Longtown Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers’ Mart plc had forward 1,785 store hoggs and feeding ewes at their sale at Longtown on Tuesday 3rd March 2015.

Stores another good and larger entry with trade again at extreme rates.

Top £85 for Texels from Blakehopeburnhaugh, £83 Chapelhouse, £81.50 Whitchesters; Suffolk £75 Greenburn, £70 South Corrielaw; North Country Cheviot £75 Gillesbie, £74 Blakehopeburnhaugh; Cheviot Mule £74, £68.50 Marwhirn; Blackface £71 Greenburn; Greyface £70 Greenburn, £67 Lawesknowe, £66 Howburn and Newfield; Charollais £69.50 Greenburn; Hill Cheviot £69.50 Sorbie; Lleyn £67 Dalmakethar; Romney Marsh £65 Willowford; Swaledale £61.50 Broadmea; Shetland £45 Meadowview.

Cast ewes to £80 for Romney Marsh from Thompson Hall, hill types £72 for Blackface from The Brigg, cast rams to £81 Thompson Walls.

A smaller entry than expected of in-lambers attracted many buyers, trade was again good when many more could have been sold to vendor’s advantage. 

Top £120 for in-lamb Texel hoggs from Bruntons Hill; Greyface £102, £100 Brewery House Barn.  In lamb shearlings sold to £116 for Greyface from Old Irvine.  In lamb ewes to £106 for Greyface from Old Irvine; Texel £102 Coolingel; Cheviot £94 Priesthaugh, £90 Milton of Dryfe.  Ewes with lambs at foot to £60 each for a Suffolk ewe with single from Burnhouse.