Longtown Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers’ Mart plc had forward 1,502 head of ewes with lambs at foot at their Special Sale of hoggs with lambs at foot on Tuesday 12th May 2015.

1st prize Greyface hoggs with lambs

1st prize Greyface hoggs with lambs

At the Annual Show & Sale of hoggs with lambs, which was kindly sponsored by Capontree Vets, judging was in the capable hands of John Ackerley, Milton Mains, Brampton, who was presented with an excellent show of sheep and his awards were as follows:-

Greyface hoggs with singles

1st – Messrs Ridsdale, Yewtree Farm.

2nd – Messrs Ridsdale, Yewtree Farm.

3rd – P.M. Kidd, Briggle Farm.

Texel hoggs with singles

1st – Mr F. Thomlinson, Pow Croft.

2nd – Messrs Carr, Highwood.

3rd – Messrs Telford, High Parkfoot.

A great show of hoggs from noted flocks of the Eden Valley attracted a large company of interested buyers from near and distance, trade was excellent throughout the sale.  Top of £110 for Cheviot Mule hoggs with singles from Highwood.

Ewes and lambs were a big entry and with buyers very keen sold at increased rates on the week. 

Hoggs with singles

Cheviot Mule £110 Highwood

Greyface £108 Yewtree, £96 Briggle, £94 Little Blencowe

Texel cross £106 Highwood, £100 Powcroft, £95 Glencartholm, £92 High Parkfoot

Suffolk cross £85 Glencartholm

Hoggs with twins

Texel £71 Miller Hill, £66 Cubby Hill

Greyface £60 Little Blencowe

Suffolk cross £60 Ringliggate

Shearlings with singles

Greyface £86 Little Blencowe.

Shearlings with twins

Greyface £80 Little Blencowe.

Ewes with singles

Texel £78 Mid Harrietsfield.

Greyface £63, £62 Swaledale Watch, £61 Milton Mains, Holmside and Barrockstown.

Shetland £54 Mid Harrietsfield.

Cheviot £48 Pennyhill Park. 

Blackface £44 Castlefairn. 

Ewes with twins

Texel £71, £67 Mid Harrietsfield, £64 Milton Mains, £63 North Synton.

Charollais £68 Whitehill Cottage.

Greyface £63 Moss Side, £62 North Synton and Swaledale Watch, £61 Barrockstown.

Swaledale £61 Baggarah. 

Shetland £54 Mid Harrietsfield.

Cheviot £48 Pennyhill Park. 

Blackface £44 Castlefairn.