Longtown Store and Breeding Sheep Sale Report

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart plc had forward 8,724 store lambs at their special sale at Longtown on Tuesday 21st October, 2014.

With a full ring of buyers, including several from a distance, all classes met a fast trade selling at increased rates.

Top of £67 for Texels from Low Old Shield, £65Braithwaite Hall; Suffolk £66 Roachburn, £62.50 Cullinlaw, £62 Routinlynn; Dutch Texel £66 Greenside; Beltex £65.50 Winterhope; Greyface £62.50 Hole of Lyne, £62 Pike, £61.50 Greensburn, £60.50 Laverhay; Charollais £62 Braithwaite Hall, £61.50 Blakehopeburnhaugh; Cheviot Mule £60.50 Bradley and Milkieston, £60 Crossdykes; Lleyn £58.50 Low Tipalt; Herdwick £53 Dumfries House; Swaledale £41 Branthwaite.

Cast ewes to £59 Glenkiln Farms, cast rams £73 Knockally.

Greyface ewe lambs to £81 Taylorburn, Swaledale gimmer shearlings to £78 East Stobbylea and correct ewes to £73 Edengrove.

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At their Annual Show & Sale of 3,135 Hill Cheviot and Hill Northie Lambs judging was in the capable hands of Eddie Eastham, Longburgh Fauld, Burgh by Sands, who did a first class job, his awards were as follows:-

Hill Cheviots

1st – Messrs Warden, Skelfhill, Hawick, sold at £60 to Tom Forsyth, Whithorn.

2nd – Messrs Irving, Mount Benger, Yarrow, sold at £57 to the judge.

3rd – Messrs Douglas, Upper Hindhope, Jedburgh, sold at £58 to the judge.

Hill Northies

1st – Messrs Acton, Bradley, Bardon Mill, sold at £62.50 to Mr Kemp, Stocksfield.

2nd – Sorbiestrees Farms, Newcastleton, sold at £58 to T. Forsyth, Whithorn.

3rd – Messrs Sordy, Alnham Castlehill, Alnwick, sold at £60.50 to Mr Roberts, Wales.

Other prices outwith the prize list:- Hill Cheviots £64 Hopsrig, £61 Hindhope and Whitstonehill; Hill Northies £62.50 Powisholm, £59.50 Murrayton Farms.

At their Annual Show & Sale of 2,320 Blackface Lambs, kindly sponsored by The Blackface Sheep Breeders Society and very ably judged by their secretary, Aileen McFadzean, who did a very professional job and whose awards were as follows:-

1st – Messrs Robson, Yatesfield, Otterburn, sold at £60 to Neil Conaghan, Gretna.

2nd – Messrs Walton, Greyside, Haydon Bridge, sold at £59 to Bill Armstrong, Penrith.

3rd – Wanwood Partners, Wanwood Hill, Alston, sold at £58.50 to Bill Armstrong.

A top quality entry attracted plenty of buyers with trade excellent.  Top prices outwith the prize list were £61 Closehead, £59.50 The Row, £58 Earlshaugh and Horseholme, £57.50 Snittleheugh, £57 Lamperts.


The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart P.L.C. held its Second Ram Sale of 243 rams of all classes on Tuesday 21st October 2014.  All rams sold well with best quality lambs in great demand.  A large entry of ram lambs met a great clearance rate.

The sale included the Annual Sale for Hill & North Country Cheviot and Horned Rams.  This section was topped at £300 for a North Country Cheviot two shear ram from W. & W. Dunlop, Commonside.

Principal Hill Ram prices:-

North Country Cheviot Shearlings - £290, £200 Tister.

Blackface Shearlings - £200 (x2) Townhead and Peela Hill.

Hill Cheviot Shearlings - £160 Drycleuchlea.

North Country Cheviot 2 shear - £300, £220 (x2) Commonside.

Blackface 3 shear - £120 Hillbrae.

Blackface Ram Lambs - £100 Peela Hill.

In the multi-breed section, the sale was topped at £480, twice, for Texel shearlings from D. Martindale, Land Farm and from A.R. Bell & Son, Kirkton.  Ram lambs to £320 for a Blue Texel from D. & J. Alexander, Millside.

Principal prices:-

Texel Shearlings - £480 Land Farm and Kirkton, £380 Glenrath and Kirkton, £320 Land Farm and Old Walls.

Beltex Shearlings - £340, £200 (x2) Upper Auchenlay.

Suffolk Shearlings - £300 Kinning Hall.

Charollais x Beltex Shearlings - £250, £220 Upper Auchenlay.

Bluefaced Leicester Shearlings - £300, £280 West Cocklaw, £250 Low Struthers.

Blue Texel Ram Lambs - £320, £240, £200 Millside.

Texel Ram Lambs - £300 (x2) Kirkton, £300 Sandilands, £250 Kirkton, £240 Sandilands, £220 (x2) Little Galla, £220 Kirkton and Crumhaughhill.

Charollais Ram Lambs - £180 (x2) Springfield.

Bluefaced Leicester Ram Lambs - £180 (x2) Low Struthers, £180 Low Struthers, £160 Bellmount.