Longtown Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers’ Mart plc had forward 2,045 store hoggs, in lambers and ewes with lambs at foot at their sale at Longtown on Tuesday 17th March 2015.

Store hoggs were a larger show and dearer on the week.  Plenty of buyers again in attendance.

Top was £84.50 for a Beltex hogg from Beckfoot, who also sold Texels at £84.50, others to £82 High Stenries and £80 Low Tippalt & Lintley; Suffolks £79.50 Beckfoot, £76 South Corrielaw; Charollais £74 Beckfoot; Oxfords £70 Dyke; Greyfaces £81 Allenheads, £78 Dyke, £75 Whitedyke; Blackfaces £61 Drannandow, £60 Little Larg; Swaledales £64 Fordlands, £57 Allenheads; Hill Cheviots £72 Ramseycleugh, £68 Stockdale Hall; Herdwicks £51 Stockdale Hall.

Cast ewes to £100 from Stockdale and Hill types to £84 Satchells.  Cast rams to £92 Stockdale Hall.

A large show of inlamb ewes including the dispersal of 300 Texel, Suffolks and Greyfaces from Messrs Skyme, Eastfield of Wiston, who sold Suffolks to £120; Texels £119; Greyfaces £98; Cheviots £84 and Blackfaces £74.  Shearlings to £115 for Texels from Eastfield of Wiston, Blackfaces: £90, £84 Geltsdale.

Inlamb hoggs to £118 for Texels from Crowdieknowe with others to £112 Winshields.

Ewe hoggs to £87 for Greyfaces from Alderley Terrace.

Ewes and Lambs were a strong enquiry for an average show.  Messrs Weir, Dowthwaite Head sold Mashams with singles to £61 each; Greyfaces £60 each; Herdwicks £57 each.