Longtown Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers’ Mart plc had forward 2,229 store hoggs, feeding ewes, also in lamb ewes and hoggs at their sale at Longtown on Tuesday 10th February 2015.

Store hoggs another good entry, all classes dearer on the week.

Top £81 for Greyfaces from Gatehouse, others £78 Stell Green; Suffolk £80 Satchells, £78 Cocklakes House, £75 Satchells; Texel £75.50 Chesterhall, £75 Cocklakes House, £74 Church View; Hill Cheviot £75.50 Milnholm; Half Bred £75.50 Cocklakes House; Beltex £75 Lower Ashtrees; Charollais £75 Church View; Dutch Texel £74 Greenside; North Country Cheviot £72 Moorside Park, £71 Borthwickshiels; Herdwick £71 Moorside Parks; Blackface £68, £66 Gatehouse, £65 Stell Green, £62 Blakehopeburnhaugh; Swaledale £56.50, £55 Eastfield of Wiston, £55.50 Nether Barr; Kendal Rough £53 Gillhead.

Cast ewes to £88 Nether Barr, hill types £81 Dolphinston, cast rams £86 High Dovecote.

The in-lamb sheep created a lot more interest with prices firmer on the week, with plenty of buyers present on the day.  Top £130 and £118 for Charollais in lamb hoggs from Whitegates, Beckingham, Texel hoggs £102 (x2), £100 Airds of Balcary.  In lamb ewes to £118 for Suffolks and to £115 for Texels, both pens from Hopestead.