Longtown Store Sheep Sale Report

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart PLC had forward 1,378 head of ewes with lambs at Longtown on Tuesday 6th May 2014.

With more buyers operating a similar show easily maintained late rates.

Top £70 for a Texel hogg with single from Ringliggate.

Ewes with singles sold to £69 for Texels from The Flex and Dufton Wood, others £64 Milton Mains; Greyface £65 Midtodhills; Zwartbles £51 Glasson; Suffolk £50 Redhouse; Hill Cheviot £48 High House; Shetland £47 Hesket House.

Ewes with twins to £67 for Texels from Dufton Wood, £63 Milton Mains; Greyface £65 Barnbackle, £60 Midtodhills; Charollais £64.50 Derwent House; Suffolk £60.50 Derwent House, £60 Woodend; Hill Cheviot £49 Reagill Grange, £48 High House; Zwartbles £48 Glasson.

Shearlings with twins to £64 for Texels from Glebelands.

Store hoggs to £82 East Cragside, £75 Garth Marr. Cast ewes £55 Clover Hill.