Longtown Store Cattle Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts held the annual Special Catalogued sale of 420 store cattle and feeding bulls on Saturday 3rd October 2020 at Longtown Auction.

An outstanding show of very well bred cattle, selling to a full ring side of local and distant potential purchasers ensuring prices surpassed vendors expectations and achieving a sale average in excess of £140 up on the year.

First on the agenda were the feeding bulls, topping at £1,190 was two fantastic Limousin cross 9 month old bulls consigned by M/s Reed & Hill, Lingey Field, Hexham who’s also had a pen of 3 British Blue bulls realising £1,180. M/s Reed & Hill‘s run of 13 averaged a staggering £1,111 for 7-10m old bulls.

A very good show of heifers topped at £1,500 for a shapely red Limousin cross consigned by noted producers Messrs Gass, Nunscleugh, who also had heifers at £1,340. Messrs Gass’s run of very well presented Limousin cattle 70 cattle averaged a marvellous £1,196. Messrs Telford, High Parkfoot sold a cracking Charolais heifer to £1,390 being the top priced Charolais on the day.

Steers topped at £1,310 for a thick Limousin cross bullock consigned by Messrs Mitchinson, Gallowberry, with several pens of steers breaching £1,250.

Producers are commended for the outstanding show of quality that was presented for sale.  A lot of hard work and breeding had gone into these cattle and it was duly noted by prospective purchasers who were very impressed with the cattle put before them at Longtown.

Many more cattle can be sold to vendors advantage here at Longtown, so please don’t hesitate to contact your auctioneers for further enquiries.



Limousin £1,500, £1,340 Nunscleugh, £1,280 Gallowberry, £1,270 (x3), £1,250 (x4), £1,220 (x4) Nunscleugh, £1,220 Gallowberry, £1,200 (x10) Nunscleugh, £1,180 High Parkfoot, £1,170 Gallowberry, £1,130 (x5) Nunscleugh, £1,120 Gallowberry, £1,105 Hilltop, £1,100 (x2) Tinnis Hall.

Charolais £1,390 High Parkfoot, £1,190 Spoutbank, £1,100 (x2) Bellfield, £990, £960, £930 (x3). Spoutbank.

British Blue £1,050 Lingey Field, £900 (x2) Windy Hill.

Angus £940 (x2) Windy Hill, £920, £840 (x2), £820 (x4) Archerbeck.

Beef Shorthorn £940, £740 (x2) Archerbeck.

Simmental £900, £880, £800 (x2) Archerbeck.


Limousin £1,310 Gallowberry, £1,280 (x5) Nunscleugh, £1,250 Gallowberry, £1,240 (x4) Nunscleugh £1,240 (x3) Gallowberry, £1,235 Dodgsonstown, £1,230 (x2), £1,210 (x4) Nunscleugh, £1,205 Gallowberry, £1,200 (x5) Nunscleugh, £1,195 Gallowberry, £1,155 High Parkfoot, £1,140 Spoutbank, £1,130 (x8) Nunscleugh, £1,130 Tinnis Hall.

Charolais £1,285 High Parkfoot, £1,265 (x2) Riggfoot, £1,240 (x2) Bellfield, £1,235, £1,230 (x2) Spoutbank, £1,205 (x2) High Parkfoot, £1,160 (x2) Bellfield, £1,125, £1,100 Spoutbank.

British Blue £1,150 Dodgsonstown, £1,050 Lingey Field, £980 Archerbeck.

Simmental £1,120 (x2), £1,100 (x4), £1,080, £1,060 (x2), £1,035 (x6), £1,020 Archerbeck.

Beef Shorthorn £1,065, £970, £940 (x4) Archerbeck.

Angus £1,020 Greensburn, £950 Stonehall.


Limousin £1,190 (x2), £1,180, £1,150, £1,010 (x2) Lingey Field.

British Blue £1,180 (x3), £1,130, £1,040 (x2) Lingey Field.