Longtown Store Sheep Sale Report

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart plc held their Annual Opening Sale of Store & Breeding Sheep at Longtown on Tuesday 29th July, 2014, when there was an entry of 2,566.

Store lambs were a quality entry and with the ring packed with buyers, trade was exceptional throughout with averages up £2.71 on the year.  Many more could easily have been sold.

Top of £67 for Beltex from West Hill, others £62.50 Pallet Hill; Suffolk £66 Satchells; North Country Cheviot £65 Satchells; Texel £64.50 Craighousesteads, £62 Penpeugh, £61.50 Rinnion Hills and Ina House; Charollais £62 Stonehall; Greyface £56 High Edges Green, £50.50 Nettling Flatt, £50 Chapel, Penpeugh and Sanders Close.

Cast ewes and rams to £49 Heip Hill House.

Breeding ewes met a good enquiry for a small show.  Top £98 for correct Texels from Newington who also sold Charollais at £83 and Greyfaces at £80.  Greyface ewes hoggs £83 Linton House.  Ewes with lambs sold to £60 per head from Linton House, others £58 Templand.