Longtown Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers’ Mart plc had forward 1,147 store hoggs, in lambers and ewes with lambs at foot at their sale at Longtown on Tuesday 10th March 2015.

Store hoggs were a quality entry with all vendors seeing the dearest trade so far, numbers far short of requirements to average £66.92 overall.

Top £82 for a Beltex from Low Tipalt, £81 Teindside; Texel £80 Newhouse and Gatehousecote, £78 Barnshangan; Suffolk £78 Boghall, £77.50 Shawhill, £77 Coshogle and Nethertofts; Greyface £76.50 Barron House; £75 Barnshangan; Charollais £74 Teindside; Hill Cheviot £73 Binks, £69.50 Milnholm; North Country Cheviot £71 Shawhill; Blackface £70 Miltonise and Barron House; Zwartbles £63 Cacrabank; Swaledale £61 Fordlands.

Cast ewes to £98 Hopestead, hill types £65 Boghall, cast rams to £104 Mallsgate.

A good selection of ewes with lambs met a strong enquiry with the majority sold to go into Yorkshire.  Top was £71, £69, £68 per life for Lleyn shearlings with singles from Nelson Square.

In lamb ewes to £97 for Greyfaces carrying singles from Hopestead.