Longtown Store Sheep Sale Report

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart plc at 3,011 store lambs forward at their weekly sale at Longtown on Tuesday 5th August, 2014.

A quality entry attracted more buyers, all classes again a good trade with Mule lambs dearer on the week.  More could easily have been sold to vendor’s advantage.

Top of £69.50 for Suffolk x ewe lambs from Satchells.

Feeding lambs to £68.50 for Texels from Dalefoot, others to £64.50 Rinnion Hills; Beltex £68 Sharplaw Farm, £64.50, £61.50 Haswellsyke; Cheviot £66.50 Kelsocleugh; Suffolk £66 Satchells, £60.50 Haswellsyke; Lleyn £62.50 Dolphinston; Charollais £59 Doorpool; Greyface £55.50 Parsonshield, £55 Knarr, £54 Sanders Close.