 28th February, please advise all entries as soon as possible.




Angus £1,160 (x3), £1,125 (x2), £1,060 (x2) Southwoodhead.

Saler £1,160 Espland.

Shorthorn £1,110, £1,060 Espland.

Limousin £1,090 Espland, £1,030, £1,000 (x3) Chapel House.

Charolais £995, £900 Shankbridge End, £730 Kimmeter Green.

Simmental £770 Holme House.

Galloway £770 Chapel House.

Montbeliarde £640 Sorbie.


Limousin £1,110 Chapel House, £1,020 Potholm, £1,010 (x2) Chapel House, £910, £890 Dumbretton.

Angus £1,005 Espland, £720 (x2) Spadeadam

Simmental £990 Espland, £695 Holme House.

Charolais £920 (x2) Potholm, £910 (x3) Shankbridge End, £885 (x4) Underwoodhouse, £830 (x2) Potholm.

British Blue £845 Sorbie, £760 Kimmeter Green.


Limousin £880 Dumbretton.

Angus £580, £530 (x6), £530, £480 (x4) Setthorns.