Longtown Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart plc had forward 6,003 store lambs and feeding ewes at their weekly sale at Longtown on Tuesday 25th November, 2014.

Store lambs were a larger show and a very dear trade from a large ringside of local and distant buyers, numbers short of requirements. 

Top price of £85 for Beltex from Station Road; Texel to £82 Birch Bush, £81 Sunnycroft and Chapel House, £77.50 Routin Lynn; Charollais £72 Flatt, £68 Henrys Hill; Suffolk £70.50 Tarrasfoot, £70 Albie Rigg and Coatlith Hill, £69 Henrys Hill; Cheviot Mule £67.50 Bloch, £66.50 Routin Lynn; Greyface £67 Albie Rigg, £65.50 Hudspeth, £65 Farlam Hill, £63.50 Gatehouse and Riggfoot; Lleyn £64.50, £60.50 Barcloy; Shropshire £64 Birch Craig; Kerry Hill £61 Sunnycroft; Swaledale £49 Lilswood Cottage, £46 Swaledale Watch, £43.50 111 High Street.

Cheviots (1,180) still very strong demand.  Hill Northies to £70.50 Whitstone Hill, £69 North Synton.  Hill Cheviots to £62.50 Cooms, £61 Twislehope, £60.50 Stoneypath.

Blackfaces (1,258) a dearer trade all round for a better show.  Top £63 Sewing Shields, £62, £60 Albierigg, £59.50 West Hills.

Cast ewes £75 for a Texel from Coatlith Hill, hill ewes to £57 for Cheviot from Stoneypath, cast rams £54 for Charollais from Coatlith Hill.

Ewe lambs to £85 for Texels from Sharplaw Farms, with Blackfaces to £63 from Gibbs Hill.