Longtown Store & Breeding Cattle Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Ltd held their fortnightly sale of store cattle on Tuesday 23rd May 2017. An entry of 95 store cattle saw a mixed show of quality sell to recent high rates, topping at £1,100 for a Limousin bullock from first time cattle vendor JMD Weir, High Ladore. Angus bullocks to £1,080 also from the same home. The heifer section peaked at £1,070 for an Angus sold by BM & Z Harrison, Clarghyll.         



Limousin £1,100 High Ladore, £1,000 Cushag, £970 Allfornaught, £960 Cushag, £955, £950 (x2), £945 High Ladore. 

Angus £1,080 (x2), £905, £820 High Ladore.

Blonde £1,040 High Ladore.  

Montbeliard £945, £830 Cushag.

Simmental £890 Allfornaught.

British Blue £825 Cushag, £760 Laverhay.  

Beef Shorthorn £800 Newlands. 

Longhorn £760 Laverhay.  

South Devon £725 (x5), £675 (x2) Howcleugh.

Highland £690 (x2) Allfornaught.


Angus £1,070, £1,055 (x2) Clarghyll, £960, £890 Greensburn, £840 (x3), £820 (x2) Minsca.  

Limousin £940 Greensburn, £930 Allfornaught, £910 Dumbretton.

Beef Shorthorn £860 High Ladore, £850 Minsca.

British Blue £820, £760 Laverhay.


Limousin £820, £800 (x3) Dumbretton. 

British Blue £810 Tarnside.

Angus £690 Dumbretton.

Charolais £680 Tarnside.


Bulling heifers topped at £1,060 (x4) for a pen of four Limousin x Friesian heifers from A & B Fox, Hilltop.

A show of mainly older cows with calves sold to a full ringside of buyers and topped at £1,320 for an aged Angus cow and heifer calf from Craig Farm Co., Langholm. 

Border Bull Sale -  Aberdeen Angus bulls were in demand selling to a top of 2,200gns and 2,000gns.


Angus cow with heifer calf £1,320 Craig Farm, £1,180 Kimmeter Green, £1,140, £1,100, £1,050 Craig Farm Co.

Angus cow with bull calf £1,300 Enzieholm, £1,260 (x2) Craig Farm Co., £1,200 Kimmeter Green, £1,100 Craig Farm Co. 

Hereford cow with heifer calf £1,280 Kimmeter Green.

Limousin bulling heifers £1,060 (x4) Hilltop.