Longtown Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers’ Mart plc had forward 795 head of ewes with lambs at foot and feeding sheep at their sale at Longtown on Tuesday 21st April 2015.

Glorious sunshine and a full ring of buyers resulted in trade being a lot sharper on the week and numbers short of buyers requirements.  Sale was topped at £81 per life for Texel hogg with single from Lowclosegill.  Texel (3sh) ewe and single Beltex lambs £74 from Whitehill Cottage, who also sold others to £65.60.  Suffolk (3sh) ewe with single £63 Raby Grange; Greyface (4sh) ewe with single £57 Lowclosegill; Blackface ewe (c) with single £42 Old Hall.

Texel (4sh) ewe with twins £62, £61, £60 How Farm, £58, £57 Reagill Grange;  (2/3sh) £58 Whitehill Cottage, £56.50 Windyknowe; (c ) £65.50 Dufton Wood; (CB) £66.50, £65 Dufton Wood, £58 Reagill Grange

Greyface (2sh) ewe with twins £67 How Farm, £64 Old Hall, £61.50 How Farm; (3sh) £59.50 Raby Grange; (4sh) £56.50 Lowclosegill.

Suffolk x (4sh) ewe with twins: £60 How Farm; (3sh) £54.50 Raby Grange.

Texel Shearling with twins: £59.50 Windyknowe; Lleyn Shearlings with twins £54 Craigshield.

Stores were a small tidy up show, but sold at recent rates to a top of £71 for Beltex from Riggshield and cast ewes to £105 for Leicesters from Old Hall.


Woodland £62 Riggshield; Cheviot £54 Riggshield; Greyface £59 Riggshield; North Country Cheviot £55 Dalmakethar; Beltex £71 Riggshield; Kendal Roughs £43 Churchview; Kerry £57 Riggshield.


Texel £95 Craigshield, £83 Shaw Cotttage, £70 Craigshield; Greyface £79 Shaw Cottage & Shaw of Dryfe;

Blackface £61 Old Hall, £59 Shaw of Dryfe; Leicesters £105, £88 Old Hall; Kerry £44 Riggshield.