Longtown Store & Breeding Cattle Sale Report

On Tuesday 10th October 2017 C&D Auction Marts Ltd had a catalogue entry of 121, where store cattle met a mixed trade. Some cattle very dear but on the whole, trade followed national trend. The sale topped at £1,150 and £1,140 for Limousin bullocks sold by Devonport Farms, Blakelaw and British Blue bullocks selling to £1,135 also from Devonport Farms.



Limousin £1,150, £1,140, £1,020 Blakelaw.

British Blue £1,135, £1,070, £1,065 Blakelaw, £955 The Stubb.

Friesian £1,010 The Stubb.

Aberdeen Angus £970 (x2), £950 (x2) Stainton House, £750 Mill Street.

Simmental £960 Cushag, £865 Stainton House.

Holstein (12mths) £470 (x6), £460 (x6), £440 (x6), £430 (x6) Kings Cottage.


Aberdeen Angus £1,000 Cushag.

British Blue £950, £920, £890, £855 The Stubb.

Friesian £950, £855 The Stubb.

Limousin £810, £800, £765 Harelawhill, £710 Kimmeter Green.

The breeding cattle sale comprised of 13 bulling heifers, 1 breeding bull and 48 cows and calves, with the best quality and younger outfits selling well. The sale topped at £1,420 for a Limousin cow with Limousin bull calf at foot sold by AT & TC Skyrme, Eastfield of Wiston. Angus cows and calves topped at £1,300 also from Messrs Skyrme. The run of Galloway cows and calves from RJ Harding, Nickies Hill peaked at £1,120.


Limousin cow with bull calf £1,420 Eastfield of Wiston, £1,120 Snab Farm, £1,100 Nickies Hill.

Angus cow with heifer calf £1,300 Eastfield of Wiston, £1,080 Snab Farm.

Blonde cows with heifer calf £1,180 Snab Farm.

Galloway cow and heifer calf £1,120, £1,100, £1,020, £950 Nickies Hill.

British Blue cow with heifer calf £1,100 Eastfield of Wiston.

Limousin cow with heifer calf £1,080, £1,050 Snab Farm.

Blue Grey cow with heifer calf £1,060, £930 Nickies Hill.

Galloway cow and bull calf £1,020, £920 Nickies Hill.

Beef Shorthorn in calf cow £920 Snab Farm.

Limousin in calf cow £800 Nickies Hill.

Belted Galloway in calf cow £780 Slealands.

Limousin bulling heifer £1,180 (x3), £1,100 (x2) Fellend.

British Blue bulling heifer £855, £840 Kirtleton House.

Blue Grey bulling heifer £810 Nickies Hill.