Longtown Breeding Sheep Sale Report


The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers’ Mart plc had forward a catalogue entry of 9,198 head, comprising 4,797 horned sheep and 4,401 Cheviot ewes, gimmers and ewe lambs their Annual Border Ewe Sale at Longtown on Wednesday 1st October 2014.

With the mild winter and good summer, all sheep looked brilliant.

A similar quality entry of Cheviots forward for sale attracted buyers from all parts of the UK, as a result a very good trade prevailed with averages up substantially on the year by £10 to £20 per head, only the Hill Cheviot ewe lambs seemed harder to sell.

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Top of £170 for North Country Cheviot gimmer shearlings from Binsey Farm, High Ireby and Whitehouse, Swinside, others to £168 and £150 Old Cambus.  Ewe lambs to £120 North Synton.  Ewes to £105 Hownam Grange and Hill Top (Bell), others £100 Naddle, Marwhirn, Potholm and Whitehope.

Hill Cheviots sold to £132 for an outstanding pen from Stirkfield Farms, others to £130 Catslackburn and closely followed at £110 & £100 Castle Crawford.  Gimmer shearlings to £125 Longburgh Fauld, £112 Crossdykes.  Ewe lambs to £65 and £60 from Mount Benger and Crossdykes with others to £60 Castle Crawford.

Horned ewes, gimmers and ewe lambs were forward to a packed ring of buyers busy for sheep.  All classes sold to high rates apart from the smaller end of the ewe lambs. 

Included in the sale were three dispersals of which details will follow.

The sale topped at £135 for Blackface shearlings from Wanwood Hill and Swaledales from The Gall, closely followed at £132 for Blackface shearlings from Mossdale Farms, £120 Bowershield, £118 Wanwood Hill, £116, £112 Mossdale, £110 Penpeugh.  Other Swaledale shearlings £115, £114, £110 Gall, £110 Flosh Lodge, £106 Patties Hill.

Blackface ewes sold to £78 from Megdale, £68 Brewery House and Gall, £66 Bowes Farm and Sorbie.  Blackface ewe lambs to £68 from Bowershield, £65 Wanwood Hill and Bowershield, £63 Bowershield, £58 Cademuir and Bowan Hill.

Swaledale ewes to £88 from Naddle, £74 Orthwaite Hall, £72 Baggra Yeat, £70 Naddle.

Dispersals were held from firstly Mr R. Carruthers, Pike, 350 Blackface ewes and 60 ewe lambs.  Shearlings to £102, one crop £76, two crop £94, three crop £66, four crop £56, ewe lambs £43.

Also 350 Blackface ewes and 60 ewe lambs from Messrs Birchall, Upper Minnygap, Lockerbie.  Shearlings to £80, one crop £70, two crop £72, three crop £65, four crop £52, ewe lambs £48.

And 60 from Mr Reynolds, Barnharrow.  Shearlings £68, one & two crop £64, two & three crop £58.


The Annual Show and Sale of 91 North Country Cheviot Rams was very capably judged by Mr Matthew Thomson, Archbank whose awards were as follows:-

1st – Messrs Strawhorn, Dalemakethar, sold at £500.

2nd – Messrs Smith, Whiteknowe, sold at £250.

3rd – Messrs Stones, Nuncotenook, sold at £500.

The sale was topped at £620 from North Synton and £600 (x2) from Ericstanes.  Many more rams could have been sold to advantage with many people going home short of requirements.  Other leading prices - £520 North Synton, £500 Ericstane, Allanshaws, Dalemakethar and Gospel Hall, £480 North Synton and Newton Cottages, £450 Hownam Grange.